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  1. The environment 100% requires animals to function, at least on the level of something to support large mammals like us. Remember with all animals gone you'd have fun issues like absolutely no pollinators, nothing to help break down forest floor debris, mass amounts of algae strangling out the ocean while dinoflagelates make the whole thing toxic, and a million other reasons. Plants wouldn't die out entirely without animals, but most of them would, and the ones that didn't would be around mostly from fungi helping out.
  2. hahaha oh my god I just saw this, what on EARTH did I miss? This thread seems to be vaguely referring to something specifically but its all buried.
  3. I'm gonna pop in to say (even though ads supposedly don't impact hunting anyway), that if you're blocking ads and are even seeing the kitten thing, you need better adblock.
  4. I still don't get how people have trouble with sick eggs. I blindly throw my eggs in fansites and forget about em, and have never once had an issue.
  5. Super simple suggestion, a go back to the abandoned pile button on the "someone else grabbed this egg" screen would be pretty convenient.
  6. Oh man I just heard, I can't believe all ofDC actually got deleted.
  7. Your body is constantly prepared for parasites too. It even sometimes makes special places just for them. Ad not just a little, like everyone's body is entirely built around being prepared for parasites and disease. Probably even moreso than reproduction.
  8. Please have it be summon 2.0 for some huge multicolored dragon
  9. I'd link to my tumblr, but also am pretty sure the mods would greatly dislike it
  10. Yeah this would be really nice. As it is the only way to do this afaik is really annoying and time consuming.
  11. It was alright. Probably should have been more than one very small chance though.
  12. I'd assume if these were permanent thered be more than one chance for them. Maybe not though, so I still want one.
  13. Actually if it changes anyones mind, you COULDN'T do that to dragon names. Theres a character limit, and the name i posted is well over 10,000 characters.
  14. All I want in the world is to be able to own a dragon named <span style='font-size:21pt;line-height:100%'>Y̴̔~Removed page stretching. ~
  15. Ain't noone takin my extra eggs
  16. Just make everyone's limit go up by 1 per year if you don't want no limits.
  17. These are cool, I hope they're a joke breed or something, them vanishing would be super lame. I'm not seeing anything about them that screams "joke breed" though?
  18. It makes sense. Kind of like how tuataras, crocodiles, and lizards all look pretty alike but can't interbreed and aren't even terribly closely related. Mechanically though I don't have much of an opinion. Having drakes be breedable with everything else would be neat.
  19. ANYWAY, i'm surprised more people wouldn't be into awful cursed magic stuff
  20. If anyone was concerned about lore or anything, you could just say this is where dragons dump infertile eggs
  21. Random thought. Give a time related dragon a BSA that can switch another dragon back to it's old sprite if you want to. Would be fun, satisfy the people not into newer sprites, and wouldn't affect gameplay or people who only wanted new sprites.