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  1. ((They're actually talking out loud since Crusher struggles with telepathy and he doesn't look very young partially due to his scars.))


    Crusher was somewhat taken aback by the Brute's reaction, having expected something more sinister in nature. He cleared his throat. "I hope we're not intruding anything, we've only come to fish," he said, his eyes examining the Brute dragon. "We're also hoping to find a hatchling who wandered off. Have you seen a Guardian anywhere around here?"

  2. Yes, Eternal is...

    user posted image




    Edit: I somehow accidently deleted this.

    You should probably start in the forest since that's where everyone is right now. We just haven't decided where they are exactly on the map.


    @Captain_Gunzou Sorry but if you don't use spell check then I can't help you because I don't understand most of what you're saying at this point.

  3. Of course as soon as I bump the RP I get wound up in something else and start feeling like crap to top it off. sleep.gif


    LLD is right, Captain_Gunzou. Even though I suggested you could introduce his backstory I didn't think you would try to start an entire sub-plot without letting anyone know. I'll list out the suggestions that we've made so far in case you're confused. Anyone is free to chime in if I'm missing something.

    • Have it so that the rubies are glowing because of magic passed down from Liger's mother. No stones can predict anyone's future.
    • Refrain from having his siblings be 'special' colors.
    • Please consider using a spell checker.
    • If his siblings are going to be dead anyway (besides his twin) then don't go to the trouble of explaining their powers. If you must, at least try to provide an explanation for why they're different.
    Are you opposed to any of this?

    Oh, and I just had an idea... IF Liger's step brother somehow gets involved, then maybe it turns out he's a Dark Green dragon since he can control plants (AKA his leafy appendages tongue.gif).


    @Dusky_Flareon Alright, you're good to go. smile.gif

  4. I mentioned the powers due to what's going on right now to set how her family works as opposed to Liger's situation. And I'm not having them show up unless people want.


    As for Expunge, since we aren't strictly following Valkemarian lore... here, I'd say that it's a spell to send the soul to the afterlife, magically "keyed" to only work on undead breeds or ghosts. It depends on the power level what can be sent to the afterlife, though. Most Soulpeace can send zombies or zombies and a low chance of ghosts to the afterlife.

    Yeah, ok. I can see how that wouldn't exactly work on Vampires (since I'm pretty sure their only partially dead) so maybe if it were successful on a Vampire it would only revert them back to their original breed?


    One last question: You say that her magic takes a day to replenish, so does that also apply to her expunge spell? Or is that different from dream walking?

  5. Crusher let Cetn go ahead of him before pushing another large bush aside, revealing himself to the dragon by the river. Oh great, another Brute... he thought sarcastically. Brute dragons had a reputation of being aggressive thugs and that wasn't a challenge that Crusher wanted to take on right now. At least this one appeared to be an adolescent.

    "Irah, stay back," he whispered while glancing back at her. "I'll let you know when it's safe to come out." He then turned to look at the Brute again and put on a fake smile in a quick attempt to look non-menacing.


    He would've spoken to Irah telepathically if he was able, but telepathy was something that he never quite grasped since he had been busy directing his magic energy elsewhere over the years.




    Artemis stood in confusion for a moment when Ranu fretted about a 'big dragon' and spoke gibberish before running behind her. "Ranu, is this about Liger?" she asked, completely unaware of what Ranu was so worried about. She turned around to look at Liger and Ranu side by side and let out a sigh of frustration. "Like I said, Liger is unwell so you need to find something else to do."

    Artemis then carefully picked up Ranu in her jaws and walked over to where Quinn was sitting before placing Ranu on the ground. "Quinn, I'd appreciate if you could keep Ranu occupied while I tend to Liger."


    Quinn only glanced briefly at Ranu before looking at the ground and running a claw through the grass. "Um okay, whatever..." she said, knowing she didn't have much of a choice.

  6. Just curious Dusky_Flareon, why did you write about her family and their powers? Do you plan on introducing any of them at some point?

    Edit: Nevermind, I just saw the part where you mentioned that. It would be helpful if you explained how the expunge power works; how she "lifts the curse" so to speak.


    And while most DC rules apply, I should mention that the RP was created long before Valkemare lore was put in place so there's only one moon instead of two.

