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  1. I have tried bribing the squirrel with coins I have tried bribing the squirrel with acorns I have tried murdering the squirrel (in a variety of ways) I have tried singing to the squirrel I have tried playing the flute to the squirrel I have tried casting spells of weakness on the bush I have tried eating mushrooms (they might be magic and help you escape bushes if you absorb their power?) I have tried digging my way out I don't know why I keep thinking 'maybe this one will work' because this bush must be cursed. I have F5'd repeatedly with the command 'CUT BUSH WITH SWORD' so t
  2. oh my goodness you have no idea how much this was annoying me. the sweet relief. you are a wonderful person for saving me from this nightmare. thank you thank you thank you!
  3. Stuck at the bridge going over the river... > LOOK AT BRIDGE There doesn't seem to be anything to do that with. > GO OVER BRIDGE There doesn't seem to be anything to do that with. > FOLLOW GAME TRAIL There doesn't seem to be anything to do that with. > FOLLOW BRIDGE There doesn't seem to be anything to do that with. > CLIMB BRIDGE Unknown command. > ENTER FOREST Unknown command. > WALK OVER BRIDGE Unknown command. > USE BRIDGE There doesn't seem to be anything to do that with. > USE FEET ON BRIDGE There
  4. I've seen some websites where you have a username and a display name. Your profile url has your username, which never changes, but you can do anything you like with your display name and it didn't need to be approved. I know it's not quite the same as there's still a connection to your old username, but something along those lines would be a compromise.
  5. Oh geez, I totally forgot about that. That was kind of silly. Thanks!
  6. They're all at 4 days 1 hour or under, most are at 3 days 22 hours. Not exactly urgent, I'm just a little surprised.
  7. Bit of an open ended queston, but how many bred eggs go 'unloved'? A large majority? A rare few? Just a sort of rough idea based on people's experiences would be appreciated. To give a little context, I bred some dragons a few days ago and ended up with some pretty nice eggs, if I say so myself. (2g ice, xeno, GoN offspring, etc... not super rare but nothing messy/super common) All of them are incuhatchable with 0/0/0 views and I'm not sure if I've just been unlucky or if this is typical. I don't particularly want to start breeding dragons again if you're lucky for any of them to be hatched
  8. so i'm super late to the speculation party but w/e. - Maybe the 'like other dragons' is hinting that it's a new drake species, which would explain the seemingly sarcastic 'we think you'll really love it' seeing as drakes are generally not very popular? - The 'like other dragons' suggests that it'll be a dragon (or similar) and they won't suddenly turn into something funky. - It probably wouldn't be a one off unbreedable because people would be fuming about that. So either these are permanent or drop seasonally and behave like cheeses, dinos, etc, in that they don't breed; or they may
  9. The two sprites are identical if you layer them, must be trick of the eyes with the order it's in or something?
  10. Such beautiful eggs, as always! I was going to mention a few of my favourites but I really couldn't... they're all so gorgeous!
  11. I never said it needed a story, I just thought it'd be quite a cute way to announce it. A Valentine's event is expected anyway, so why not incorporate it? I don't usually care about RP aspects of the game because they're never relevant to gameplay. I didn't read any of the text in any of the text adventures, because I'd never need to know it. They gave no useful updates or information. I'd quite like it if one of these game events was actually somewhat relevant to the site. That was the point I was trying to make.
  12. I really, really like this! It could easily be incorporated into a cheesy story of some sort.
  13. I guess part of it depends on how you'd visualise the cave. If you imagine there are 3 main 'groups' in each biome (deserts, forests, etc are pretty big areas) and that you only have easy access to one egg at a time from each group due to poor access/other totally valid reasons, it'd make sense. If you imagine it as a literal straight 3 egg line up, then sure, it's silly. But it's not really specified.
