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  1. What does Cetn think of the mana crystal? Does he know what it is or what to do with it?
  2. XoeJane told me that she was in Alaska but returned a few days ago so I don't know why she isn't posting. I also don't mind it being just the two of us, but I think it would be even better if Little Lost Dragon was in as well... I don't know when he'll return though if ever which is too bad because he's one of the few people on DC who won't disappear without saying something.
  3. Well it looks like this is dieing (again...) and it dosn't help that I've got a new job to top my insomnia. I'll try to post something tomorrow but it's really discouraging when this happens.
  4. ((Looks like I might need to poke XoeJane.))
  5. ((I forgot to post... weird.)) Ranu backed away and cocked her head to one side when Liger told her to stop. She then stretched her front legs out and rested her head on Artemis's mane, staring at Liger with big playful eyes. She was clearly comfortable with Liger and was happy to be accompanied by another hatchling. ~~~ "Oh yeah, he's got lots of books. He found most of them further down in this cave." replied Irah, happy to talk about her father's interests. "They're mostly about magic spells and animals that live on the mountain. I think someone went to the trouble of studying them." Crusher then came out of his chamber with a brown satchel around his neck. Had he taken longer, Irah surely would've rambled on. "Here, take this." said Crusher as he used his telekinesis to lift an Ice mana crystal out of his satchel and placed it in front Cetn. "Mihari has been collecting these. It should give you enough energy before we stop to rest for the night."
  6. Cheese, Papers, and dinos fall under joke, my apologies for the confusion. Perhaps "joke" isn't the correct word. I don't think you need to completely revise it. For example, he could still be raised by a wizard who granted him with the ability to shapeshift, and his personality could mostly remain the same minus how easily weakened he is by stormy weather. But like I said, me and Little Lost Dragon might be willing to compromise if your dead set on RPing a Paper. Plus, I only consider it a waste of time when people show interest and then only post a few times before disappearing, but we're just getting started.
  7. I think so? Not quite sure what you mean by "older self" seeing as Crusher used to be evil. I don't think this is going to work seeing as Papers are on the list of dragons that aren't allowed, but if you really want to RP a Paper dragon then maybe we can work something out. And this isn't that important, but we don't use the age conversion made by Sharlykng. Mature hatchlings are 4 to 10 years old.
  8. "Good. I'll explain soon, but we need to get going." Crusher said with urgency. He looked down at Mihari and asked "Have you decided what you want to bring? Mihari seemed to have trouble speaking in front of the new dragon and just nodded shyly. That was when Irah approached Crusher again and announced "Father, I packed your books for you." Crusher looked over at Irah and smiled. "Excellent! That will save us some time. I don't want to leave without Artemis, however. She should be back any minute now." Crusher's expression of gratitude quickly changed to one of concern when he realized that Artemis had been gone longer than he anticipated. He had hoped that she would immediately return after finding out what the commotion was down by the river, but he tried not to worry about it too much. After a brief pause, he said "If you excuse me, I need to go grab my things." before turning away from the group and heading for his chamber. Irah met Cetn's gaze and shrugged. Crusher was clearly troubled by something and he wasn't very good at hiding it. ~~~ Ranu watched as Liger's spiky red tail swung like a pendulum. She then reached down and began to bat at it playfully. ((Thought I'd take over Ranu since Jacques disappeared.))
  9. ((Um, okay a few things. Please read the rules before posting and use brackets [] () when posting OOC. I hope this doesn't come across as rude, but if you actually read the first page then you'd know. Hey gang, I'll be posting tonight. Edit: Oops, gotta postpone. I hope I'm not being too slow.))
  10. Please excuse my short post. I've been really tired and I can't seem to shake it. Yes you post your form here. You only have to read the last few pages to get an idea of whats going on. We don't expect you to them all. I can also give you a recap of recent events if you still don't know how to start.
  11. Cayhatpekn? Hm...interesting name. thought Crusher. "You can come, as long as you don't try to pick a fight with anyone." he replied. "I know that probably sounds obvious, but it's been a recurring issue for us. I don't suppose you've run into anyone acting...strange?" Crusher was curious about what Cetn might know about his enemy, if anything, but he hesitated to bring up the topic after having just met him. ~~~ "Um yeah, you know...The one who our clan trusts to make the big decisions." said Artemis. "But why are you doing that? Are you hurt?" she asked attentively, not knowing why he'd fallen again.
  12. Aw shoot. Thanks for RPing with us.
  13. "They are now." replied Artemis followed by a chuckle. "I found them abandoned by a river so I wasn't just going to leave them there." Liger was snoring up a storm now, but Artemis didn't find it distracting. Rather, she was much more distracted by the fact that Lucius's body began to glow. "Oh, how beautiful! But I suppose I shouldn't expect anything less from your kind." she complimented. "Anyway... we should get going. The clan leader is probably wondering what's taking me so long."
  14. Ok I just posted and you all probably noticed that I'm RPing Mihari now. Gee, I wonder why? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ OP Updates: Added Lucius to characters. Welcome, XoeJane! Added the 4 sentence rule Added RP's current time of day since there was some confusion about that.
  15. ((No prob. I've been feeling stuck lately also. I'll post soon once I'm done with work.)) "That's right, we're going to the eastern desert. It's a long flight, but we'll stop to rest along the way if you'd like to join us." Crusher thought that perhaps he could try to persuade him to join them if he had second thoughts. A Bleeding Moon dragon could prove to be a strong fighter so long as they weren't too easily duped by the enemy like Zeditha had been. "But where are my manners? My name is Crusher and this is Mihari. The Copper hatchling you saw earlier is my daughter, Irah. "Um...hi." Mihari said shyly. ~~~ "I guess I better not play any tricks then." she said with a smile. Artemis wasn't really intimidated by the thought of Vampire dragon coming after her (well...except for one in particular) but she would play along with it if it meant that the Spirit Ward hatchling felt safe being around her. "My name is Artemis by the way, and the two youngsters on my back are Liger and Ranu." she introduced.
