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  1. Mmmm... So everything is ready? I'm so excited, I just wish I knew when it was coming out.
  2. Oh yes, same here. After having the door slammed, I went to hospital and both fingers were broken >: Then both of nails were off. It ok, you can call me a dude
  3. A door was slammed on my index finger a ring finger, and was gushing blood. Bones were broken and took some time to heal. And on a daily basis, having violent fights with my sister that leaves giant scars.
  4. A bit confused with the biomes feature, but can't wait to see all this implemented 8D *wonders when it will become a reality..*
  5. Did you read above? She isnt taking requests ._.
  6. I got my first egg the minute they started dropping :3 First batch egg *snuggles* Then I had someone catch another for me while I slept.
  7. Was the second row intentional or a glitch?
  8. My mom has been mentally abusing me and has occasionally physically. Shes always telling me that I'm not normal and need to do this and that.... My dad as it seems, will be leaving soon. I guess I wont be seeing him as much anymore, because my mom is just fed up. But I'm just ignoring him, and as of recently, have told him multiple times to shut up and leave me alone. I wish he would just leave already...
  9. I always forget things I be stalking......
  10. Thank you, the ssl egg is very nice
  11. My mom is kinda like that. But she can get frustrated easily and with slap the beans out of your head if you do something bad. ( So, in other words, she hits her kids ) My dad doesn't really care about whats going on at home or with the family.
  12. Ok then. Whatever maple decides to do.
  13. In my view , I kind of wish I were you guys, after all my father has done...
  14. Thats horrible, I hope things are ok for you right now. Currently, it seems like my father is about to abandon us soon...
  15. Talk about your parents here. What they do that bugs you, makes you happy, or creeps you out. If you have nice, horrible, or even abusive parents, talk about them here.
  16. But how quick is it to make it? If it was quick, wouldnt it be fair? :/
  17. How would this be unfair ._. Infinis told me in a pm that I could use the egg too, and I felt like having text on my version >_> If maple doesnt want to do it, Im fine with that... Is making the text quick..?
  18. Since I was the op of the sea spear, may I have my own version of the egg that is being made for infinis? ( With text )
  19. Darn D: But you just finished the frill and it is still taking a spot? *confuzzled ruthless*
  20. http://forums.dragcave.net/index.php?showtopic=101736 Can I have a female hatchling from this? 8D The adult female might help you.
  21. I be stalking this thread. Looking for the next available slot ... >:3