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  1. On 1/25/2019 at 10:24 PM, Husky51 said:


    I don't understand your reasoning?  Why would all the humans die?  We are omniverous and would survive on vegetation if we had to, wouldn't we?  Many people survive now as total Vegans... 

    The environment 100% requires animals to function, at least on the level of something to support large mammals like us.

    Remember with all animals gone you'd have fun issues like absolutely no pollinators, nothing to help break down forest floor debris, mass amounts of algae strangling out the ocean while dinoflagelates make the whole thing toxic, and a million other reasons.


    Plants wouldn't die out entirely without animals, but most of them would, and the ones that didn't would be around mostly from fungi helping out.


  2. On 8/26/2017 at 8:53 AM, Daxillionyx said:


    One thing I will never understand is when people (who are, let's be blunt, pro-abortion) compare a fetus to an intruder or parasite. To answer your question, a guest someone whose arrival is prepared for. And intruder is someone whose entrance was not prepared for. If someone breaks into my house, they are an intruder. If someone comes and I have at least an inkling of an idea that they will arrive, they are a guest.

    A fetus is prepared for by the body, or by both the mom and the body, in a special place with special accommodations. It isn't a parasite in that regard, and no one has ever made that comparison make sense to me.

    Your body is constantly prepared for parasites too. It even sometimes makes special places just for them. Ad not just a little, like everyone's body is entirely built around being prepared for parasites and disease. Probably even moreso than reproduction.

  3. It makes sense. Kind of like how tuataras, crocodiles, and lizards all look pretty alike but can't interbreed and aren't even terribly closely related.


    Mechanically though I don't have much of an opinion. Having drakes be breedable with everything else would be neat.