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  1. I never understood eating carnivores, at least in poorer areas. I mean, think about how much meat it would take to get one pound of cat meat, or whatnot.
  2. Frogs and chameleons don't have anything on cave salamanders <3
  3. That got shot down a while back. If I remember correctly, whoever made the embers said they just liked hot places, and were not actually hot themselves.
  4. Would TJ allow a dragon to be incubated twice? I could have sworn I saw somewhere he was against it. :c If thats true though, having reds be able to incubate both shouldn't mess with ratios at all.
  5. This. Its just the same incubate. It would just work on eggs AND hatchlings.
  6. Have you ever eaten shrimp? Or lobster? Or crab? Eating insects isn't much different.
  7. Simple solution to hatchie incubate: Have reds be able to do it. Simple, and it would just be a little tweak to already existing code. Why? Animals grow faster if they are kept in warmer conditions. Speeds up metabolism and whatnot. Makes sense. I mean it might be a little bit of a stretch, but we are talking about a website where you can breed a deepsea and a magma together, have them instantly lay an egg after breeding, and have the egg turn into an adult in under a week, or you can use magic and keep it a baby forever. Things need to make sense, but they don't have to be something
  8. You are now aware the process of growing vegetables kills MORE animals than the meat industry. Just sayin.
  9. The sprite sizes are not to scale.
  10. Meat is awesome but that logic is terrible. Humans eat meat. Meat is eaten by tigers. Humans are obviously tigers.
  11. They were only in the cave on halloween.
  12. a 10 foot dragon wouldn't be able to drag a moose anywhere. lol Moose are huge walls of animal made up of the nightmares of a thousand children.
  13. I had to take a hunting/gun class a while back for falconry permitting. (Why? Good question. lol) Arrows can be just as effective as a gun, as long as you know what you are doing. Personally, I'd have to vote hunted meat is generally MORE ethical than farmed meat. Just because it doesn't involve the horrible conditions for the animal's entire life that many farms seem to have. Also, I can't think of any hunting that involves actually chasing down a scared animal. (Other than some weird stuff that usually has nothing to do with eating it)
  14. The same goes for a large amount of mammals as well. There are even mammals with brightly colored much larger males, and smaller duller females. Though I would love more dynamic female sprites, I really like the marrows as is.
  15. My halloween experience summed up in one user friendly image.
  16. dohoho I want the plague doctor one ;-;
  17. Why do I have a feeling that egg will be the new halloween dragon?
  18. My body is ready. Got a pumpkin already
  19. Drowning in antifreeze? D: Just do this, over your neighbor's fence. Wait, your iguana was over 6 feet? I have never heard of an iguna getting over 6 feet, ever.
  20. There are roaches that squeal. Hissers don't, I don't think. Never heard any of the several hundred hissers in my colony do it at least.
  21. Secret to faster than light travel.
  22. My first kiss? Well..I'll just leave it at, I had no idea she was actually Yog-Sothoth, until the THIRD date.