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  1. Then I don't see why not. Will post soon. :3
  2. I'd say it depends on whether Echo feels that his power should be hidden until their more acquainted, or if he feels he has nothing to hide. Unless his power has limits I'm unaware of? (I forgot since we left that part empty.) The latter might be a good idea since Crusher once befriended a Guardian with the same power and he will suspect that the two of them are related somehow. Long story short: He saw this Guardian as one of the really good guys (unless I'm missing part of the story, in which case LLD can correct me). It's really up to you, though. And thanks to ressamp and Dream for le
  3. Irah leaned closer to Sky and whispered, "Do you think that's why Torque left?" A year later and the Whiptail's departure was still fresh in her mind. He seemed angry the morning after the fire broke out and said that he didn't want to wait around for Zeditha's return. Crusher wanted to pity her, he really did, but there was still the possibility that was she lying through her teeth. "Do you remember what he protected you from?" he asked. Zeditha thought for a moment before talking again. "He claimed to be sheltering me from the evil that's been spreading, but I began to suspect that h
  4. Yeah, it would be easier to just say that he can start a flame with a spell or whatever for now, rather than make up a bunch of special properties for said fire. Crusher has a rare form of pyrokinesis, but he's sort of an exception since he's a Magi and it works in tandem with his telekinesis.
  5. I wish I knew how to include him, these inactive periods make it harder for me to bounce back. Plus I've been rather busy this past week but I'll think of something when I get a break.
  6. Most likely spring since there's barely any snow left at Shatterpoint. I meant in the RP, but yeah... I'll wait a while longer for LLD's opinion on Liger. My tired brain can't keep up with how complicated his powers have gotten.
  7. It's not that important so I guess that means you're approved. Now if I could just remember what I was going to post earlier...
  8. (( (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻ ))
  9. LLD's taking too long so I'll go ahead a look at Liger's info again. If I still think something's wrong then it's most likely a quick fix since it looks ready at a glance. Kinda feels like it, I hope ressamp posts soon. Anything helps really, but if you don't know then I'll probably add some more to my post soon which might help. I only stopped there so anyone who wants to chime in has a chance to. Looks about ready, but I should probably mention that the correct age conversion is over at the RP. You can ignore the one that Sharly posted. I also went ahead and correcte
  10. ((Chilicpepper, I don't know if we can accept more players right now. We have 2 other people wanting to join and it's taking longer than if should.)) Zeditha was getting frustrated now and squinted back at Sky like she was going to retaliate. "Now listen here..." she began and tried to stand up, but her legs gave out. It appeared that her injuries combined with Artemis's medicine were making her weak and tired. Zeditha shook her head in an attempt to rid herself of the drowsiness that washed over her and refocus. "I really have no clue what you're talking about, and I don't even know who
  11. AAH I got caught up again! Why does that always happen... Stay tuned...
  12. Oh, ok. If it wasn't for your help then this would take so much longer. Looks like it's almost done now. I hope my post doesn't sound awkward. Sometimes I just can't think of dialog for Crusher. This looks really good with only a few minor spelling errors so it shouldn't take long to get approved once we're done with Captain_Gunzou.
  13. Zeditha's head rose as she coughed and blinked the dust from her eyes. "Where...where am I?" she asked the dragons around her, some of which she recognized. "You're home, at last." answered Crusher, walking up to her. "And you've clearly indicated that we're no longer welcome here. So unless you offer an explanation then it looks like you aren't going anywhere." Zeditha gave him a perplexed look and then–feeling something heavy on her wing–turned to see the boulder pinning it down. "What is the meaning of this!?" she asked angrily and gave a few hard tugs but it was no use, her wing would
  14. If you want. I personally have given up on waiting for people to post regularly, it feels like a waste of time and usually the slow ones suddenly show up when I finally post. I'll have Zeditha wake up tomorrow though if you'd rather wait til then. @LLD You think Liger can get approved now?
  15. "Though the dyke's so full of himself he probably would try to kill anyone with the same name." Hm...you don't say? Crusher thought sarcastically and looked back at Zeditha in anger. Artemis stammered "Umm...it's Artemis, my name." and immediately felt like kicking herself for sounding so awkward. "As for her, well...it's a long story." she continued, her voice sounding bitter towards Zeditha, and understandably so. "Let's just say that she was our friend, but has since had a change of heart." Zeditha then swept her free wing towards her and clenched her claws together. "Oh! Looks
  16. Just letting everyone know that I haven't forgotten and I'll be looking over Skwerl's form when I have time, but I'm waiting for LLD to comment on Captain_Gunzou's and I was getting discouraged when no one else replied in the RP. Hopefully that will change soon. And yes, there's a forest below Shatterpoint.
  17. I know the feel. Srsly guys, we can do better. My next post is gonna be really awkward.
  18. After closing Chrome through task manager I got most of the extensions back. Alientube is the only one still broken though so I guess it's corrupted somehow. Thanks for the tips. True. I figured you could ex out whatever you didn't want, but I see how it could still be overwhelming.
  19. I'm genuinely curious why that is? I always assumed PS was the most versatile. While I'm here... does anyone know what to do when your Chrome extensions are grayed out? I googled the problem but people keep saying it's something that happens when you download them from third-party sites, which I didn't. I tried removing and reinstalling but they still don't work even though they're marked as enabled.
  20. If you use Chrome, there's probably a free extension that you can download that will check for spelling errors. Right now I'm using Grammarly which you can also download on your desktop. I understand why you're feeling frustrated. It might seem like there are too many mistakes or that we're asking for a lot but I can guarantee you that you're almost there, your form looks a lot better already. LLD is right that a lot of what you originally wrote didn't quite make sense and believability is important. Sometimes trimming down a paragraph to the essentials can really help, rather than trying t
  21. "And my name is Crusher, the non-evil one of course." he said with a slight chuckle, hoping that having the same name as everyone's worst nightmare wasn't going to make things awkward between them. Crusher moved a bit to his right so Echo could see Sky and Irah more clearly and pointed a wing in their direction. "This is Sky and Irah. As useless as they may look to you I wouldn't underestimate them. Sky imparticular is an excellent hunter who will probably be bigger than me once he's fully grown." Crusher then continued with a more down-to-earth tone. "And no, we don't kidnap. Most of the hatc
  22. With all the dragons that were released since the chart was made, I think it could use an update. I'm willing to help fix it up if Completely Different doesn't have spare time.
  23. Ok, I made more corrections in bold. Some I missed the first time. His history is still mostly in present tense. You might want to consider using a spell check program, I think you would greatly benefit from it. Also I assume that "leaving the frying pan and entering the oven" is a metaphor?
  24. Ok it's done. And I haven't forgot about Captain_Gunzou, but it's past 4 AM here.
  25. Crusher was at first caught off-guard by the Guardian's submissive stance, but he wasn't so easily fooled and Sky said exactly what he was thinking. "No, leave it." Crusher said bluntly, not wanting anyone to touch that boulder. "And you're right, we should team up regardless. That's been one of our goals for years, to always accept new allies and rescue hatchlings." he explained, "But many perished or have chosen to leave and it would help greatly if you could join us. Just know that the hatchlings are always under my watch in case you decide to lay a claw on any of them." Artemis came o