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  1. Would that work for male-only holidays, though? I guess it could due to "holiday magic" or something...

    Hadn't thought of that one.


    I dont know why not just make a "reassemble" spell?

    You can cast it on any hatchling you've hatched and it'll poof up a copy of the egg for you.


    I mean if we can keep dragons from aging forever I don't see why we couldn't have the magical skill to fix broken eggshells.

  2. And yes, I do see that many animals CAN have viable hybrid offspring, but can anyone point to a case where 40 some odd species can all interbred and have virtually 100% fertile offspring?

    Yeah, probably a few hundred cichlid species are capable of doing that. Its to the point of becoming a huge problem in the aquarium trade as it has watered down pure stock enough its almost impossible to get anything that is actual 100% of one species.


    Actually, dragon breeding here is really comparable to cichlid breeding. You have a ton of species who can all interbreed, with a few different families that can't (the 2 heads and drakes), and then a couple hybrids that are pretty enough to be considered their own thing.


    The only real difference is the eggs end up coming out one species or another, but thats more because of an actual hybrid system being something that isn't really possible to put in the game because of the billions of sprites you'd need.


    Is it even officially canon in the DC universe that breeding two dragons results in one species or another? I know theres a lot of canon stuff in dragon descriptions that isn't in the game mechanics because it isn't feasable. (like all the dragons mentioned to have a unique pattern for every individual and etc)

  3. Please read my whole post or at least the tl;dr at the bottom. The variety we see within species was just one point of three.

    Well yes obviously DC dragons don't fit earths biology. That doesn't mean we should throw everything biological out the window though. DC does try to be biologically accurate most of the time. (especially with the hangbutt thing which I am eternally thankful for)

  4. Pardon me for having a bug up my butt, but...


    These are all the same species.


    In all honesty, though, there are more important reason I have for not making this distinction on DC. One of them is that if you look at the morphology of DC dragons it is abundantly clear that many of them could be classed as different breeds of the same species. Reds and Royal Crimsons, for example. Sunrise/Sunset dragons also bear a striking resemblance to Striped dragons, including their ability to change their offspring's color based on certain conditions, so they could also be a single species. You would basically have to go to all the spriters and ask them what they thought about the taxonomical classification of their dragons, and would they mind sharing the same species and/or genus with Balloons?


    The other is that there are no two species on earth with as many differences as we see between DCs dragons that can breed together. If you insist on going by Earth's biology, which it seems you do, then it would be literally impossible for, say, a Deep Sea dragon to breed with a Brute. Even if they were to somehow meet (dragon scuba gear?) the two species would be separated by hundreds of millions of years of evolution. Successful copulation would be physically and biologically impossible and most likely unwanted.


    Oh, but what about artificial insemination, you say? Well, that would be missing the point. It would be like breeding a goblin shark with a mountain goat. And then the shark gives birth to a goat. The goat promptly drowns.


    tl;dr: DC dragons obviously do not conform to Earth's biology, so to treat them as if they do is misguided. Also they are sprites.





    PS - Really you'd just be replacing one meaningless word with another meaningless word, because neither "breed" nor "species" is accurate. DC dragons are too different to all be the same breed but interbreed too easily (and with completely nonsensical results) to be separate species. You might as well call them flerpity-floops. It would mean as much.

    Yes, dogs are all the same species, but they are all basically the same exact thing. They look different because they have different sizes and fur and stuff, but they're all still the same thing. You don't have breeds of dogs with prehensile tails or horns or something. If someone actually took the time to breed a dog that had a prehensile tail or something it'd likely be different enough you couldn't breed it back to the other dogs, and would be its own species.

    If dogs were DC dragons you'd have like basset hounds, golden retrievers, shepherds, and then walruses, bats, armadillos and humpback whales all be breeds of dog.

  5. Not this people. xd.png And I speak as a TERMINALLY annoying pedant !


    One refers to "breeds" of dog, after all... A dog is a species of animal, and you have dog breeds like Labradors and dachshunds and so on...

    Not this people. xd.png And I speak as a TERMINALLY annoying pedant !


    One refers to "breeds" of dog, after all... A dog is a species of animal, and you have dog breeds like Labradors and dachshunds and so on...

    Well yeah, but all the dog breeds are almost identical when you get down to it. Sure they might be a little different sized, or different color, or have a smooshed in face or something, but its not like we have dogs that have armadillo shells while some other dogs are legless and then the rest of them have 6 legs.


    You just don't get the level of differences such as extra limbs and armor and etc etc etc within a breed.


    For example look how massive the difference is between like a hellfire, and a yulebuck and a water.


    I mean for true accuracy it wouldnt make sense to have -any- of the dragons be able to interbreed without a complex system of a billion different hybrid sprites and etc but obviously that isn't a viable plan so this thing isn't about trying to make dc super scientifically accurate. More about changing one word that doesn't really mean anything as it is.


    I can't actually imagine anyone getting upset it was reworded into species anyway.

  6. Funfact: Everyone here eats animals. Hundreds and thousands of them. There isn't really such a thing as a person who doesnt eat animals.

