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  1. Mihari was the one that wanted to bring the ice mana whereas Irah just hid the scale.
  2. Looks like Evesthery can't be bothered to read the rules and I'm tired of reminding people to post in this thread first. So I think I'm just going to not say anything to her, it isn't worth my time. @Captain_Gunzou The glow came from a jewel that Irah found and hid in Crusher's satchel and I already planned the story behind it with the other players. (It's actually a scale from an Avatar of Change.) It was before you joined so I guess I should've told you about it, but I didn't think you'd make up a whole story about what it was when I vaguely mentioned it. So, I'd appreciate if you di
  3. Crusher knew enough about Bleeding Moon dragons to know that the red spots on their back reacted to the sun, but Cetn appeared to be a unique case. "Hm, I see. Well, I'm sure Artemis could prepare some medicine for that if you asked her. She knows quite a bit about using herbs and whatnot." he commented. "Oh right, breakfast... I almost forgot." They should definitely eat something before heading for the desert, not doing so could be dangerous. He looked around to see if anyone else would be interested in hunting with him and realised that something, or rather, someone was missing... Two
  4. Ranu did a complete circle around Liger, looking closely at how clean he was now. His scales sure looked a lot better, but he didn't sound very happy. And like Irah, his eyes said that something bad had happened. Ranu then thought that maybe she could make him feel better the only way she knew how. She crouched down then pounced onto him, hoping that playing rough would cheer him up.
  5. ((Crusher actually doesn't use telepathy very often, but he's a chatty fellow. Quinn is the only one who uses it almost all the time.)) Irah was still lying with her wings over her head when Cetn bumped into her. "It's fine..." she mumbled and stood up, brushing off pieces of grass that stuck to her midsection. Artemis was barely awake and hadn't noticed that Liger was gone for a short time. "Good morning...!" she yawned and immediately began preening her scales, preparing herself for the day ahead. Quinn sat behind Artemis to shield herself from the bright rays that shone throu
  6. Wait so Cetn has orange scales? Or is that just what happens when he's in the sun for too long?
  7. Crusher had been sleeping under a low hanging tree, the tips of his wings gently rustling the branches as he began to stir. His green eyes then fluttered open and he raised his head to survey the group laying around what was left of the campfire he had built. Liger was already awake while everyone else appeared to still be sleeping. "Good morning everyone, it's time to rise and shine. We have a big day ahead of us." he announced, sounding hopeful for what the day would bring. He then stretched his front legs out—his sharp claws digging into the grass—and yawned with his jaws wide open. Ra
  8. Ok, I added something that should get the ball rolling. Edit: I think Captain_Gunzou just beat me to it so I'll make a new post instead.
  9. Unfortunately, it's just you, me, and Captain_Gunzou until SaphireKat gets approved, and Gunzou said he was stuck. :/ I guess I'll have to think of something...
  10. Ok, I'm going to wait to see if LLD has anything else to say before approving, but I won't make you wait too long. @skwerl56767 If you're stuck then I think everyone would prefer you say something here. Otherwise, it's easy to assume you've left and I can possibly help.
  11. Sorry I almost forgot about you SaphireKat! I have a small suggestion for his power. What if it involves summoning a 'field' around him, kind of like the Chrono Xenowyrm? Then whose ever close enough to him will be frozen in time without them noticing. After a few seconds it will dissipate, but can be summoned again with the possible consequences that you mentioned.
  12. I didn't have time to recap all my characters, but I wrote a bittersweet goodbye between Irah and Sky so I thought I might as well post it. It's not great, but I thought their relationship deserved something more than 'he's gone omg'. So feel free to fill in more detail since I barely touch on where their sleeping and what the area looks like.
  13. Crusher and Artemis exchanged looks of surprise. If what Liger was saying was true then it was all the more reason to leave, even if some of the details were vague. "I guess I'll go gather everyone," Crusher said flatly. "Irah, Mihari, and Quinn will ride with me. I'm sure you'll be keeping a close eye on those two little ones." The next day... Ranu blinked the blurriness from her eyes and looked around. The clan had spent the night in the forest in an area surrounded by thick bushes and Ranu was one of the first to wake up. Everyone was in a circle with a campfire in the middle, but th
  14. Irah sighed. "Quinn, I told you that it isn't nice to stare. You made Cetn uncomfortable." "Sorry. I really like those crystals." Quinn said blatantly. "Yes I know, but you need to try to make good first impressions or you'll have a hard time making friends." said Irah like an older sister would. After watching Cetn make a fool of himself, Sky slithered over to the entrance and looked outside to see what Crusher was up. He was chatting with Artemis who had returned with not one, but two little hatchlings! Of course she found more of them... he thought gloomily and felt that familia
  15. It hasn't happened yet. I'll probably start it once Captain_Gunzou replies.
  16. Artemis kept trekking along seeing as Lucius was reluctant to tell her why he kept falling. Soon the path led them out of the dense trees and she saw Crusher looking down at her from the peak. She smiled back and called over to him. "Sorry I took so long! I got distracted when I found these two hatchlings by the river." Crusher walked over to meet her and eyed the little dragons on her back. The Royal Crimson hatchling had strange looking eyes that resembled fire and the small blue hatchling appeared very fragile with big cat-like ears. Crusher didn't know what type of dragon the blue one w
  17. Captain_Gunzou, I've actually been thinking of having Ranu die. The reasons being that I feel like I currently have too many characters to maintain and I'd rather RP a new character that's mine to begin with rather than take someone else's. If you really want me to keep Ranu then I will, but there are other hatchlings that Liger can bond with.
  18. Pretty much. I thought we could skip to them having stopped somewhere in the forest to rest and I have a plan for what will happen after that. I've discussed this with LLD since Crusher is his character and Crusher chose the desert as their getaway for a very specific reason. Things are going to get interesting to say the least.
  19. Have (both ER): 2nd gen Silver Lunar from Gaia: 2nd gen Silver Lunar from Blue Lunar: Want: Offers? See wishlist on my profile for what I'll auto-accept. PM offers please Can also trade both depending on the offer
  20. Thanks for the help everyone, but it turns out my phone isn't compatible. Wasn't expecting it to be free though, that's pretty cool. Oh well, maybe I'll try Ingress.
  21. ((Hi Crystals, I can give you a brief recap on what's going on in the OOC thread if you'd like.))
  22. I guess we could do that. I just thought it might be weird to continue from where we are, now that the mundanes for Echo, Sky, and Lucius are gone.
  23. Would you guys recommend PoGo to someone who's never played Pokemon and knows almost nothing about it? The only Pokemon I've actually played was Pokemon Stadium years ago, aside from fooling around on a friend's Gameboy. And I'm not sure if I'd want to keep walking around town just to keep up with competition, but it looks like it might be fun to play casually.