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  1. Not sure about how cursorial/speedy raptors are. The vast majority of them are lightly built, which often suggests quick and agile movement, though. I guess it would depend on their prey; I can't imagine the smaller dromaeosaurs having the need to run cheetah-fast when chasing small mammals or lizards. I often assume that raptors we find with heavily-feathered hind legs are ambush predators or gliders (Microraptor), since all those floofy feathers would have caused drag in a straight run.

    Yeah, their build is just weird. utahraptor has bizarrely short legs, which wouldnt make sense for something that ran down prey.

  2. So what even IS the deal with raptors? I've been hearing a lot about how now they're mostly thought to have been ambush predators that dropped down on things, because most of them had awful legs for running.

  3. I really want this to go forward and be implemented on our roads. We're still using fossil fuels at this age - I mean, how dumb is that?


    They're going to run out very soon, and if we don't start using solar/wind/water power soon, then we're all going to be stuck in a very big knot.

    wind/water power are generally pretty horrendous for the environment though, at least in the way it is generally done.

  4. Anyone else think a feature to make certain dragons you have marked stay at the top of your scroll regardless of any sortings you apply would be really useful?

    That way you could keep everything you want right up on display there, and have the rest sorted however without you having to manually do everything.

  5. Grimace, your reasoning makes absolutely no sense to me. What CinnaminDraconna and I are saying is that forcing people to freeze additional GoNs because of - well, what reason, exactly? - is unfair to those of us who don't freeze. Why not leave people the choice of what they're going to do? Raise them or freeze them - it's everybody's own choice. By asking for extra hatchlings only takes away that kind of choice. For players like CD and me, it's either play the game your way, or miss out on something extra. Why can't you just let us play our way?


    Either allow for as many GoNs as people want (and manage to summon), or keep the limits. Let people choose what to do within the limits or without the limits, without telling them how to play in order to get privileged with "extra" GoNs.


    Also, what kind of advantage do GoNs give? The only one I can think of is the ability to breed the new Avatars. Which can also be traded for. It used to be the same with Valentine and Christmas winter holiday dragons. Either you kept two adults for breeding projects of any kind, or you collected one adult + one hatchling for collecting purposes.


    I wasn't even thinking about my goal when I mentioned no limits on hatchlings, but I guess that would essentially benefit me.
    And you seriously never noticed that this would "essentially benefit" you? laugh.gif

    Like I said, just no limits or bigger limits would be better.


    Keep in mind you wouldn't be "forced" to freeze anything.

  6. Again with the RP references.. which are irrelevant to how the game actually works. *sheesh*


    Allowing a 3 adult, 3 frozen hatchling limit is UNFAIR to those who don't freeze as part of their play style. Example: I, personally, only freeze gendered paper hatchlings to use as scroll dividers. If that limit were imposed I would feel cheated, because someone else could have 6 GoNs where I could only have 3 because I DON'T FREEZE. If the limit is 6, I want 6 ADULTS, period!!!


    Regardless of that tho, since I don't see it happening.. TJ isn't stupid enough to do something that would alienate so much of the userbase.. I still feel that there should be NO limit on Summoning. A successful Summons is so rare that there's no way GoN's would ever become common.. so there's zero reason to limit them.

    I would prefer no limit to summoning, but its pretty awful to not allow something because "what if it isnt in some peoples play style? oh no!"


    Especially when its something that would have absolutely no effect on anyone. Frozen GoN hatchlings don't give anyone an advantage or anything.


    Should we make it impossible to collect more than a gendered pair of each dragon? After all, there are people who do that, and someone who felt like collecting much more than that has a trading advantage over that player and we can't have that, right?


    The only time "but it could give some people an advantage" should ever be an excuse for anything is when said action is something impossible to most of the userbase. Everyone would be capable of whatever limits were enacted, if they didn't want to get however many GoNs, thats up to them.

  7. You're forgetting that its a game.

    You could get the same trios and breed them hundreds of times, and then kill their inbred offspring repeatedly, after giving the parents insulting names. I know I've bred dragons on my scroll and stabbed them to death on halloween trying to make zombies. I'm sure most parents wouldn't be too happy with you killing their children in order to practice necromancy.


    There are some things that obviously wouldnt happen in real life, but its not really possible to take into account what dragons would/wouldnt allow in a game as inherently simple as dc.

  8. Spiders and any bug that is likely to bite or sting me. My fear of spiders mainly comes from the fact that I had eczema when I was younger, and my parents thought it was spider bites. For the longest of times I thought that any spider I saw was out to get me, up until they actually took me to the doctor and found out that it was eczema. Even now spiders scare me.


    I might of got my fear of other bugs from that as well, although it might be because wasps decide to make nests outside the house every summer.


    I'm also afraid of natural disasters, and I have been ever since my mother taught me about tornadoes when I was home schooled.

    If it makes you feel better, spiders aren't likely to bite you. Unless you ragularly grab spiders with your hands spiders bites of any kind are (contrary to popular opinion) extremely rare.

  9. I think that ya, humans are more important than animals. Animals agree. But it's not in the way you think it is. Any given species prefers its own kind for sharing resources over a different species. Many even argue that altruism is a myth.