    Mostly because just about every food you eat has invertebrates in it. You guys should read the allowances of how much of certain things is allowed in food, its really interesting and eye opening.

  7. Apologies for this, my biologist is showing.


    Can this be a thing? As it is it makes no sense since the dragons on DC are absolutely not breeds.

    I'll use wikipedias wording because I like it.

    "A breed is a specific group of domestic animals or plants having homogeneous appearance, homogeneous behavior, and other characteristics that distinguish it from other animals or plants of the same species and that were arrived at through selective breeding. "


    DC dragons are obviously not from selective breeding, and are absolutely different species. You don't get "breeds" of an animal with such huge differences. I mean we are defining a group that is so varied as one species.

    You don't get members of the same species with different features like "wings, no wings, fire, no fire, elemental powers,, tentacles, 6 limbs, four limbs, no limbs, gills, lungs" etc etc etc


    Also before people say "but they cant be different species, they can breed together!", this isn't true. Plenty of animals of different species can breed together and produce fertile offspring. Mammals are the ones who generally cannot, and dragons aren't mammals.


    (That, and hybridizing and genetics don't exist on dc, as breeding two species or breeds together doesn't produce ones identical to the parents anyway.)


    tl;dr: talk abot rewording things so it makes sense.


    Does this bug anyone else?

  8. You can't really use that argument here, though. Because if the Drake and the Dragon was intended to be different species, why do they both have the same "Dragons are creatures with nearly unlimited life spans...., ect" information on their pages? If they were truly different, wouldn't there be different information?

    Makes sense in the concept of cladistics.


    You can generalize animals like that, but not have them be able to breed.

    Humans and humpback whales are both mammals, but a person cannot breed with a humpback whale.


    "Dragon" isn't really a species.




    what endlessly bothers me is dragons being called "breeds" can we rename that to species please?

  9. Growing plants in mass kills - both directly and indirectly - about as many animals as actual animal farming. (And, may I add - often not in particularly quick and humane way.)


    Besides, plants are capable of registering pain, too. Plants are alive, too.

    Growing plants grows infinitely more animals than the actual meat industry does.


    Plants aren't capable of pain though, as it would be a complex system that would be completely useless.

  10. It's a full-blown phobia, thank you. I have a diagnosis and therapy for it and everything. There's no need to harp on about it. I decided to ask because it would allow me to continue browsing the thread easily, and I said that I'd understand if it wasn't possible. This is a community where a lot of us know each other, so I didn't think it would be unreasonable to ask. I have accepted the answer is no, so I don't need any further judging about my life-functioning ability, thanks.

    I wasn't doubting you were afraid of them. Its not like a huge chunk of the western world hasnt had that taught to people or picked it up wherever.


    I was just saying that's the general trend I have noticed online as far as invertebrates, wasn't referring to you specifically. My apologies, I sort of go off on tangents about this and get into unrelated territory.


    Its an awfully frustrating thing in the perception of the general public.


    (as far as the life functioning thing went, I meant that I have no idea how someone who was terrified of all invertebrates would function in a world where they are literally everywhere at all times, including on the person in question. Again, was just referring to people who mention being afraid of all "bugs", not you specifically.)


    You were p reasonable when you asked, and I respect that! Much better than the reactions I see elsewhere

  11. Images like that should still be put into links, especially since people who enjoy one type of exotic pet may have issues with other types of exotic pets.



    I'm going to be getting my first snake sometime this month! I'm getting a hatchling corn snake, either a snow, butter, or lavender morph. wub.gif I'm so excited!

    Then you'd have to put -everything- in links. There are plenty of people who are afraid of rats, snakes, and even dogs and cats.


    It'd be understandable if someone was asking for there not to be live feeding photos of snakes posted or something, but I don't see how there could actually be a rule for not posting a group of animals that is the vast majority of animal life on earth, and of which there and numerous species of them in literally every concievable place on the planet.


    (I always tend to assume most people just try to get stuff blocked because its something they just dislike for whatever reason, rather than a full blown phobia. If someone had a phobia actually bad enough that looking at a picture gave them true problems, I don't see how they could function in real life, or be on the internet in the first place. Let alone in an exotic animal thread of all places.)

  12. 1.) There is a shark called the cookie-cutter shark.

    2.) Hummingbirds have to feed every 2 hours otherwise they will starve to death. They are very territorial over food and will fight over it (I've seen it in the flesh)

    3.) When one bee is searching for food, it'll zigzag all over the place to find pollen and when it finds some, it'll go back to the hive to tell other bees.

    4.) Also honey is the bee's regurgitation (meaning they throw the hone back up)

    5.) Houseflies hum the F key

    6.) Kangaroos use their tails for balance, so if you lift a kangaroo’s tail off the ground, it can’t hop

    7.) A cat has 32 muscles in each ear

    8.) There are one million ants for every human in the world. These resilient creatures also never sleep and do not have lungs

    9.) a snail can grow back a new eye if it loses one

    10.) You can tell a turtle’s gender by the noise it makes. Males grunt and females hiss.

    Wait what? The kangaroo one makes no sense, roos hold their tails in the air when they are jumping.

    (also you can't tell turtle gender by noise, all turtles can hiss)