  7. Gunzou, see my other post. And adding to what Skwerl said, you keep saying they're "Gemini" twins which I don't get. Unless of course, you just mean that they were both born sometime between late May and late June.


    I'll post tomorrow to get things moving again, but I'm not doing anything with Artemis just yet.


    Looks interesting, may I join? Hope my form looks good, and hope I balanced out her power.


    Username: Dusky_Flareon

    Name: Eternal Peace

    Gender: Female

    Type/Breed:  Soulpeace

    Power: Can walk in dreams. If a dragon is dreaming nearby, she can enter their dreams... physically. As a result, she can be trapped in the dreams, killed in the dreams, or injured. Any injury stays on her when she returns to the waking world. She can't completely change a dream world either - the rules of reality still apply to her in dreams, unless the dream's fundamental physics violate reality's physics somehow, then she is bound to the fundamental physics of the dream. EG: no magic in the dream neans she cannot use her magic, etc. She is forcibly ejected from a dream world if the dreamer wakes up in a magicless dream, otherwise she has to exit the dream or be erased when the dreamer awakens.

    Personality: Eternal Peace is a unusually calm dragonling. She is extremely serious, and highly aware of deadlines that may crop up. She also keeps an eye on her surroundings, a learned habit from dreamwalking and hunting. She acts indifferent towards families or hatchlings motivated by something their family did, but in reality she is searching for her family.

    Appearance: Your average female Soulpeace matured hatchling, except the her horns and feathers are silver in colour.

    Age/Stage: Matured hatchling.

    History: Her past is shrouded in mystery, and she won't talk about it.


    OOC past info- On a night where both moons were full, she was born to the seventh daughter of a seventh daughter, as the female Candlelabra's lone Soulpeace child and seventh daughter. From the day she was born, she displayed dream-walking abilities, spontaneously popping in and out of her family's dreams.

    She lived a normal life with her family until the day they disappeared into the night and the mist - but she didn't know that. She thought she'd gotten lost. Whatever the case, she took to a new life in the forest, hunting under moonlight for plants and animals alike. She often went through other dragons' dreams, looking for her parents' dreams to find them. This dreamwalking also gave her practice with her powers, and she learned about certain restrictions from a passerby Lumina with the same ability.

    Some years later, she would stumble into the small group...


    Being a 7th daughter of a 7th daughter of a 7th daughter gave her these dreamwalking abilitues - her mother also has (weaker) powers of a different type, but Eternal Peace's family won't appear unless people want it to happen. Her six sisters are all Candlelabras like their mother, and her brother is a Soulpeace like the father. The father's Expunge works on both zombies and ghosts, plus maaaybe Vampires? However, his Expunge has a 95% chance to fail on Vamps due to stronger soul-body bond (if it's even allowed to work on Vampires), and his Expunge takes 20 RP days to cool down. EP herself will have normal Expunge with 18 RP days cooldown when she grows up, but I'd like her to stay a hatchie unless 3 years+ pass in the RP world. Her mother's power is pyromancy and setting fires, but she can only set red fires (red=coolest colour of fire) and her fires can spread up to 0.5 km in diameter (there are wildfires that spread hundreds of kilometers...). Her siblings are all older, and the Soulpeace brother has the same type of Expunge as his father, except it cannot affect Vampires.

    Extra: Her Expunge can't be used yet. She may only use it once fully grown. Is mostly active at night, dawn, and dusk.


    Edit: I cannot type.


    Much better. smile.gif However, I don't understand how her power could be of any use. What does she gain from being in someone's dream? I'd imagine she wouldn't want to do that at all if she could potentially die from it. Plus, the part where you say she can physically enter dreams doesn't really make sense. Like, she just poofs from reality and into someone's head?

    I think Eternal would have a better chance of being approved if her power was changed slightly. Like maybe she can be in other dragons dreams while she's asleep and can interact with them, but she doesn't actually go anywhere.


    What do you think LLD?

  8. I'd rather not post in the RP until we've got this magical stone thing figured out.

    @Captain_Gunzou I also agree with Skwerl. The whole story feels overly complicated. If you must get glowing rubies involved then it would be a lot less confusing for everyone if it was just hereditary magic from his mother that can make stones light up. No stones that can predict anyone's future.

    Are you ok with this?


    (And yes, please consider using a spell checker.)


