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  1. "If you've hurt yourself then I can tend to it once we reach my cave. We're almost there." assured Artemis after hearing what sounded like Liger biting his tongue. She cleared her throat and trotted over from behind who she was pretty certain was a Spirit Ward dragon. "Um excuse me." she said softly, not wanting to startle him. "Where are you going?"
  2. So Crusher doesn't know how EC initially showed up or how he keeps appearing. Ok, got it. I already figured out that he's his inner demon made physical as you put it. It's an interesting story, but I feel that it could be even more interesting if it was explained how Crusher was "split" into two and I already have an idea to pitch if I may. To everyone: Yes I will post tomorrow. I'm currently trying to juggle errands, art, and free time without making everyone wait for too long. A good start but his ability to turn into ash sounds overpowered if he can do it whenever he wants.
  3. That's very complicated. I'm trying to wrap my head around it. Didn't you say you wanted to write his origin story as the epilogue? I'm asking because I have an idea where Crusher eventually confesses to everyone about how he knows so much about their nemesis of the same name. Kinda need your approval though.
  4. "There's one other hatchling whose still very young, but you two will be the youngest of all of them." replied Artemis. She quickly got to the top of the slope and hopped over a large tree root poking out of the ground. It was going to be a bumpy ride for her newfound friends, but her mane and antlers were perfect for grabbing onto in case they ever felt they were losing their balance. Soon, Artemis came to the familiar junction point and turned right, which led straight up to the mountains peaked. She slowed down and she began to make another steep climb, feeling thankful that someone h
  5. Didn't mean to ignore you Dream. ^^' I was just waiting for Skwerl at the time and didn't know what else to do. I'll post tomorrow during my free time. @XoeJane lol I thought so, no worries. @little lost dragon Do you remember if it was ever explained how EC came about? Or did he just kinda show up when you decided to bring him back?
  6. Before I post I should mention that it's currently noon. Also I thought Lucius is a mature hatchling? Edit: Also make sure to use past-tense.
  7. Oh ok. Just be aware that because this isn't a Dragon Riders roleplay some things like hatchling development will be a little different. I'll go edit my post now.
  8. We'll probably skip ahead soon seeing as we just lost 2 people, but you can start now if you'd like. It's up to you. What do you guys think? Should we do a timeskip to when the clan arrives in the desert? Or maybe they can be half-way there and have stopped somewhere to rest for the night. Either way, I'd like to catch up with Artemis first but that shouldn't take long.
  9. Excellent, I'll add it to the OP. You are... :3 I know you edited your post and I know you're probably tired of waiting so I'm sorry but I have to ask. Don't you think it's a little odd that Liger knows what happened even though he hadn't even hatched? Like he comments about how someone shot flames at him and he heard the clanging of metal, but he didn't actually see it all go down and probably wouldn't know what those things are. I don't mind if you use 'parents spoke to him' as an explanation or whatever, but I just wanted to check since it sounds kinda sudden the w
  10. "Irah, let him be." called Crusher. "I have no quarrels if all he wants to do is sleep, but you know how I feel about you approaching strangers at a time like this. " Irah turned to look at Crusher and stepped away from the Bleeding Moon dragon. She hadn't understood what exactly their uninvited guest had said, but he definitely didn't seem like he was there to cause trouble. "Sorry..." she said quietly, "I was just making sure..." Crusher approached them and smirked at Irah's protective nature. "That's alright. You were trying to guard the cave while I wasn't here, but next time y
  11. Nice to see you both! I'll make sure to post tonight. Can you go explain a bit about how his power works? Like maybe the intensity of the glow indicates how well he can dispel evil spirits, or maybe it only works at night.
  12. Like I said higher up, could you try to fit more in your post? 1 sentence doesn't give me much to reply to.
  13. Hm... No response from LeBoringJacques, Captain_Gunzou, or ressamp. That's a little discouraging.
  14. Irah wasn't happy with the answer she got. "But...are you allowed in here? Have you met Crusher?" she asked, tapping his shoulder again. ~~~ Crusher was completely silent as he watched Artemis leave. He then sighed and brought a claw to his head as he wondered how he would get everyone safely to the desert. He was too distracted to further address Echo until they were approached by tired looking Bleeding Moon dragon who briefly muttered something before promptly entering the cave. "Did you just see that?" Crusher asked Echo in disbelief. "He's got some nerve to just walk into some
  15. Oh....well you tried. :/ Thanks for letting us know and hope you have better luck with summer school.
  16. Thank you, very informative. The polymer clay is either Fimo or Sculpey, but I don't think there's any way of telling since I don't have the original plastic it came with. I bought more Sculpey though so I'll probably play around with comparing the new and the old and see what comes of it.
  17. Wow ok, that was a huge jump from just hatching to speaking full sentences. And each post should be a minimum of 4 sentences so please try to stick to that. I'll post as Crusher tomorrow since I feel I waited long enough for Mouse, and I might do something with Quinn as well. For those of you who don't know, she's a very minor character who I rarely use. I only keep her around for the sake of the plot.
  18. Artemis looked back to make sure the Royal Crimson was ready to go before she walked towards the path, going slow at first so that they could get used to it. The Soulpeace's claws were sharp and dug into her scales but she didn't mind as long as the Soulpeace was comfortable and she thought it was cute when she apologised. "That's alright, little one." she said with a slight chuckle. "I think I'll call you Ranu from now on; I like the sound of that." she decided and smiled at the fact that she had already thought of a name for her. It might take Artemis a while longer to think of one for the c
  19. I haven't played it in a while, but Zoo Tycoon 1 always got my attention. Zoo Tycoon 2 was ok but my old computer had issues running it and there were a few changes that I didn't like. It's too bad that Microsoft didn't continue with the series after Blue Fang Games was shut down (except for that Xbone game which doesn't look nearly as good).
  20. Ah, ok. Since it's taking so long I'll just go ahead with Irah. @LeBoringJacques Artemis is a Shimmer-scale so she doesn't have wings. Edit: Hope you don't mind that Artemis sorta took credit for the name.
  21. I might have come across as a hypocrite since I was waiting too after I PM'd ressamp and Dream and was hoping one of them would post before me.
  22. "Wow, that was unexpected." said Artemis, having never seen a hatchling make that big of a sneeze before. However, Artemis let herself relax when he rose from the shell pieces unharmed and watched as he attempted to walk towards her. "It's okay, it just takes some practice." she reassured him even though he probably didn't understand her completely. She then carefully kneeled down so that it would be easier for him to climb onto her back and join the other hatchling.
  23. Ok, who else is waiting? It appears we're having another lull and there haven't been very many posts in the last month. It would be nice if yall can try to post at least once every few days so that no one gets stuck in limbo. If you can't for whatever reason then please let us know (thank you MyaMouse) otherwise, you risk your character getting killed. This has been a friendly reminder from your neighbourhood RP addict.