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  1. I think I'll try doing that with my colony. Although they are like a half inch, so they might just hack up and carry off bones too.
  2. I can try for inner workings. They are using an old 50 gallon for the nest, so I wont be able to see much if the tunnels and such unfortunatly. Hard to keep that massive amount of ants in a normal formicarium. I can definatly get pictures of them in the setup though. i'm thinking of feeding them a staple of grass seed (which is supposed to be most of their natural diet), anything dead in the roach colony (which isnt often), and a ton of other odds and ends.
  3. I'll try for pictures. I have to hurry though, and scoop as much of the colony into a couple 5 gallon buckets before they have a chance to fully swarm. Supposedly one sting from them is about equal to 12 honeybee stings. and I assume nothing will make them angrier than digging up the entire nest. On the plus side I'll have a MASSIVE ant farm. lol
  4. It should be alright. I am simultaniously saving them from getting poisoned. Only problem is I have to actually dig them up. lol
  5. Lets see, as of right now, in the ''creepy crawly'' department, I have, a 3 foot plated lizard, a sulcata, a tokay, around 200 giant cave roaches, and a few hundred hissing roaches. Tomorrow I am getting a colony of tens of thousands of maricopa harvester ants. ( the most venomous insect there is)