    @Dusky_Flareon I'll critique your character soon, but by just glancing at it I can see there are quite a few spelling errors which make it difficult for me to understand what you're saying.

  9. Also, I thought the rubies were reacting to Liger only because of his lineage? Now you're making it sound like they're prophetic, like they're only glowing because something will happen in the future. But will this thing happen only to Liger? Or all of the Hatchlings? And how are they now prophetic?

       I am so very confused...

    I was just about to mention this. If rubies glow around anyone related to Liger's mother, BUT it also means that something bad will happen to them in the future or they will have to "kill someone they love" like Gunzou mentioned before then basically that means everyone related to Liger's mother is doomed somehow...

    Then why did it come as a surprise to Liger's mother when her ruby glowed while in the presence of Liger's egg?


    Also, I am fine with Liger having siblings from different parents, but it sounds like their being given special characteristics that don't fit their breed without explanation.


    @Captain_Gunzou Like Narvix mentioned, it sounds to us like you're just throwing stuff in with no real connection. I think this idea needs to be thought out more before it's posted, otherwise, you're about to enter Mary-sue territory.

  10. I thought Ranu would've heard him say "I hate squirrels." but I see what you mean. She's also right next to Artemis so I think Jacques is confused about who is where.


    The forms for Nevia, Raluth, and Vulkoor have finally been added to the OP and Ranu is LeBoringJacques' once again. smile.gif

  11. Communicating with the dead through dreams isn't new in the RP so I'm sure that's fine. As for the others being able to see him too, I think it depends on when and where you want him to be visible. Me or LLD might ask you to write a character form if he keeps showing up. laugh.gif


    He felt cold, but he was warm.

    Oh I get it now.


    I think Ranu is too far away to hear Vulkoor. Edit: *facepalm* I just remembered she has super hearing so nvm.

  12. Crusher nudged Irah to follow him and walked to the river with Cetn, occasionally swiping at the thorned bushes that stood in their way. Mihari had done this sort of thing before, exploring and not coming back until later than what was agreed on, but this time was different. Not only was the area unfamiliar to them, but Mihari hadn't even let him know ahead of time. Heck, Mihari couldn't even fly yet and the more Crusher thought about it the more worried he became. At least Sky's disappearance was justified even if Crusher felt miffed about it. Glancing back, he saw that Irah was still looking depressed about the whole thing. It was going to be a while before she got over it.

    "Chin up, Irah. I'm sure Sky misses you just as much and probably hasn't even gone very far," he said, trying to solicit some hope in his daughter. Irah didn't say anything and instead chose to stare at the ground for most of the walk. She knew Sky wasn't coming back this time and was beginning to think that she wasn't a good enough friend if he still decided to leave the clan after all these years.


    As they neared the river, Irah heard something splashing loudly in the water. She assumed that it was a bear or other big animal that was fishing.

  13. There were two characters before who had a unique telepathic link and the reason behind it was that they were siblings. I'm usually not a fan of that sort of thing, but I went along with it since it had an explanation, even if it was kind of a stretch, and there were rules about when and where it could be used. Given that Liger and Ranu have no history besides being friends and combined with their existing powers like Skwerl mentioned, I just don't see it working here. Feel free to challenge me though if you think I've missed something.


    I'm too flippin' tired right now to post much else, but I already know what I'll write tomorrow. My apologies to Narvix and SaphireKat if I'm keeping you waiting.


    Ranu noticed, whilst laying on Liger, that he seemed warmer than normal even though he felt cold.

    Is it just me or does this sound contradicting? I don't know how Liger can feel warmer than normal if he's cold.

  14. ((Yeah that's fine SaphireKat. I'll be adding Crusher and Irah's part soon.))


    Artemis had been pondering what medicines she could make for Liger when Ranu got her attention. Seeing that Ranu was now lying on Liger, Artemis was worried that she might get sick as well or make Liger too hot, although she was pleased to hear that Ranu had strung together her first sentence. "I know Ranu, but I think you should stay away from Liger for now. Just until I'm sure that he isn't contagious," she advised, promptly picking up Ranu and placing her further away from Liger. "Why don't you go see what Quinn is up to?"


    Quinn was sitting a short distance away, eyeing Ranu suspiciously. After seeing what Ranu had done with Liger, Quinn didn't want anything to do with her either.

