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  1. I don't have an eating disorder and don't feel a need for one. If anything I think I should gain some weight. I'm 14 years old, a centimeter or so under 5 feet and about 88 pounds. I'm teeny. My friends playfully call me anorexic - and I'm definitely not, I'm just small and so is my appetite. In the mornings I'm not hungry so I'm very skimpy on breakfast, and I can hardly finish a whole sandwich for lunch. I usually make up for it with tons of snacks and a large dinner, but I'm still super skinny. Not in an attractive, slimming way either. I'm like a pile of bones. I can see my ribs and my hips jut out. There are times when I wish I had less fat on my thighs or my stomach but then I realize I have, like, hardly any fat xd.png I dunno, I can't imagine myself ever being anorexic or bulimic because it's not that I think I'm not skinny enough, it's that I think I'm too skinny. tongue.gif

    I have the same problem here, and I'm about your age. I used to not eat breakfast in the morning when I'd be heading out to school, because I take most of my time at 6 am to shower. I find little time left for the cereal, but last year in seventh grade I made a conscious effort to have cereal in the morning. After to visiting my relatives in Poland for the summer, I've been making my own breakfast. They believe American cereal is basically sugar flakes and hardly sustain people... When school starts soon, I'll be getting up earlier to make breakfast for my sister and I AND taking a shower (I feel fresher showering in the morning).


    My mom makes school lunch for me. She usually packs a sandwich with tomatoes, lettuce, kielbasa, cheese (yuck), and a water. The school cafeteria is DISGUSTING except for the wrap section wink.gif I get pretty bored with the sandwiches if it goes on for some months, and begin to eat only half. I'm not quite sure how to solve that problem ^^"


    All my friends tell me I look like a stick. My arms, legs, and wrists are very thin and I'm aware about it. I eat anything I want from the kitchen and nothing changes. I guess it's just my frame. I'm just like my gaunt dad, while my sister resembles our mom. I know to never stray into eating disorders, because it could end terribly. So, that's just about most of my problems ^-^

  2. Perhaps every other month we go for some of that food. I am ashamed of myself to eat that terrible food, but sometimes you just can't say no to the delicious fries =) I am focusing more on other foods right now since I am still growing ^^

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    How Long will you be gone: from 27th to the 29th

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  4. The sprites look a bit flat. It has a monotone look to it, which is very hard for me to describe. You may want to use an already in-cave dragon as reference and I'd say that the pillow dragon would be great for you to study.


    The sprites do not really depict any shading and a light source. You're just showing three different tones of a color and leaving it at that.


    Practice will truly help <3