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  1. You does animals? For frees? I plan on requesting two fighting wolves ( tee hee, my username ) for an avvi... but I don't know who.
  2. I have more females than males, so it's hard during breeding D:
  3. Good to know. YES! Snagged 2nd post :3
  4. I have to admit, that giratina ninetales is win. I wish I had it on my siggy D: How many more splices until my order? I don't remember...
  5. My thread I guess I'm not all that popular here
  6. I like it! I'd like to order from you :3 It's too bad no one orders from my thread...
  7. Can I see your splices then? ._. Digi, are splices are epic win.
  8. Ya, I am. It's ok. But why did you order so many o_o Are they going into your siggy or somethin?
  9. awesome! pokemon=absol and girantina do=splice base=absol version=any
  10. Username: RuthlessWolves Pokemons to use: Ninetales and vaporeon. Base pokemon: Ninetales What do you want me to do with them?: Recolor the ninetales a bit, and add the face fins and such Versions of sprites: Platinum Other: None
  11. Can I order a splice of vaporeon and nintales? I'd be cool if it was a dark blue and purple. Base pokemon : Ninetales
  12. Username: RuthlessWolves Order: Splice pokemon: Ninetales - Arcanine shiny?: No thanks. other: Nope generation of sprites: Whatever looks the greatest Text: Beware of dog
  13. Good to know. Yay! I got 13th post
  14. These are beautiful sprites Can't wait until my hatchies grow up.
  15. That must make TJ a god on dc...
  16. I never said it had something to do with the time of the day.
  17. Its kinda weird.... I was hoping to get a purple mountain , and I got two brown ones :\ It scroll locked me D:
  18. I personally have nothing against this idea. It seems fun, and I would do it. If its optional, the people who "hate" it don't have to do it. It would be for those who want to do it.
  19. Congratz guys! When will the member status change?
  20. "I, RuthlessWolves, resolve from killing dragons Only in desperation will I kill them so that the dragon population will grow" I've only killed one dragon before, and that was on my first day of dc.
  21. Thanks for letting us know *Whoo Hoo! First page!