  15. Artemis stepped away from where Liger was aiming and was puzzled as to why what was coming out of him was so hot, burning the grass by her feet. "Well, your kind are fire-breathers so that might explain it," Artemis said calmly and gently pressed the comfrey leaves to keep them in place. It must not have hurt that bad if Liger was able to sleep, but he was now shivering and his head felt really warm. She thought that Liger might be developing a fever, but she didn't have much experience in treating fire-breathers, especially one as young as him.

    Ranu thought that maybe Liger was shaking because he was cold so she edged closer and pressed herself against him in an attempt to keep him warm.


    Crusher didn't know what else to say to console Irah so he sat down and put a comforting wing over her while Cetn went scouting. When Cetn returned and told him about the fish in the 'trickler' it was easy to assume that he was referring to the river. "Excellent. The three of us can help ourselves then. Sky has left of his own accord so we only need to search for Mihari."

    But what about Artemis? He looked to his left and saw that she was looking after Liger who'd hurt himself. "Artemis, have you seen Mihari?" he called over. Artemis glanced up and replied, "No, I've been busy watching these three." Crusher mumbled something incoherent as he stood up. He then said "Let's get going." firmly to Cetn, "And we'll bring back some fish for the others."

  16. Ok Narvix, you're...

    user posted image






    So.... Now where is everyone at in the roleplay?

    They're on their way to the eastern desert, but right now they're in the forest near a river.


    Boo you know that virus that was going around where it made everyone who caught if feel like their body was throbbing and felt like they had third-degree burns? Well I made Liger experience that, and reacting it out from rl experience. I plan to also have a boulder with some ruby in it react to Liger and shine like something evil lighting red lighting coming from the whole boulder. sound ok?

    I'm confused. You want Liger to find a boulder that contains ruby and have it react to him... and then lightning comes out of it?

  17. ((I'm not sure what else to add here. Hopefully it doesn't throw you off.))


    "Hm....maybe. Those two tend to come and go without saying a word... and they seem to keep forgetting that it worries me sick." Crusher grumbled, keeping an eye out in case they popped out of the bushes at any moment. Unbeknownst to Crusher, Irah was now beside him and she tapped his leg to get his attention. He looked down to see her avoiding eye-contact with a look of anguish on her face. "Sky decided to leave last night..." she mumbled and raised a wing to wipe a tear from her eye. Hearing this, an unhappy growl arose from Crusher. He had an idea of what Sky's reason was for leaving, but he couldn't help but feel mad at him for having the audacity to leave his daughter, the one who did so much for him and didn't expect anything in return. "I tried to help him, I really did, but I guess it wasn't enough." Crusher said and sighed in disappointment. "But who knows? Maybe he'll change his mind and come looking for us."




    Artemis glanced over at Ranu and said "Next time, make sure there aren't any sharp rocks nearby." before she noticed that Liger was regaining consciousness. "You feeling okay, Liger?" she asked him gently.

  18. I'm feeling a little stuck right now so it'll probably take me another day or 2 to write something.


    It's a chameleon effect, so he's still very solid and can be bumped into but he can't be seen or heard.

    Ah, ok. One last question... You mention that Raluth is slightly larger than the average Colossus, but he's also a newborn and I assume that Colossus dragons are already really big judging by DC's description. So is his size closer to average hatchling size (which I'd imagine is about as big as a large dog) or is he absolutely huge for a newborn?

  19. I don't see anything wrong with your forms right off the bat, but I'm curious about Raluth's invisibility. Does he become invisible by blending into the environment like a chameleon or is it more like being a ghost where anything can pass through him?


    Ok so I see that I need to figure out somehow to make this explanation of his past work. Any suggestions how I can edit my post to make it acceptable?

    I don't see how it's unacceptable aside from a few minor typos, but I can give a few tips on how to improve it somewhat.

    I assume because you wrote about his mother's stone that it's foreshadowing something that will happen to Liger, so maybe you could go into more detail about it. For example, you could describe what it looks like and how his parents know of its power. Have they seen similar stones only glow around dragons that have killed their brethren? Or can they only guess what it means?


    Edit: I just remembered that Liger was in his egg so he probably doesn't know what it looks like, but he could've noticed something nearby was glowing.

    Another idea I had is that each time Liger dreams he remembers something else about what happened. That way you don't have to type up the whole story in one post and you have days at a time to think up other important details you might want to include.