  14. I know it's not easy to say but does it look like this is the end of the downtime? (more specifically, does it look like there will be any more roll backs?) I've lost some eggs already, although I understand it was risky to breed around this time anyway, but don't know if it's worth getting more. :/
  15. I agree with this completely. If people were more liberal, I think labels should be open to change. They are simply descriptors and I dislike that there is a strong sense of permanence on it; I have no intention of coming out for this reason specifically, and it's something which annoys me quite a lot. I should probably have clarified, the asexual people that I have seen discouraging the use of the label have talked about it as a case of 'think carefully about using it openly'. If the example person stopped taking medication and their sexuality went back to how it was originally, would th
  16. Mmkay I'm going to try and make this quick, I appreciate the last one was quite long, and might have been too much to read given that the majority was misread. You have used the terms 'sexual attraction', 'sexual arousal', and 'sex drive' almost totally interchangeably. There are very, very distinct differences between the three, and you have completely ignored them. You also tried to clarify that you didn't say all people who were asexual have disorders (which you did by saying that all people are sexual unless they have a disorder, with no ifs and no buts) by saying that all humans ar
  17. So... I don't get the anger about 'slaughtering' a biological term. 'A' as a prefix simply means 'without'. Following the same naming system as homosexual, heterosexual, bisexual, etc... asexual makes perfect sense as a label. Even if it didn't, the name has caught on. I suppose people could call themselves 'nonsexual', but that's not used very much. It should also be obvious, using contextual clues, what the person is talking about. There is no chance of getting them confused in day-to-day conversation. Also going to add that you're adding a lot of criteria that you think asexual people s
  18. In theory, it's not a bad idea to bring back some of the recently extinct animals to keep some of the ecosystems running as they should. Reintroducing wolves (not extinct, I suppose, but they were locally extinct..?) to Yellowstone apparently had some great effects. There probably won't be many DNA samples, so the gene pool will be ridiculously small. For animals with complex learned behaviours, it won't be easy to teach them again. For example, if they had to avoid poisonous foods, follow migration paths, etc. And the money required would be... a lot. Many of the animals mentioned in t
  19. So, I think how you act is very important. I don't mind seeing a 14 year old trick or treating at all, but if they're swearing or trying to act really cool, I don't like it. There are lots of kids around, it's dark, and they may be trick-or-treating in an unfamiliar neighbourhood. Try and help them to feel safe. If the person is old enough to get a part time job, I think that's really the cut off for going out trick or treating with your peers. Trick or treating with younger friends or family? Sure, go ahead. Dressing up doesn't harm anyone. And if you see something you really like at som
  20. Having just started looking at this forum again, I find it really odd to see the exact topic where I learned about asexuality is still open. Eep. Not really on topic but this is just bringing back that "WHAHAAATTT?" feeling, and relief. I'm finding it a little spooky tbh.
  21. Yes, this is what I was trying to get at. Because googling the word results in the 'gross' pictures coming up, people see them and go "AHA, I got really grossed out so I must have it". I really want to be 100% clear that I wasn't trying to offend you, or anyone else who finds it genuinely distressing. The experience that you described later in your post shows how much phobias can affect people's lives, which is exactly why I dislike trivialisation of them so much, which is the point I was trying to make. (although I'm terrible at wording things, so I apologize if I came across any other way!
  22. Unpopular opinion, but... I think while it's a genuine phobia, a lot of people are probably jumping on the bandwagon recently as there are a lot of very creepy photoshopped images when you google 'trypophobia'. If you see people with massive pits in their skin, it's going to look odd/unnatural, regardless of whether or not you have a phobia. I can guarantee that a lot of the people that have this supposed blanket fear of all holes won't have the same reaction to sponges or aerated chocolate bars, for example. I'm not targeting this at anyone, though, and I'm not trying to sound insulting t
  23. I stayed somewhere the other night by a train track, which was going throughout the night. Then I was up, bright and early, the next morning. eurgh. Trains are not on my list of favourite things right now. Usually, though, I really like them. They're always so clean and fast and I've met some really nice people on them.
  24. That is stunning! I can't stop looking at it. *-* Congratulations to the states and all of the happy couples this will affect.
  25. I'm not trying to sound silly here, but what is the 'stuttering' affect? I've read through a few pages and couldn't find a very clear meaning of what it meant and didn't notice anything during the last drop, so could someone please explain? To go back on topic, the new sprites are STUNNING.