  16. Years ago: It was midnight and Crusher went out into the woods alone while the others in the clan were asleep. He was about to perform an ancient spell that was said to help enhance a magic user's abilities, but it's rarely done successfully and the spell is said to potentially bring dire consequences if it fails. So magicians are against using this spell, saying that it isn't worth the risk. (Maybe Crusher learns this from a book?) Thinking 'What's the worst that could happen?' Crusher decided to do it anyway. I thought this might fit Crusher's story, seeing as he wasn't a Magi to begin with and would most likely want to possess the powers that Magi's are known for but that he lacks (like teleportation). So I guess you could say that he makes an impulsive decision and he ends up paying big time. As for the spell, Crusher begins by drawing a large circle in the soil with various runes or sigils around it. He then draws an inner circle with a pentagram or other magical symbol in the middle that acts as a sort of door that lets him summon EC on accident. Crusher would also place various ingredients at each corner. I'm thinking dragon bones and Magi mana could be 2 of them. And I actually had an idea for what type of runes he could use but I forgot.
  17. The clay I bought is Sculpey III and so far I haven't had a problem with baking really small pieces in the oven, but I'll keep the brittleness in mind. I also just recently bought Sculpey bake-and-bend to try out an idea I had that involves wrapping it around a gemstone after baking, but it's a little harder to work with it being so soft. My local art store only carries Sculpey and the other types are harder to find, so any resources you have regarding those are appreciated.
  18. Artemis didn't know what to do when the Spirit Ward snapped at her before turning away and falling over. "I...I don't mean to bite, it's just that I rarely see anyone else around here." she said as she looked worriedly down at the small dragon on the ground. He was clearly in distress and Artemis wasn't the type to pass up the chance to offer help, whether he wanted it or not. "My home is just around the corner and I doubt my friends will mind if you pay a visit. So, if you need anything..." she hesitated.
  19. "If you've hurt yourself then I can tend to it once we reach my cave. We're almost there." assured Artemis after hearing what sounded like Liger biting his tongue. She cleared her throat and trotted over from behind who she was pretty certain was a Spirit Ward dragon. "Um excuse me." she said softly, not wanting to startle him. "Where are you going?"
  20. So Crusher doesn't know how EC initially showed up or how he keeps appearing. Ok, got it. I already figured out that he's his inner demon made physical as you put it. It's an interesting story, but I feel that it could be even more interesting if it was explained how Crusher was "split" into two and I already have an idea to pitch if I may. To everyone: Yes I will post tomorrow. I'm currently trying to juggle errands, art, and free time without making everyone wait for too long. A good start but his ability to turn into ash sounds overpowered if he can do it whenever he wants. That would mean that he'd be invincible during battle since he can just turn to ash to avoid being hit, with there only be consequences if his ashes are spread. I suggest that you add limits like what circumstances allow him to use his power and how often. Or maybe think of what other weaknesses he might have.
  21. That's very complicated. I'm trying to wrap my head around it. Didn't you say you wanted to write his origin story as the epilogue? I'm asking because I have an idea where Crusher eventually confesses to everyone about how he knows so much about their nemesis of the same name. Kinda need your approval though.
  22. "There's one other hatchling whose still very young, but you two will be the youngest of all of them." replied Artemis. She quickly got to the top of the slope and hopped over a large tree root poking out of the ground. It was going to be a bumpy ride for her newfound friends, but her mane and antlers were perfect for grabbing onto in case they ever felt they were losing their balance. Soon, Artemis came to the familiar junction point and turned right, which led straight up to the mountains peaked. She slowed down and she began to make another steep climb, feeling thankful that someone had even gone to the trouble of clearing a path in the first place. It wasn't perfect however, and she had gotten some twigs snagged in her antlers after having to duck under a low-hanging Oak tree. "Everything alright back there?" asked Artemis as they neared flatter terrain. The rest of their walk would be smooth sailing from here and she could see someone up ahead. They appeared to be headed for the cave as well, but it wasn't someone she recognised. She quickened her pace so she could catch up to them, not caring if they heard her approach from behind. ~~~ "I'm moving out today, so no I don't mind. But there's a Nhiostrife sleeping outside who I don't think is leaving anytime soon, and she can put up quite a fight." Crusher said, knowing that the Bleeding Moon was most likely too tired to even notice her. "There's also a Brute who barged in here not long ago. He went down to one of the lower chambers, but I wouldn't go looking for him if I were you." Irah went back over to the food pile and sat down, sighing. She then got the feeling that she was being watched and looked over at Quinn who was still sitting there, staring at her. "You two are up to something." Quinn said accusingly. Quinn didn't speak much and she usually did so telepathically so she must have been very curious about what Sky and Irah were up to.
  23. Didn't mean to ignore you Dream. ^^' I was just waiting for Skwerl at the time and didn't know what else to do. I'll post tomorrow during my free time. @XoeJane lol I thought so, no worries. @little lost dragon Do you remember if it was ever explained how EC came about? Or did he just kinda show up when you decided to bring him back?
  24. Before I post I should mention that it's currently noon. Also I thought Lucius is a mature hatchling? Edit: Also make sure to use past-tense.