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  1. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tikbalang when will tikbalangs be adoptable on DC
  2. 10,000% for it. Reintroduce extinct species who's environments haven't totally bypassed them. Bring back whatever super old stuff you can for zoos and etc, go crazy. Its worth mentioning though, dinosaurs are (with any science or technology we know of) 100% impossible to ever bring back because the DNA itself is gone by now. Although I do agree pretty heavily with Nine too. I'd like to see especially unique animals brought back if possible though. Would be cool to see a moa or something.
  3. As a zoology major, I have absolutely no doubt that at least a couple of the more reasonable cryptids exist. It'd be a pretty good conservation program tbh, just deny the animal exists in the first place, and make it into such a joke that anyone posting evidence looks laughable. I'd bet they use denial for a bunch of different species, and that a bunch of endangered species and possibly even some recently extinct stuff exists, and we know it exists, but the general public is kept in the dark to protect stuff. Think about it. As an example, if it was suddenly announced "BIGFOOT IS REA
  4. Probably bones and occult stuff. The more awful and haunted the better
  5. The country would be better off with insane clown posse running it than donald trump.
  6. The vast majority of people who have a problem with gmos have literally no idea what a gmo is or what the term even stands for. I've literally seen someone say "GMOS are a cancer causing ingredient put in everything".
  7. Personally I think people on here massively overthink negative possibilities.
  8. I still think its kind of ridiculous that people are holding this back because of "killing dragons". A freshly laid egg doesn't even have an embryo in it, so you aren't killing anything even if they WERE real. That, and they aren't real anyway so that doesn't matter, but still.
  9. Like I said though, the quadrupedal thing has been debunked. If you want another childhood changing one, it is currently looking like dimetrodon didnt have a full sail and just had a short sail or hump or something with big spikes sticking way up.
  10. I doubt that 6 different bsa dragons would be released at once.
  11. The giant pterosaurs were infinitely lighter than a dragon would be, and thats why they could fly. Compare any dragon design anywhere to THIS. Pterosaurs are such cool weird creatures, I wish they were still around. I wish dinosaur movies would stop showing them as crawling on land, they moved like this.
  12. As far as I'm aware the consensus is that it just had short legs, and wasn't a quadruped. Was just low to the ground.
  13. wasps are great for a garden. yeee my corpse flower is sprouting well ;o;
  14. Here, have a picture of my heavily decorated tank. (I tried having stuff in there, he trashes everything aside from a big log you can't see)
  15. I can't see anyone going for this. A special made up DC holiday in the summer would be alright though.
  16. That is actually less likely than dragons themselves existing.
  17. No, I know that, but I meant the concept of teleporting dodos was a harry potter thing, I think.
  18. isnt that the thing from harry potter?
  19. Make them like other similar animals. Give like half of the dragon species 30 egg clutches and have the deep seas lay a few hundred thousand eggs at a time.
  20. As far as any type of life we know if, it wouldn't work at all.
  21. Well yeah, but ultimately who cares if TJ gets like one email ever from some bizarre parent whos kid found some half inapropriate name? Its not like there are internet censor police floating around who nuke sites when they find some user posted something inappropriate.
  22. Thats not really a thing as far as I know, past some bizarre upset parent sending an email or something