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call me Kira i participate in IOU's. IOU List and Wishlist can be found in profile"The kiraralee77 is the sensitive species of the Dragon Cave Forums. It is commonly found in the Forum Games, where it belongs to the CPA Clan. It enjoys reading and writing, spending most of its time in the Forums. It tends to have fun with others who make it laugh. On the other hand, it doesn't like those who disregard its feelings or tease it. It usually looks for some distraction when feeling lonely. Have a heart, do your part." ~Toki Mishidozi

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    *~My IOU's~*

    *~I owe:
    none currently

    *~I'm Owed:
    -2nd gen silver from soullesshuman

    *~My completed IOU's:
    -Ae0nian a 2nd gen marrow, male marrow x fm red dorsal.
    -Duysterwald a PB shadow walker hatchie (un-named)
    -aqua17 a 2nd gen PB shadow walker hatchie
    -tjekan a 2nd gen shadow walker, CB male SW x female hellfire, influence male and hatch
    -Viar 7 CB 2012 halloween hatchies (in return for CB silver)
    -Duysterwald a CB 2012 halloween hatchy (in return for magma/stripe)
    -Kyrieath a silver, bronze & gold tinsel.
    -Scyleia- 8 red hatchlings of any lineage.
    -aqua17 3 cb male spitfire and 1 CB male albino hatchies.
    -Scrac a 2G ice (ice x Black)
    -Scyleia 12 red/pink hatchlings of any lineage
    -old_duck a 3G pink from old pink x frill parents.
    -bantymom, 3 dragons from her list.
    -Mew_1 a 2nd gen metal (gold or silver) from a coper.

    CB Red's, prefurably nice lineages, even.
    CB Trio dragons
    CB gold and silver
    CB stripes and Blacks, also looking for nice lineaged alt blacks and alt vines, CB vines too.
    CB Blusangs, Gold Wyverns, pinks, Nebulas, Purples, Moonstones, Royal blues.
    i'm interested in any unbreedables as well, Dino's, neglected, Papers. i'll take cheese dragons but i usually freeze them or use them for trading.
    PB of anything is nice. I also like 2nd gen dragons that are mixed with holiday's. Also looking for nice lineages i can try to make checker lineages out of. :)
    *~Otherwise, anything pretty. I prefer even lineages and non inbred, but if it is nice enough, i'll still take it. I'd like to get four CB of every dragon.. so the ones i do not have 4 of, i would like as many as i need to get 4.