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  1. Yeah I have the same problem as well. But they are shadowy, so I guess they're not used to being seen so much On a side note, very very happy this year. 2 Ghosts, 2 Pumpkins, 2 Marrows and 2 Zombies. Couldn't have asked for more. Sleep deprived, but happy Now for some sleep ^^
  2. Happy Halloween everyone Caught a marrow and pumpkin! Missed out on them in previous years so I'm very happy! Have 2 lovely zombie dragons too ^^ (the guilt is still there, I'm sorry for hurting you...) This new egg is very cool, I hope I can catch one this year ^^ ty artists and TJ for your hard work
  3. Thanks for the updates I've been using DD for a while and its always a pleasure. I hope you can keep the domain too, chipped in a little to help out
  4. Squee~! My first release! I have one orange and one blue A big thank-you to TJ and the spriters!!! Oh dear TJ's hatchies are sick D: *gives them blankets* Get better soon!
  5. Good luck to all those still collecting! A big thankyou to all the spriters who designed the basket and the lovely eggs, and a thanks to TJ for organising such an enjoyable event. I leave everyone to go wake up the household (my two cats who actually slept last night) and start my day. Hope you get a laugh from the piccy
  6. Would it help if I told you the bunny deserved it? *evil giggle*
  7. 1 to go!!!! *all nighter* I had such a wonderful surprise to go to my scroll while looking for eggs and finding to hatchies all grown up *squee* Now to go get some coffee and a hot cross bunn Lame Joke: What do you get when you pour hot water down a rabbit hole? A hot cross bunny.
  8. or a flashie that cycles through all 38 (so have a static of the basket with the eggs changing inside the handle... or something...) @panic_at_the_disco yeah, after the first egg the basket will pop up
  9. Mybad 2 to go (time well spent! It was definitely worth it!)
  10. yes, some have waited up to an hour after getting all 38. If there is more, someone is keeping very quiet about it *strains ears*
  11. For those who want to see all the eggs / check against the ones they've got / other you can go here: List of Easter Eggs 38 eggs so far, however suprises may be in store... (or not )
  12. Ditto. 3 to go *flits around the pages eagerly awaiting the next egg*
  13. 33 for me (I just found the glass & chain one, its one of my favourites as well)
  14. Anywhere they want, top, bottom, sneakily behind the banner, amongst text, in the middle, behind other easter eggs (hover your mouse over the eggs in a users basket, if it turns into the hand you've found one! I found my swan egg underneath another swan egg this way) so many places to look
  15. In Soviet Russia, the page views you (a lighthearted jest at things seemingly backward. no flames please )
  16. Nope, eggs can appear anywhere within DC. Thats a legit Easter egg hiding on your page
  17. That's an awesome idea! PinchofStardust, you're really powering perhaps TJ had other motives for this event, I've been running around as well
  18. I figured I'd repost this to save people going back through the posts, sorry if its getting repetitive *bows apology* Ein Sylean, whichever DC page you choose to refresh every 12 or so minutes
  19. for now, you can be proud you have them all later... a mystery...
  20. No problem 31/38 ... this is so much fun and so pretty.... I hope we can keep them...
  21. The event started (I'm guessing) when TJ first posted @ 4:PM Apr 4 2010 (if this is based on our timezones just go to page one and check the timestamp on TJ's post) it started then so around 2 days more from there
  22. Is Javascript enabled? Have you tried clearing the cache? There have been some troubles with browsers, have you tried changing them? Has restarting the brower worked? Are you still logged in? I think there is a checklist somewhere, I'll go find it....
  23. *blushes* no problem, really. Im so happy it helped If anyone else needs it, its on page 124