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  1. Isn't amphicoelias almost entirely guesswork? Like, even moreso than most other dinosaurs?
  2. Woah, dodos were THAT big and bulky?
  3. Yeah, their build is just weird. utahraptor has bizarrely short legs, which wouldnt make sense for something that ran down prey.
  4. So what even IS the deal with raptors? I've been hearing a lot about how now they're mostly thought to have been ambush predators that dropped down on things, because most of them had awful legs for running.
  5. wind/water power are generally pretty horrendous for the environment though, at least in the way it is generally done.
  6. Then don't set dragons to be pinned to the top of your scroll?
  7. Anyone else think a feature to make certain dragons you have marked stay at the top of your scroll regardless of any sortings you apply would be really useful? That way you could keep everything you want right up on display there, and have the rest sorted however without you having to manually do everything.
  8. And you seriously never noticed that this would "essentially benefit" you? Like I said, just no limits or bigger limits would be better. Keep in mind you wouldn't be "forced" to freeze anything.
  9. I would prefer no limit to summoning, but its pretty awful to not allow something because "what if it isnt in some peoples play style? oh no!" Especially when its something that would have absolutely no effect on anyone. Frozen GoN hatchlings don't give anyone an advantage or anything. Should we make it impossible to collect more than a gendered pair of each dragon? After all, there are people who do that, and someone who felt like collecting much more than that has a trading advantage over that player and we can't have that, right? The only time "but it could give some people a
  10. You're forgetting that its a game. You could get the same trios and breed them hundreds of times, and then kill their inbred offspring repeatedly, after giving the parents insulting names. I know I've bred dragons on my scroll and stabbed them to death on halloween trying to make zombies. I'm sure most parents wouldn't be too happy with you killing their children in order to practice necromancy. There are some things that obviously wouldnt happen in real life, but its not really possible to take into account what dragons would/wouldnt allow in a game as inherently simple as dc.
  11. IIRC the term brony was coined on 4chan by the people who made it their mission to spam ponies everywhere and make it as cancerous and godawful as possible. God I remember seeing the very first pony threads on there and the slow transformation from ironic posts to a fulll huge fandom
  12. What if the limits were just bumped to 3 adults and 3 hatchlings. Then it functionally is still a limit of 3, but people can have frozen hatchlings if they want them.
  13. If it makes you feel better, spiders aren't likely to bite you. Unless you ragularly grab spiders with your hands spiders bites of any kind are (contrary to popular opinion) extremely rare.
  14. 8 dragon release 1 day all of them are rares
  15. God this thread brings back memories Anyone want to hear a really horrendous story from a con a few years ago?
  16. Yeah, mightbecool. I think a one time "new news post" popup would be nice
  17. wat Humans disappearing wouldn't really hurt animals, aside from a few things that are domesticated, or only surviving in captivity or whatnot. It would be infinitely better for them in the long run. There is also no place without pollinating insects that used to have them.
  18. Yes, but it takes more than a few genes between most of DC's stuff. You don't just change a few genes on a huge flying animal with 6 limbs, and get a long serpentine creature with completely different everything, along with fins and gills. Again, akitas and chihuahuas are incredibly similar animals when you get down to it. Comparing dcs dragons is more like comparing a bullfrog and an elephant. Someone correct me if I'm wrong, butthe -only- thing all the dragons here share in common is they are all vertebrates.
  19. No, those are very similar animals in the scheme of things. Those horses might be very different in terms of horses, but the variation is practically nothing when you look at animals as a whole, or the variation you see in DC dragons. The difference in horse breeds as you said are things like different colors, slightly different builds, etc. You still don't have things where the difference between breeds are as huge as differing numbers of limbs, completely different body styles, etc. Kind of like how there aren't carnivorous bipedal horses, or winged horses with a long prehensile ta
  20. Thats what I keep saying. All the horses you listed all are extremely similar, aside from color. By DC standards, a "horse breed" would be composed of a few horse breeds, donkeys, camels, pigs, giraffes, antelope, cows, hippos, and a few weird things thrown in like a snapping turtle and maybe an ostrich.
  21. Does it being easy even hurt anything? Its not like you get anything for having all the eggs.