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  1. Wait spino? Nah spino was really stable. It was low enough to the ground that if something tried knocking it over it probably could have braced with its arms, and if it did fall it wouldn't be too far.
  2. Spino is one of my favorite dinosaurs! Couldn't -easily- kill a tyrannosaurus though. Could potentially win, but it is pretty low to the ground and not really built to be fighting other huge predators.
  3. I saw this threads title and cringed. Sounds pretty good though, especially if theres a cap.
  4. make 3, all of them big ol dense rocks. One goes right into the mariana trench. Other one gets shot out into space. Third one gets dropped right into whatever the most open magma chamber. Good luck getting to those.
  5. Its worth mentioning there are multiple hermaphroditic reptile species.
  6. No worries with them dying, they live like 30+ years. The oldest known one is approaching 50 iirc
  7. Thats completely wrong. Mass killing a ton of humans would do wonders to fix the environment. I mean sure its ethically wrong and im not advocating it and etc etc but mass killing problematic species definitely helps.
  8. That was still due to extreme negligence on the owners part. That and the deaths made no sense from what was reported and i still suspect it wasnt the snake but- Its riskier to have a child in a house statistically with any breed of dog than a snake. That, and it is very easy to avoid. A freak accident doesn't mean BAN IT, otherwise basically every normal everyday object would be illegal by now.
  9. Escaped pythons are not dangerous. There has never once been a case of an escaped snake harming someone other than the owner or other people in the house. All the cases of other people in the house being harmed are basically always from extreme negligence on the owners part. Dogs and horses and whatever else are hundreds of times riskier. Also no, there are barely any reptile species that have much of a potential for invasion that aren't already established. (aside from florida, but one states issues shouldn't become a national ban for no reason) I actually cannot think of a single s
  10. Oh god I didn't see this post forever ago. See guys, this is the whole problem with people who want to ban big snakes. Literally all of them are doing it out of complete ignorance and are spreading facts everywhere that are blatantly untrue. The ONLY places in the US that have any reason whatsoever to ban large snakes as an invasive issue are like one or two counties in florida, and hawaii. (and all snakes are already illegal in hawaii so..)
  11. I don't care either way. Especially since christmas here seems to have absolutely no religious tie ins anymore even aside from the rare nativity scene.
  12. Unfortunately, the egg sac likely will not survive the move unless you keep both of them in a container or something
  13. Actually, helicorprion looked like this. That one with the crazy spiral jaw is an outdated reconstruction from before they knew what was going on with that whorl.
  14. They're just one of those things that got popular and stuck. If you really look into it though, most dragons in different cultures aren't very similar at all.
  15. I'm personally hoping for mega shedinja. No clue what that would entail, but I want it.
  16. To be fair, its probably good they aren't defensive megas. All the defensive megas we've gotten have been pretty bad. (Well, except venusaur, but thats different) Defensive pokemon are getting steadily more useless since gamefreak keeps releasing tons of pokemon that have ion cannons mounted to them.
  17. Salamence confirmed for having its "defense stat soar". Time to spam dragon dance and then wreck everything with return
  18. Man 170 atk salamence would be a monster +1 252+ Atk Aerilate Salamence Double-Edge vs. 252 HP / 252+ Def Groudon: 291-343 (72 - 84.9%) -- guaranteed 2HKO after Leftovers recovery +1 252+ Atk Aerilate Salamence Return vs. 252 HP / 0 Def Giratina: 373-441 (74 - 87.5%) -- guaranteed 2HKO after Leftovers recovery +1 252+ Atk Aerilate Salamence Return vs. 0 HP / 0 Def Rayquaza: 477-562 (135.8 - 160.1%) -- guaranteed OHKO +1 252+ Atk Aerilate Salamence Return vs. +1 252 HP / 252 Def Mega Mewtwo X: 462-546 (111 - 131.2%) -- guaranteed OHKO +1 252+ Atk Aerilate Salamence Retu
  19. Plants absolutely can tell when they are being damaged. It doesn't -hurt- though. Mostly because they don't have the capacity for something like that, and also because a huge negative feeling like that would be entirely useless since the whole point of pain is to get to to get away from something, or to stop doing something. WHich plants obviously can do neither.
  20. Because unless they make it even slower ala mega garchomp, its going to be stupidly good no matter what they do. The design heavily implies it is going to get a boost in speed >can come in with moxie, wreck something, and be at +1 before it even mega evolves (intimidate isn't bad either, can force stuff out and then get a free dragon dance >has boosted defense >massive attack stat, is able to throw things off like flying type STAB double edges and returns >can hit through substitutes with STAB, probably will get a special attack boost too, making that hit hard >has
  21. Mega salamence is probably going to get kicked to ubers almost immediately.
  22. Just slap up the entire completed list for voting. It'd be a stupidly long poll, but who cares?
  23. I don't mean like that it didn't exist, but I mean the entire proportions/weight/length/look of it.