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  1. I'm glad to see that bright pink dragons have a new identity rather than just being Bright Pink. I wasn't a fan of them before, but that might change now.
  2. I want to make jewellery out of polymer clay and I found a big bag of clay that I bought years ago. Trouble is that most of it is modelling clay and I don't know how to tell it apart from polymer clay since it's all dried out. So maybe someone has tips on how to tell the two apart (texture, smell, etc.)? And that leads to my other question... Someone answered here saying that modelling clay can apparently be used to make molds, but they didn't explain how. I'd like to know how I can do this and what materials I need, or is this completely bogus?
  3. Shatterpoint isn't that high, I imagine it being similar to this. I think I'll leave Crusher til later since Mouse is apparently busy and hopefully Irah's part doesn't sound too rushed. I didn't want to write every detail about how she dug through Zeditha's things.
  4. ((Late again. ><')) Irah came running back up from the lower level with the jewel in her mouth and went into Crusher's chamber. Crusher didn't keep much in there so Irah was able to quickly locate his satchel, the one that once belonged to a Sunstone dragon he became acquainted with. She bent over and slipped the jewel inside, making sure it rested at the bottom before she went around grabbing Crusher's books and packing them on top. "Hello?" She pulled her head out from the satchel and went running over to Mihari. "I'm here!" she exclaimed (even though he didn't call her name) and skidded to a stop. She then noticed something move out of the corner of her eye and looked to her left to see a blue dragon covered in red spots. He appeared to be sleeping against the wall and her eyes became fixated on his spear-like tail. "Any idea who that is?" she asked. ~~~ "Alright then. Let's get you two something to eat." answered Artemis, knowing that the blue hatchling was probably starving. Crusher, however, wanted Artemis to report back to him so she would have to bring the two hatchlings home first before she could hunt or forage. Artemis picked up the blue one first and hoisted her up onto Artemis's shoulder. She then stood up on all fours and gently nudged the egg towards her, hoping she could coax the Royal Crimson out of his shell. "Well? Isn't fire-eyes coming with us?" she said, looking down at him.
  5. ((Sorry I'm late. I'm going to add Crusher's part later tonight tomorrow (dangit).)) When the Royal Crimson began to make choking sounds, Artemis immediately turned the egg's hole away from her to avoid having fire blown at her face again. He then threw up something red hot that hissed and turned a darker color when it landed in the wet sand. Huh, that was odd... thought Artemis. She barely knew anything about Royal Crimsons so she didn't know if this behavior was normal or not. Either way, Crusher would be the one to ultimately decide whether or not they would keep him. The other hatchling then came running up to her who also appeared to have just hatched. This one knew a few words and said something that concerned her. "Did...did you just call me mama?" questioned Artemis, unsure what else to say. She then placed the egg down beside her and wrapped her tail around it so that she could tend to both of them. Seeing how relaxed the little blue one became, Artemis knew she'd have to bring this one home too, but deep down she felt that having two newborns may prove to be too much of a burden for her.
  6. OP updates: New characters have been added. Welcome Captain_Gunzou, skwerl56767, and LeBoringJacques! Also a late welcome back to MyaMouse! Some character forms are now fully listed (cause I don't see the point in shortening them, it doesn't help any). Some are still short because I would otherwise have to scroll through a year's worth of pages to find them (and nobody got time for that). Intro has been slightly reworded to make for easier reading Other minor grammar corrections There are bushes and trees on either side of the cave which is why I included Crusher thinking he heard something in there. He could use that for cover and he wouldn't make a lot noise since he's napping.
  7. ((Actually the conversation is happening outside the cave. Their standing in front of it.))
