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  1. Ah, true. How do you wear them anyway? I'd think they'd end up crawling around and disappearing into your clothes.
  2. Actually, I can't really see the roaches caring too much about that. The lifespan thing just makes it sound like they don't actually know how long they live. I dunno though, its ugly, at the very least.
  3. Oh, yeah. They don't take anywhere near that long to molt.
  4. Sounds like it was either molting and just looked dead, or got half eaten in the process. A roaches shell gets soft as it comes up on the time to molt.
  5. Guies, get ready for the infinite hell dimension. <3 http://s3.amazonaws.com/data.tumblr.com/tu...Og%2Bkg%2BJw%3D
  6. I go for balanced. They always have dog food, oatmeal, and some sort of fruit or veggies in there.
  7. Yeah, they like oatmeal. Mine eat a handfull every night as part of the diet. :3
  8. Who said ghosts were a species? Also, please explain how proof of ghosts would have anything to do with evolution at all. No matter how I look at it, I can't see one single way that proof of ghosts or an afterlife, or anything like that would come anywhere near affecting evolutional theory for better or worse. ''What if we were the result of genetic experiments of our ancestors? What if we were originally from another planet? What if the existence of ghosts proved another way we got here? '' Now those would certainly make people reevaluate evolution. The existence of ghosts wou
  9. Ohgodyes. Also you are now aware notch is adding dragons, hedgehogs, saddles for dragons, and terrifying monsters exclusively meant to psycologically mess with you. Ever read weeping angel? EXACTLY like that, and more.
  10. Ah, my bad. I thought you meant like haunted houses and whatnot.
  11. Actually now that I think of it, proof of a soul wouldn't prove ghosts either. I mean, even if an afterlife was totally proven, it doesn't mean you can come back here as a ghost.
  12. Wat. Ghosts have absolutely nothing to do with evolution either. Thats like saying if someone invents an mp3 player in the shape of a walrus, it would cause people to reevaluate religion.
  13. Evolution has absolutely nothing to do with life after death. At all. Also, evolution is pretty much a completely proven thing. Maybe a god or something started the basic life, and even had a hand in evolving humans or whatever, but in any case we evolved.
  14. Battling is fine with me, but imagine how horrible the site would be if your scroll was attacked and it deleted stuff off of it. Finally got a holly? loltoobadIattack Do not want.
  15. Ah, I tried roach food once. Which isn't as bad as it sounds. it is mostly fruits and stuff in a jelly cube.
  16. http://4.bp.blogspot.com/_BbVResGZnDo/S8d7.../giant-weta.jpg
  17. This girl I know constantly makes blood soup, and stuff like it. Now that im used to it, it actually is pretty good.
  18. Go to island mostly surrounded by ocean trenches, and be totally safe from zambies.
  19. Yes you could. Stabbing a dragon in any major organ, or in the eyes would kill it. It could take a while though. Although yeah, they would fight back ;o
  20. Z+ Although the obvious solution is to breed with the zombies, and in time, your differences will be forgotten.