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  1. I need: to erase an influence If you can take my egg, and teleport it back, please reply here - thanks! Much appreciated, Uther_Pendragon!
  2. Ooh! How lovely~ Maybe I'll sprite some things to enter for this year.
  3. First instrument I ever learned to play was an Irish Whistle(tin/penny whistle). I can play a few songs on the piano and I'm a mediocre guitar player, but I'd consider myself good for a newbie guitarist. I've always been really good at drums; it came naturally to me and I can freestyle with just about any surfaces.
  4. Goofy & cool coffee mugs! Video games and consoles, also anything dragon related like statues, jewelry, and clothes. General geeky garbage like broken circuit boards(also things that look like circuit boards), and merch with mostly video game and science references. I casually collect soda pop-tabs and (over)filled a wooden box but can't come up with an art project to make with 'em.
  5. Yum Vanilla-flavored teas definitely not a favorite of my own & I love tea
  6. My recent(ISH) favorites: mED1A ! jadEZ (Green Dino!) AgEMr (A CB Copper! What A gEM ) Eh20s (A lazy Pillow that I emotionally relate to) YpELT (Another Pillow; "FloofYpELT") epiWS (Big fan of perfect reverse words. Potential mate for yrroS?) FKnOT (Named "Falconer's KnOT") SpooP (spoopy Seragamma) 0SM0S (Can't settle on cosmos or osmosis, probably the latter since it's a Water Walker) 4P0Em (Should I write A P0Em for its description? ) LAMeU (This year's valentine thinks I'm lame. o^o) AskIL (A vampire politely asking to bite) 5uiTS ChecD NaYeS TeNdz Ne0n5 BAY0u wi3ld FOurz jDrUm n03nd kgoSh Also naughty & naughtier
  7. Someone scratch me (Should make your scroll a bit easier to find, yeah?)
  9. I named mine Gildergreens, after the tree in Skyrim's Whiterun