  8. Artemis jerked her head back and held the egg further away after being startled by the flame. "Well, you certainly are alive!" she said amused. The fact that the newborn could do that so early in his life probably meant that his fire-breathing ability was different from the norm and that it would develop into something much greater. But....what was with his eyes? Was something wrong with him? Even if there was, Artemis wasn't going to throw him into the river in fear that he was a demon. Instead, she held his egg up to the sunlight to examine him further. Some of his scales looked charred, but that was probably caused by him burning himself while remaining cooped up in his egg. "I bet you've taken quite a tumble, but you're safe with me now." she said and cradled him with one arm. Artemis then thought she heard the sound of small feet in the sand and turned to see another hatchling standing a short distance away. Artemis looked around again, expecting to see its parents show up, but this hatchling appeared to be alone as well. "Hello there little one." she called in her usual gentle tone before glancing over at the fallen tree. It bobbed in the water while the current kept it stuck against a rock, the fire extinguished. "Wow. What a day it's been..." she thought.
  9. Oh. I was confused since Artemis just put the fire out.
  10. I'll reply soon, but what's the red expanse that you're referring to?
  11. @ressamp I don't mind if Mihari goes after Artemis. I mean someone outta find Cetn soon but it looks like Skwerl is going to be gone for a few weeks sooooo idk. Just a little warning: A user by the name of Little Lost Dragon might show up and ask you additional questions. Also the clan is going to be moving so you'll probably want to post soon if you want her to be found asap. Otherwise, you can wait until they land to rest somewhere.
  12. "Not much. Zeditha told me a bit about what happened to her while she was awake..." replied Crusher. "...But that's not important right now. Why don't you go look in the cave to see if there's anything you want to bring with you?" Crusher didn't want to give Mihari the brush-off, but he currently had a lot on his mind and felt a bit overwhelmed so he wasn't exactly in the mood for chitchat. He was about to say something else when he heard a loud roar in the distance. It sounded like it came from down by the river and Crusher turned to see a small plume of smoke rise up from that area. "Artemis, would you go check to see what that was and report back to me?" Artemis sighed "Alright..." and headed for the path, taking her time to walk down it while on the lookout. She really didn't want to go, mainly because she didn't want to approach a possible threat on her own, but she wasn't going to say no and potentially put the hatchlings in more danger. On the way down, Artemis came across a junction point and turned left in the direction of the river. There weren't as many trees around here and she could hear rushing water. When she finally reached the riverbank, the sight in front of her wasn't one she expected. A tree had caught fire and had fallen over, lying not far from it was a broken crimson dragon egg with pieces of its shell scattered in the sand. Thankfully the lack of surrounding foliage and the rainy weather they had recently meant that the fire most likely wouldn't spread. Artemis stood still for a few seconds, looking around and listening in case the mother was close by before she ran over to the burning tree and pushed it into the water. "Well, that's that then." she told herself, satisfied with how easy that was. She then approached the egg to check if the baby dragon inside was still alive and hoped that her quick-thinking wasn't for nothing. She sat down and picked it up; "Still warm..." she thought and peered through the hole in its shell.
  13. I know it's silly how long I've been gone. I'll be around tonight though to critique LeBoringJacques character (and maybe post). Edit: Alright, let's do this. Really good start, but if she can hear everything within a kilometre radius then I'd imagine it would be pretty distracting rather than helpful. You should probably explain it further, like maybe she can tune out the noise she doesn't want to hear, or her enhanced hearing has to be "activated" somehow when she wants to use it.
  14. I had another idea of what Mihari could do. Seeing as Crusher hasn't noticed Cetn, maybe Mihari could explore a bit and find Cetn sleeping in the bushes by the cave. I'll post as soon as I can, though I was kinda expecting Mouse to post before me.
