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  1. I know most of them inject the enzymes into things, but there are quite a few that feed on blood from large animals. Not sure if they inject anything, but it doesnt seem like it would do all too much if they did.
  2. Woah, never heard of those spectral bats. Those are epic. And there are centipedes that eat bats. Assasin bugs will go for them too, but usually just suck blood, nothing fatal.
  3. Wait, what? 99.9% of all bat species do not drink blood, whatsoever. And i can't think of ONE bat species that eats other bats, or intentionally kills other bats.
  4. I'm working on getting a sloth. Once I can move out of state, and find a roommate or two who would be cool with it. So far the biggest problem is finding a roommate out of state, rather than someone who wouldnt mind a sloth. lol apparently everyone loves sloths.
  5. I just checked, and there are no really dangerous spiders in the UK. ''False widows have a bit of a reputation for biting people, although in truth, this is quite a rare occurrence. You would need to be very unlucky, or go out of your way to be bitten. They only bite if mishandled or provoked. To those who have experienced it, the bite is said to be similar to a bee sting.'' If you still have it, I'd just put it outside. You'll probably never run into it again anyway. :]
  6. Everyone should look up the candiru catfish. Prepare to never want to go in any body of water again after reading about them.
  7. Why do albinos not resemble any other dragon? Albinos are just identical to whatever species they are, minus the skin pigment.
  8. A new calidonian might be able to. Or a tokay. Maybe.
  9. inb4thehour and disappointment
  10. Do want lagmonster drop. <3
  11. What if the new goldfish could secretly breed a NEW species when paired with a water. Some huge hardcore sea serpent? ;D
  12. Lies. If the sprinklers in a gym can kill onyx, so can a splash of water. :>
  13. Bracing for epic. <3
  14. Out of curiosity, are the glories supposed to be tiny? Just wondering because it talks about people mistaking them for bats.
  15. Its dimorphic now. Males are still the old sprite.
  16. If she has EVER had contact with a male, thats usually enough. Something to do with being able to internally store sperm.
  17. There are also wasps that turn roaches into zombies. and the roach willingly follows them into the nest to be slowly eaten alive by wasp larvae. I'm glad I am not a bug.
  18. Mind controlling fungus :
  19. Not photoshopped. Last one is a trilobite beetle. :3
  20. Hissing roach. Unusual bugs you say? :> http://cichlid.umd.edu/cichlidlabs/kocherl...RC/stalkeye.jpg http://farm1.static.flickr.com/58/250536017_1db402bfbd.jpg http://thumb1.shutterstock.com.edgesuite.n...er-28929997.jpg http://www.richard-seaman.com/Travel/Malay...laHoiseni08.jpg
  21. Vietnamese giant. Large aggressive and venomous. lol
  22. I used to have an almost 18 inch centipede. It ate mice. and then one day got out. I never did find it.
  23. Just as long as you dont use glue traps. Glue traps are just about the most painful way to kill anything.