    *cough*Ayn Rand*cough*


    Also - if all the humans suddenly did disappear it would be a global disaster for all surviving species if you think about it. Just as it would be a global disaster for us if bees suddenly disappeared, or deer, or any other specific niche group of animals. In fact I think there's one place in Japan or China (can't remember) that has no pollinating insects and so all pollination is either done by humans or by the wind (where applicable) - humans suddenly disappear then this region would become unable to support much variety in the way of animal life.


    To consider the life of an animal, say puppies, more important than the life of a human is... rather peculiar.


    What is the potential of a puppy when it grows up? It might be a seeing eye dog, rescue dog, or a companion pet. All things which benefit people but I'm not sure what it does for the dog.


    A person however can grow up to become a veterinarian, the owner of a rescue shelter, a doctor, therapist, police man, ect.


    So by this logic, preferring to help humanity over an animal helps both humans in the short term and has the potential to help animals as well in the long term. Choosing an animal over a human is by the same logic short sighted as the majority of animals do not directly contribute to helping anyone but themselves.


    Humans disappearing wouldn't really hurt animals, aside from a few things that are domesticated, or only surviving in captivity or whatnot. It would be infinitely better for them in the long run.


    There is also no place without pollinating insects that used to have them.

  10. As I mentioned, I am really not too bothered by the terms we have because real scientific terms are already so loose. Applying them to fantastical creatures is bound to not quite work.


    However, even from a scientific perspective, I see no reason that the different types of dragons that breed together could not be considered the same species. As long as you are not changing fundamental genetic compatibility (especially via a change in the chromosome number) or causing differences in mate recognition, just adding mutations in a few genes can cause drastic effects in morphology while still maintaining the ability for the two types to interbreed. Yes, it's possible that a deep sea dragon and a magma would never meet in the wild, but that doesn't automatically define a different species, either. Go back a few centuries, and an Akita (Japanese breed) would never have met up with a chihuahua (South American breed), but the two are still considered to be the same species now and can interbreed.


    Even in wild populations of animals, this is true. My own research organism, the apple maggot fly, has two host races that very rarely have overlapping populations. There are few areas that have both hawthorn trees and apple trees close enough to one another for any interbreeding to occur. Even then, there are temporal differences in that the two different trees fruit at different times of the year. So they metamorphose into adults and mate at different times of the year. Yet they are still considered, by most people, to be the same species.


    Tails and limbs can be removed or added while still remaining the same species. Drosophila flies have a mutation that causes their antennae to be replaced by legs (cool, right?). They have extra legs but are still the same species. A mutation in genes related to embryonic development can cause really drastic changes in the way the animal comes out, but it's still the same species.


    For these reasons, I personally think that breed is a perfectly acceptable term to use.

    Yes, but it takes more than a few genes between most of DC's stuff. You don't just change a few genes on a huge flying animal with 6 limbs, and get a long serpentine creature with completely different everything, along with fins and gills.


    Again, akitas and chihuahuas are incredibly similar animals when you get down to it.

    Comparing dcs dragons is more like comparing a bullfrog and an elephant.

    Someone correct me if I'm wrong, butthe -only- thing all the dragons here share in common is they are all vertebrates.

  11. Whoa wait hold on. Those horse breeds are exceptionally different. O__o I'll grab four pics to show the differences.



    user posted image

    - refined, more delicate, dished head, elevated tail, slender arched neck, etc



    user posted image

    - strong, chiseled features, muscular, large, has 'feathers' on the pasterns


    Quarter Horse:

    user posted image

    - stocky, muscular, thick, generally straight-profiled, did I mention muscular



    user posted image

    - long-legged, more refined, always has a radical spotted pattern (also very rare)



    In regards to dogs, horses don't have nearly as much variation; but they don't just differ in coat patterns and colors, haha. Every horse breed is fundamentally different from another, in looks, genetics, and type. Not many are 'extremely similar' at all.

    No, those are very similar animals in the scheme of things.

    Those horses might be very different in terms of horses, but the variation is practically nothing when you look at animals as a whole, or the variation you see in DC dragons.

    The difference in horse breeds as you said are things like different colors, slightly different builds, etc. You still don't have things where the difference between breeds are as huge as differing numbers of limbs, completely different body styles, etc.


    Kind of like how there aren't carnivorous bipedal horses, or winged horses with a long prehensile tail, or horses with a large shell and gills.


    I guess "its magic" is a semi viable excuse, I just thought DC didn't like that as reasoning.

  12. I tend to look at it from a horse perspective. In horses, all of them are classified as a 'horse'. But there are Arabians, Thoroughbreds, Quarter Horses, Paints, Fresians, Knabs, Appies, and tons of others. Some can look incredibly different - others can look pretty similar. But they're all still horses.


    Likewise, we have dragons. Dragons are their own species. And there are various breeds of dragons - we have Golds, Silvers, Magmas, Frills, Sweetlings, Golden Wyverns, etc. And each of these is further split into various 'types' (eastern, western, wyvern, amphithere, etc). Then we have other species, such as the DC Drakes and Two-Heads.


    That's just the way I look at things. No need for change, I don't think. (: It's a fantasy world with its own unique set of rules - and those rules exist apart from Earth's meager biology.

    Thats what I keep saying. All the horses you listed all are extremely similar, aside from color.

    By DC standards, a "horse breed" would be composed of a few horse breeds, donkeys, camels, pigs, giraffes, antelope, cows, hippos, and a few weird things thrown in like a snapping turtle and maybe an ostrich.