  15. This is the latest: Maybe he could go inside and eavesdrop on Sky and Irah?
  16. "I think so. I suspected that she might have been sent by someone, and that certainly seems to be the case." replied Crusher. It seemed obvious who that 'someone' was, but Crusher had his doubts. Was Zeditha crazy enough to take orders from him, or even possessed somehow? If it was the latter, the fact that his counterpart could do that was news to him. He didn't even seem like the type to bother with having minions, but then again, he may very well see the value and entertainment in using them as pawns. "But whether that's true or not isn't important right now. I've decided that this place is no longer safe, and we'll be leaving here as soon as we can. You can join us if you'd like, but our destination is very far away." warned Crusher. "To answer your last question, I asked because I once knew a Guardian who had geokinesis. I'll share the details once we're on our way." Crusher thought he heard something leap in the bushes, but it was probably just a forest critter so he ignored it. ~~~ "Right. Or until we've settled in the desert." said Irah, knowing she probably couldn't keep it a secret for too long. She smiled and took another bite of the trout before saying "Wait here." with a full mouth and ran off to fetch the jewel. Quinn appeared to be sleeping a few metres away from them, but she had been secretly listening in on their conversation. She now had her eyes open and watched Irah to see where she was going. ((Of course I don't want to completely ignore Cetn, but I don't know what else to add at the moment.))
  17. I know I've been gone quite a while. I'll see what I can do tomorrow. @LLD So can we approve Liger now or...?
  18. I may or may not have ADD, I'm going to get tested next month to find out. If the diagnosis says yes then that would explain the symptoms I've been experiencing most of my life, mainly those moments where I can't seem to get motivated to do anything.
  19. Well, I'm also not posting due to an art project and I don't think there's that much you need to catch up on. You could have Mihari react to what Crusher and Echo have been discussing since he's standing right there, maybe even comment on the fact that Zeditha just fell asleep.
  20. Maybe I should have run it by you first, but I promise that I'm not assigning him a power out of nowhere and that there will be a good explanation for it.
  21. Echo's response suggested that his mind may be troubled and Crusher didn't want to deal with another lunatic, but Echo seemed noble and didn't appear to be a real threat. That combined with what he had just demonstrated meant that Crusher was going to give him a chance. "Alright, don't hurt yourself. I guess I was overly hopeful." said Crusher, sounding a bit disappointed. He looked over at Zeditha who appeared to care more about sleeping rather than being freed. "I'm sorry you had to witness this, Echo. She returned to us today after going missing, but her intentions were to deliver a message and attack my friend so I wanted to find out what motivated her." he explained. Artemis nodded and spun around to show the scratches on her backside to prove it. ~~~ Irah followed Sky inside and began to munch on a trout beside him. He probably knew her so well that he could tell when there was some serious planning going on and she giggled when he called her out on it. "Oh, well I was just thinking about how I could hide the jewel in dad's stuff, so he'll be carrying it without knowing." Crusher was probably going to take some of his books with him as the clan headed south and she could sneak their treasure into his bag before they left. She would tell Crusher about it eventually, but for now, Irah thought it would be fun to see how long the two of them could keep it hidden and wanted to see whether or not Crusher would find it.
  22. Pyrokinesis is fine, but raining fire/meteor shower sounds too god-like in my opinion. Is there a reason you aren't posting, skwerl? I hope this is ok with you. I thought it would make things more interesting and would sort of compensate for the lack of evil characters besides him.
  23. That's essentially my plan. Zeditha was one of his henchmen, but then tried to escape when she began to have doubts and suspected that he was hiding his true nature. EC then forced her to attack the clan against her will. More on that later...
  24. "Then let's go get something to eat and prepare to leave. We were told to go inside anyway." Irah said quietly. She was also beginning to feel hunger pangs, but her mind was more focused on where she was going to hide the jewel next. She didn't even notice that Echo was able to lift the boulder a few inches off the ground without touching it. Crusher pulled back when Echo lifted it off the ground with his geokinetic power and pulled it towards himself before dropping it. "Um...thanks." said Crusher, somewhat baffled by what he just witnessed. Having that kind of psychic power was unusual for a Guardian....or was it? An image flashed in his mind of another Guardian he once knew where the stones on the ground vibrated in his presence. What was his name again? "Say, Echo...Have you ever met another Guardian who can do that?" he asked. ((Might add more to this later if no one replies soon. I'm kind of in a rush.))