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  1. What, no they aren't. Larger tanks are always easier to take care of.
  2. What kind of human garbage would do something like that?
  3. If I had to bet, I'd bet on people just horrendously misinterpreting animals into dragons. I mean THIS is how people used to interpret crocodiles back in the day. That, or finding dinosaur bones and immediately making them into monsters, which just about any culture back then would have done immediately upon finding them. Unfortunately that dino was probably a dead end, unless it somehow lost the membrane at some point. All that didn't go extinct out of the dinosaurs were the microraptors. Super cool the thing is basically a tiny wyvern though.
  4. I dont use anything but the default, but what even is the point in removing skins
  5. I'm a sentient conglomeration of explicit content and stale internet memes, and even I don't get it.
  6. I currently inbreed animals in dragcave and in real life
  7. Tj could just remove them from the completed list first? I mean, if they definitely won't be released as is, why are they on the completed list? Even so, I don't think a dragon with a jarringly different sprite would win anyway so it'd probably be a non issue.
  8. TJ already supposedly weeds out all the stuff that doesnt fit in the completed list, right? I still don't see why there can't just be a HUGE poll of everything on the completed list. It'd be massive sure, but who cares?
  9. I'll give a giant weird dragon predator a shot. I want to suggest a creature! Species Name: Regal Harpoonsnail Type: Mollusk Diet: Dragons and any other flying magic user Habitat: Plains, or any other habitat with enough space for it to move around Appearance: A MASSIVE cone snail. Sometimes will bury it's shell in the earth to conceal itself. Description: The Regal Harpoonsnail is one of the few creatures that hunts almost exclusively dragons. With an insulated shell multiple feet thick they have no predators as adults. Incredibly slow, blind, and almost deaf they would be e
  10. Phew crisis over, found the 5 hidden eggs. They should make those easier to find. 67/67!
  11. Got 65, but I can't find the rest of the secret hidden eggs. Anyone know where to find them? I hear they're hidden in pretty obscure pages.
  12. Figured I'd try to play with time as an element without making something broken I want to suggest a creature! Species Name: Temporal Dragonfly Type: Dragonfly Diet: Carnivorous, exclusively small flying insects Habitat: Rare species, confined to a few specific marshes Appearance: A delicate looking dragonfly with a gold and silver color scheme. Description: Time dragonflies are one of the few animals to use time related magic. With their enormous eyes they triangulate exactly what their prey is going to do to try avoiding them. Legends exist of bird sized Temporal Dragonflies
  13. There would likely be other large predators around, but not many. Threads like this are always prone to everyone dumping tons of huge predators for whatever reason though
  14. OOp yeah, I was mostly talking about the whole "calling in others" thing. Meant it'd just fly off in the meantime. Land crocs were real, and are really cool animals. Boarcroc or armadillo croc are the coolest imo. I want to suggest a creature! Species Name: Spearmouth Cavern Type: Unknown Diet: Blood Habitat: Randomly occurs in caverns with high concentrations of dark mana Appearance: A fairly normal cave with a pile or two of seemingly abandoned eggs. Description: Spearmouth caverns most likely aren't even a proper living thing. Created under unknown conditions involving dark
  15. I told evveryone I wasn't going to order live huntsman spiders off the internet, and then ordered 50 of them. April fools.
  16. From a biological standpoint that would be an animal that would go extinct very, very quickly. Its an active predator that would be relatively slow on land. It has antimagic, sure, but the vast majority of DC dragons could just casually fly off.
  17. This thread has my name all over it. I want to suggest a creature! Species Name: Dragon Shrimp Type: Parasitic arthropod Diet: Dragon blood Habitat: Dragon Hoards Appearance: Looks pretty similar to a slipper lobster when uncovered, normally covered in gold and whatever else. Description: (Role, behavior, etc.) Dragon shrimp are a prevalent dragon parasite that uses hoarding behavior to their advantage. Using adhesive saliva they entirely cover themselves in gold and any other shiny objects they come across, and wait out in the open to be picked up by a dragon. Once in th
  18. To be fair, giant species can crossbreed with small ones IRL. If they aren't related enough though..
  19. In actual numbers of animals to exist though, vertebrates would be like .000000001% or something. Like if being an otherkin was just a weird random process by all mathematical probability there probably wouldn't have been a single mammal otherkin. Although yeah it makes sense if its like the post above where people choose to indentify as whatever, but I was under the impression most otherkin believed they -were- the actual spirits or whatever of the animal, not that they just chose to identify with whatever because it they thought it was cool. If its mostly the latter that explain
  20. Genuine question: Why are 99% of otherkin animals that are generally viewed as "cool"? Like, if this was a thing that happened I would assume almost every single otherkin would be some sort of arthropod but instead everyone just so happens to say they are wolves and dragons.
  21. No, spinosaurus was revised. IIRC there never was any evidence it had long legs, no one had ever gotten leg remains and just assumed it was shaped like most other large carnivores. My best guess is spino was just one of those animals that was awkward on land, kinda like a lot of seabirds are. I've always pictured them living soomewhat like flightless cormorants. (also you're thinking of dimetrodon, which wasn't a dinosaur, it didn't even exist at the same time as dinosaurs)
  22. I don't think they walked on their knuckes or anything, but spino was about that low to the ground as far as I know? When was the BBC documentary made, was it before the short legged spino thing was discovered or
  23. I've noticed people on DC grossly overestimate what copyrighting and all that actually do.
  24. By that logic we shouldn't even have the encyclopedia in the first place.