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  1. That is exactly what it looks like. It is quarantined right now, but it looks a lot less swollen.
  2. I have no idea. Its like half the normal width, and like 50% and all bloated looking.
  3. Its from a movie called xtro Also, wtf. One of my female hissers is suddenly really, really long. Like hotdog shape. D:
  4. They are just in a 50 gallon, with a broken lid. a 2 inch barrier of vaseline on the glass keeps any from climbing out. They are very, VERY clean. I clean it out like monthly, and I have probably had less than 10 die all year, and have never had any bad smell from them. Cleaning entails scooping up all the adults, (I just use my hands) and then collecting up all the babies, which takes forever. I would highly reccomend against using substrate, it would make it impossibly hard to clean out. The lighter ones, big winged guys, and all the babies are all death head hybrids.
  5. Why would pugs even be on the ban list?
  6. Most of my colony as of a few days ago. http://i37.tinypic.com/167oyzm.jpg
  7. grimace

    2010-08-28 - 55 Days

    inb4page56 Also, epic eggs are epic
  8. But what about blue geckos and blue agamas? D: http://static.wix.com/media/58990877c00094...2a1d88d7.wix_mp http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/comm..._ST_10_edit.jpg
  9. I've always wondered about having a certain time limit after something hatches, to glue the egg back together, or magic it back together or whatnot, to have a hollow egg on your scroll.
  10. orly EDIT: First post get
  11. Im not allergic to anything I know of. I do know a girl who is ''allergic'' (pretty photosensitive) to sunlight.
  12. True. The cats that are already used to it would be miserable kept inside. I'm just saying its kind of excessive to say anyone who has an indoor cat is abusing it. Plus, people around here keep their cat indoors, because the first time it is outside alone, this owl will eat it.
  13. lolwut So, you are saying anyone with an indoor cat is an animal abuser? Would you be alright with people letting other kinds of animal roam around too?
  14. http://www.abcbirds.org/abcprograms/policy...s/predation.pdf ''Also, Domestic cats are considered primarily responsible for the extinction of 33 bird species since the 1600s. In New Zealand alone, cats were primarily responsible for the extinction of eight bird species and the eradication of 41 others from islands.'' I love cats, but free roaming outdoor cats are not a good idea. We don't have the stray cat problem here, as we have several great horned owls who have figured out it is much easier to grab a cat, than most wildlife.
  15. Thats because letting cats roam everywhere is bad. Just because of all the wildlife they kill off.
  16. Hmm. Reason I ask is once I move, the main thing I have to do is get one of these guys. They get super nice,and do well with other animals, but it would still be bad if the cat tried jumping on it or something.
  17. I really want to get a cat once I move. Although I have a feeling it would be a bad idea. How smart are cats about sharp things?
  18. It shall now be my goal to get these to be a trend at US sports games. <3
  19. Another one: I have the super amazing power to instantly make anyone/everyone angry/horrified. <3