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  1. I woke up this morning and went through the rather normal routine. But when I went to retrieve my phone... I began freaking out. My mother could hear me saying "OH MY GOD" from my bedroom. I've realized that we don't receive awesomeness today 3:
  2. This is what we've been waiting for
  3. In public, I'm fairly normal. But at home, I transform into a screeching and crying monkey So it depends on where I am and who I am with. I can act like a 7 yr old at times and 20 yr old in different situations.
  4. I want to buy myself a little rat, but Im afraid of the allergies it can bring D: Anyway, Ive always failed when came to at least keeping a pet alive o-o If someone could educate me a bit about these creatures, I could convince my mother to get me one.
  5. Fresh meat... This will be fun. Congrats to you all <3
  6. I own a Hewlett Packard Home Vista laptop. I also share a MacBook air (the smaller version) between my mother. It is very convienent, and it opens up in ten seconds 0: useful when I don't have the time for my larger laptop.
  7. I WANT A BANNER!! Username: Dimentions/Size of Banner: Large? Anything that seems to fit best with it 0.0 Subjects: Either one lone wolf or a good picture of a pack in a natural background Colors: Text could be red, outlines of banner blue Text, if any: The Scroll of Wolves (It should be spread around the banner) Code word: Orange
  8. Opening my art thread again! It took me some time to figure out how I wanted to operate my shop. I apologize to the people whose requests I have not gotten to finish before. Right now I'm debating with myself if I should have my wolf up for grabs once I finish it. Also, next person to request with an animal I'm fond of will have the next art piece. Thanks Nixayum for cleaning my thread :3
  9. It's a nice game, but gets old quickly.
  10. When I have the chance, I'm gonna attack you with a super hard request >D *dreams of black wolf and owl |3*
  11. Sounds like a plan <3 I love wolves so much, so the sprite you would make me (if you do, I'm assuming) has high chances of being my newest avvie x)
  12. Would the middle wolf of this picture suit you?
  13. By that, do you mean I could request a bit of easy pixel art right now? If so, I'd love to start you up with this 8D
  14. If you read closely, he said all prizes to honorable mentions are cb.
  15. Interesting, this will be fun :3 Yay first page!
  16. I'm deeming what you've just said unfair. Not everyone is practiced enough in art to be given these privileges. It would most likely cause anger.
  17. ~!~ - Not everyone has the artistic ability liked dc's great spriters.
  18. Whispyr- All I can say is that this will be figured out soon... But I feel there would a select group of users who can judge a user carefully and well.
  19. But what about recent posts or warns? And if that doesn't satisfy you, I'm sure there are other ways a mod could test a user.
  20. Well, I'm still wondering on how one is admitted to the mature subforum. Would they send in a request to a mod for a pass, or at any time given admittance by the mods? As I see it, a mod would go through a little run of the members previous posts, and based on their actions would be given permission or not. There be a little warn system, and set on a certain amount of warns on bad behavior, they would then be banned temporarily from the mature content. I'd say after about two outbreaks, the said user would be given a temporary ban. After 1-3 week ban, user is given 1 more chance until t
  21. Neh, thanks for telling us. But I'd be more excited if it was the features xP
  22. Simply put, some animals such as dolphins and other animals are quite smart. Hyenas and some other animals work socially ( soucers: New York Times. Please no flaming >: ) together to solve a problem, so are moderately smart. Below that... you just have no idea if its thinking or not I'd say animals. Many were driven to extinction by humans, and some are near death of their species. Overpopulation in humans, we need to focus on the animals right now.
  23. Lernaean Art Shop I accept eggs as payment for requests. This art shop has been fashioned after Wookieinmashoo's thread, since I thought it was a brilliant way to obtain eggs. These eggs will bump you to the top of the request slots and I will accept one of these for a request- Cb Third gen and lower- Sixth gen and lower- Two required per request- Cb Will be updated this list often to fit the needs of my scroll. I still have many dragons to catch. Notes- -Grab a slot the moment it opens. -If I disappear, remember to pm me. I may be