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  1. When somebody pats my shoulder. Can't stand that. Being constantly reminded to do a certain thing. I get it if I'm being told once, there's no need to repeat the thing over and over again.
  2. CB water, 2nd gen dorsal, CB baloon and a daydream with a nasty lineage.
  3. I'd just say any dragon of the legendary trio, since I have two Icicles. Tough my all time favourite would probably be the Thunder.
  4. My favourites are definitly the silver and golden dragons, but I think I will only use one...
  5. I've got a problem with the silver garland. I try to move the decorations, but instead, I only move the garland.
  6. Still taking requests would be cool, you have amazing stuff. :3
  7. Whoa so I have a question... We can actually use the ones under "DC and recolors" without asking? Just making sure.
  8. Just joined the site. They have very nice adoptables. Here's what I have so far:
  9. Dorsal Water Balloon Electric That were my first four I think. I remember taking two of them from the AP and tw from teh cave.
  10. Great.. I can't wait to see those little ones in the cave. Thanks TJ and spriters.
  11. Got it from the AP or from teh Cave? Eggs you get from the AP have usually less time untill they hatch, but you gain 1 day in plus I think. Then it would be pretty much normal that it cracks so fast. I think you should refer to that in the Help section.
  12. I caught a 3d gen Yulebuck and 2nd gen Snow Angel. I am done with it officially, and I cannot wait to clear my scroll in order to get the new Christmas dragon.
  13. Probably Ember. But I could be a Nocturne too. Ember because I love the way they look, dark and mysterious and Nocturne because I am a night-lover.
  14. I only killed a hatchling once. I was really new on the game and I tought that I really have a chance in getting a zombie even tough it wasn't Halloween. I ended up with a dead hatchling (with a beautyful lineage).
  15. Ummm abandoning my first 4 eggs when they cracked because I tought that they were sick.
  16. Whoa, I love Curd Cobain. I wanted to name my autumn Cookie Crisp but it was already taken so I did some stupidities on the keyboard. The result was Cookie Crips. I cand't wait to rename the poor thing. Also I have a horse dragon called Power Horse (I was really surprised this wasn't taken)
  17. Yay, thanks. I can't wait for it. My first seasonal.
  18. I'm really looking forward to these features. They would ease up a lot of things, but at the same time there's a lot moe to discover. Since I missed a lot of things going on here, I can't wait for these.
  19. I have two markings-ones and one sea-egg. Still need one more sea-egg and amale-pink to influence... And I need one more of eahc for freezing.
  20. I canțt wait for them to grow up either. I love them. and i must apologize for my english. I hope it's understandable.
  21. I really don't see why we should need a "egg-revive" action. I lost two new eggs because i didn't fog them but people should be able to take sick eggs on their own responsabilities. I mean if people feel the NEED to put the poor eggs on the fansites in the first minute after you get them...it should be their fault if they actually DIE. I don't want any egg-revive action. really. i don't see it's use. Sorry for commenting but i cound'nt resist. And....i don't see the differnece between the egg-death-ratio of the new eggs and the one of the older eggs. i had a pink egg death some weeks ago because i forgot to fog it and it just died like the new ones would. it is just the fault of the person who doesn't fog them the first day. me in this case.
  22. I had a frozen Magikarp and now I got a new second gen Water and when it is grown up ițll just breed it with my magi and voila i get a new magikarp which is going to splsh all summer long if needed.
  23. ^I have two low gen Ices but I stil need Thunders and Magmas. And i can't get them, maybe they don't like me.
  24. ^I can't get the sea eggs. I finally have another brightly coloured markings-egg and a nebula i picked up accidentaly.