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  1. 10,000% for it.

    Reintroduce extinct species who's environments haven't totally bypassed them.


    Bring back whatever super old stuff you can for zoos and etc, go crazy.


    Its worth mentioning though, dinosaurs are (with any science or technology we know of) 100% impossible to ever bring back because the DNA itself is gone by now.


    Although I do agree pretty heavily with Nine too. I'd like to see especially unique animals brought back if possible though. Would be cool to see a moa or something.

  2. As a zoology major, I have absolutely no doubt that at least a couple of the more reasonable cryptids exist.


    It'd be a pretty good conservation program tbh, just deny the animal exists in the first place, and make it into such a joke that anyone posting evidence looks laughable. I'd bet they use denial for a bunch of different species, and that a bunch of endangered species and possibly even some recently extinct stuff exists, and we know it exists, but the general public is kept in the dark to protect stuff.


    Think about it. As an example, if it was suddenly announced "BIGFOOT IS REAL" you'd have a massive influx of people to the area looking to go see one, or shoot one, or etc etc and you don't want that if you're trying to maintain some threatened species.

  3. Like I said though, the quadrupedal thing has been debunked.


    If you want another childhood changing one, it is currently looking like dimetrodon didnt have a full sail and just had a short sail or hump or something with big spikes sticking way up.



  4. I'm interested in if they plan to have a BSA, and if so, will it be a different one for each color, or same for all? Very interested.

    I doubt that 6 different bsa dragons would be released at once.

  5. maybe dragons did exist... but no fire breathing...... as the quetzaquatel (or what ever it is called) was the largest flying dinosaur (as tall as a giraffe), now with something that can be that big and fly, I have no doubt that dragons could've exist but they could've been just another dinosaur..... amazing science xd.png.

    The giant pterosaurs were infinitely lighter than a dragon would be, and thats why they could fly. Compare any dragon design anywhere to THIS.


    user posted image


    Pterosaurs are such cool weird creatures, I wish they were still around. I wish dinosaur movies would stop showing them as crawling on land, they moved like this.

    user posted image

  6. I want to suggest a creature!

    Species Name: Dodo

    Type: It appears to be a large flightless bird

    Diet: Herbivore

    Habitat: This strange creature seems to be found everywhere.

    Appearance: A fairly large bird with very small wings. It has a light coating of dull colored feathers and a rather large beak on its head.

    Description: No one is quite sure what species this bird descends from or even might be related to. It has wings but they are too short to fly. Its feathers can be multicolored but rather dull in shade. It does not seem to be a hearty creature but can oddly be found almost anywhere. Many wonder at how a flightless bird can make its way into the high mountains or even be seen floating serenely in the middle of the Ocean. Its also questioned at how such a breed can still exist as they are endlessly trusting. They will even go right up to Dragons who other creatures avoid. One researcher even claimed that they saw a Dodo vanish into dragon flame only to reappear on the other side of the same Dragon. That researcher is also known for drinking while on watch and their records might not be reliable.


    (A magical version of Dodos who might have developed the ability to teleport)user posted image

    isnt that the thing from harry potter?

  7. large sloth + time mana = sloth that slows down time locally so it can escape predators.


    When I first proposed this somewhere, I said of it: "it'd be like watching an action movie in slow motion."

    YES PLS.


    Sloth cave when

  8. It would only take one. And there are nutters out there LOOKING for this stuff.

    Well yeah, but ultimately who cares if TJ gets like one email ever from some bizarre parent whos kid found some half inapropriate name?


    Its not like there are internet censor police floating around who nuke sites when they find some user posted something inappropriate.