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mxc-1.pngConfirmed Descriptions: 168/203Plus pending: 195/303Dragons of the month: Meleonie, Versace, Salto Angel, Tesky, Alabane, and ZeroReason: This little group tells my favorite story in the clan. One with close ties and betrayal; love and love lost. They're the classic story inspired by Creorluna's wrath, yet none of them are bad characters just unlucky characters.Many of my dragons are tribute dragons, to favorite characters I've written or to characters I'm in love with from fanfiction authors, books, movies, Tv shows, even video games and the like or even just personality types I love occasionally. I can take credit for most of the ideas I get, but some of the names and personalities are not mine. Full list on my profile.

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    The full story of Mexa’s clans:

    The very first batch of dragons taken in by Mexa were a group of six. Rosiline, a gentle, motherly though conservative pink, Heart’s Blood, a hot-headed iron willed red, Bolero a determined, misunderstood black, Macau, the clan’s clumsy player, Stars the passive intelligent and picky blue, and Ramor the indecisive noble orange. This group banded together to form the Elders clan, of which they were the leaders.

    In the beginning, Elders was a well oiled machine. All of the founders were close friends and even mates, keeping strife from shaking the clan. And so Elders grew. But the whole thing was not to last. For while only she heard it, Heart’s Blood (mated at the time to Bolero) received a prophecy from a traveling seer, who helped her in exchange for her hospitality. The prophecy said that the first child of theirs would kill Bolero and take over Elders. So when Heart’s Blood bore this child, it was with a heavy heart she killed it herself. Afterwards she entered a downward spiral, getting in many fights with other dragons before the seer came to her again and told her that a child of hers and Macau’s would one day save the Elders clan.

    Drawn in by the truth of these words, Heart’s Blood relented and quickly she and Macau, who had a thing for her, became mates. She was told never to tell anyone of these prophecies. Bolero of course became volatile and often attacked Macau jealously. Rosiline, whom had liked Macau, was heartbroken.

    Over time, Rosiline and Bolero fell in love themselves, both in deeper love than they had been with their ex-mates. Still, Bolero does not drop grudges easily. From that point onward, whenever a vote was being cast, Bolero was near always opposite of Macau for his loathing. Rosiline, blinded by love, follows his lead as surely as Heart’s Blood follows Macau’s. The vote came down to always being decided by Stars and Ramor or an outside voice occasionally. So decisions simply took longer to come to now.

    Until Ramor’s mate, Aggie, bore her first daughter.

    Before this, Ramor and Neano, a son of Stars and his mate Natasha’s, had bitterly fought for Aggie. Because Ramor won, it never quite occurred to him to question Stars on his son. But when Lai grew up, it didn’t take long before Neano fell for her as he had with her mom. Being his bitter rival, Ramor was beyond angry. And he took it out on Stars after finding out. Now decisions became near impossible, which was a recipe for disaster.

    This came in the form of the pygmy prophet Keilee and the disaster of Fuco Tempesta. Keilee came before the Elders one day panicked. She had a vision of fire and blood and death. Heart’s Blood, who knew the consequences of ignoring such a clear warning were awful, sided to remove all members of the cave. Macau backed her. The moment he did he put Bolero against them and while much more reluctantly, Rosiline as well. Stars agreed with Heart’s Blood and Ramor was against him. All of the Elders squabbled for several hours in a fight that was the worst thus far.

    Before anything got resolved, a lightning bolt outside touched down, setting the dry brush in the nurseries and almost everywhere else aflame. Many dragons died that day, particularly hatchlings. Only one made it out alive, saved by a few whom believed Keilee right off the bat.

    Afterwards, Bluanno, one of these few, blamed the Elders. That day, he and several other young dragons broke off from the clan, forming Nebbia. This clan was as different from Elders as Republican is to Democrat. Blu had the biggest say in things; votes were done where everyone’s opinions were taken into account. A select group of cabinet members picked by Blu had a larger say, each of their votes is worth 1.5 of the rest of the clan. Blu’s, being that he was clan leader and alpha male, is worth 2.

    Blu’s clan went through a golden age where there was no strife or pain. The clan members were happy with their leadership and no one was left behind. But all leaders have a fault and Blu’s was that he would loose his power. Keilee had a vision of a sunset dragon much like Blu who would one day take on an enormous amount of power, enough to destroy Blu even. Within days, a sunset arrived with two companions.

    This stranger’s name was Glacanno and he had been born on the same night as Blu. He had an air of power and intelligence to him. He’d been born an Elder, but had been cut off from the rest of the clan one day and rescued by the clan of wild dragons, the Ferox. Blu had dreamed of meeting them, but under the pretext of jostling for power with Glac, the surprise wasn’t so appealing. Glac was treated coldly by the leader, but remained in, voicing his hope to reunite wild and captive dragons.

    Soon after, there came news of a mysterious string of murders in the Ferox. A female spark and a male were both found dead in their nests. Not long after they discovered a traumatized young dragon, later named Storm Delay. She grew up in the clan, but rumors spread easy. There was a new villain on the move, Izdati, a wild rogue. He had been in love with Delay’s mother. As had another male. She chose the other male and something primal in Izdati snapped. He killed them, but his killing spree didn’t stop there.

    Over the next few months, he claimed many lives from Ferox, Nebbia, and Elder alike. He also started gathering followers, some willingly and others stolen from the nest and raised to be the perfect cold blooded killers. He called this band of bandits, Cruorluna.

    This is where the story leaves off. What happens to our three clans entirely depends on them and the future generations.