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  1. Irah just smiled back at Cetn, unsure what else to say, but her smile quickly vanished once Cetn had his back turned. Why is he like that? she thought, taking her time while she walked over to the river. Is he like this with everyone? Irah went over to the Soulpeace and stood next to her, staring into the water to make it look like she was interested, but she wasn't even hungry with such a heavy heart. Crusher looked stupefied at Cetn, watching him rub his tail end on a rock. "Alright then," he finally said and walked off the riverbank and onto some dry grass to sit down on. He could ha
  2. I guess that makes 3 of us absent. I've been kinda busy, but I'll post something tomorrow.
  3. That's ok, we'll figure something out. Thanks for letting us know. So this is what it looks like then? Username: BlaBlaDragon34 Name: Auris Gender: Male Type/Breed: Yellow Crowned Power: He has a faint gold aura that constantly glows around his tail, horns, paws, and wing-tips. Somehow, he can harness this aura and draw it up to his horns to shoot out a beam of light. However, it consumes a lot of energy and strength. The aura grows fainter and he usually falls asleep after using it. Until he is mature, this beam can only blind people. Personality: He's fast and timi
  4. Crusher gave Vulkoor a look that said 'Really?' before he stepped over and stabbed the fish's head with his claw to kill it quickly and not make a mess. "Okay, that's one..." he said, a little disappointed that it was all they had managed to catch so far. He looked over at where Cetn and Irah were sitting. "Why don't you two come over and help us?" he called. "The sooner we catch enough for everyone, the sooner we can eat."
  5. At this point I think Cetn will have to do most of the fishing.
  6. ((Hope you weren't waiting too long.)) "We've been finding lost hatchlings, so I just wanted to make sure..." Crusher told the feathered hatchling, keeping his eyes on the water. He thought he might as well get that nagging concern out of the way first, but now he was focused on the fish within arms reach. He then quickly shot a claw forward, making a big splash, but he withdrew an empty fist from the water. "I guess I'm not very good at this," Crusher admitted, watching a group of fish dart away from him. He glanced between the Brute and the feathered one. "Maybe one of you can show me
  7. Well their fishing, aren't they? Let's have them hurry up with that so they can finally fly off to the desert. And Irah just revealed herself so maybe he has something to say about her. I forgot to mention earlier that Captain_Gunzou messaged me saying he's having trouble with his computer. No idea what's up with Skwerl...
  8. OP updates: New characters added. Welcome SaphireKat, Narvix, and Dusky_Flareon! Also added Quinn since I've been RPing her more lately, but she's still a background character for the most part. Grammar corrections because I'm finicky that way. I just spent like an hour redoing Quinn's history and it's way past my bed time. Wtf am I doing with my life?
  9. What I meant was that I didn't think it would be harder than preparing for a holiday event which is already a lot of work. So of course, this would only happen if the spriters liked this idea and wanted to make more stuff for the site, but so far that's obviously not the case. Except I already said that some dragon breeds would only wear certain apparel. Maybe we could find them during a holiday event like when we searched through the haunted house, and then it could be expanded on if that goes well.
  10. The water was almost crystal clear with fish swimming in both directions, their scales glittering in the sunlight. "This shouldn't be too difficult then, and it looks like there will be plenty to split among us," replied Crusher, although he didn't know how well he'd do since he much preferred hunting over fishing. Artemis had always done this on her own. Realizing he'd almost forgotten Irah, Crusher looked back at where she was still hiding and called "Okay, Irah. It's safe to come out." That's when he noticed that the feathered dragon had decided to reveal herself and cautiously appr
  11. Fair enough. To those of you saying this would be too much work, I don't see how this would be any harder then spriting items for a holiday event (like making all the snow fort pieces for Snow Wars).
  12. Sure. I'll add the changes to the OP once you're happy with it. Right now I'm waiting for Skwerl or Dusky_Flareon to post so I don't get too far ahead without them.
  13. Yeah, there would still be quite a bit of work involved if people were onboard with it, but I thought it would be up to the original spriters to decide what dragons they would like to have items if at all. I imagine it would be similar to Brewing Up Mischief where the potions only worked with certain dragons. I know there are more important things that should be addressed first and I wouldn't expect TJ to implement it right away if it got the green light. I agree, which is why I said that I don't like the idea of our dragons wearing typical clothing (and since some dragons
  14. What if one or more of your dragons could wear something that you got during a holiday event? Now don't get me wrong, I think DC's dragons are gorgeous, but lately I've felt that my scroll is missing something and I think it's because each dragon breed shares the exact same sprites (with some exceptions). Sure, you can breed your dragons to get one with a fancy lineage, name it, and even describe it, but that Magi you have looks exactly the same as the 10 other Magis on your scroll so why not make them a little more unique? Spriting? Not a problem because only some dragons can wear
  15. Idk what else to write. LeBoringJacques told me she's on vacation and that she won't be back until next week. No idea where Captain_Gonzou went. I'm obviously not going to change Artemis's breed right out of the blue, but I think I might have her be an Almerald descendant. Sharlykng didn't write anything for her history and she's never talked about her past as far as I know, so it could be the reason why she looks the way she does.
  16. "Attack you? Unless you plan on attacking me first, I wouldn't even think of it," replied Crusher. He turned to look at the others and shrugged. "Just a hatchling, I presume," he said and walked onto the riverbank without a second thought. He figured it was best to not potentially provoke her and let her come out on her own if she was curious about their presence. Now looking down at the water, he couldn't help but wonder if she was lost like all the other hatchlings they had been finding, but he tried to push the thought away. He just wanted to catch some fish and get going.
  17. ((Nah it's all good.)) Irah stayed put and listened to their conversation intently. Valkoor seemed friendly and she was curious about what he looked like from head to toe, but she didn't want to come out of hiding until Crusher gave the all clear. Maybe I'll just have a peek... she thought and carefully bent the branches in her way to get a better look. There he was, a tough looking fellow whose prominent features were his dark purple scales and a pair of big horns that curved downward. He looked a lot like the dragon that barged into their cave at Shatterpoint the day before. "Well,
  18. He would've told you directly if your character was accepted. Like Saphire said, we'd like if you could explain her power in a little more detail. Ex: How often she can use her power and if she's noticeably weakened after using it. I have a couple of questions that I don't think we're asked yet. What do you mean by "many just have their purple crystals inside"? Are you saying that the crystals on her wings are purple while the crystals elsewhere on her body are pink? Or does she only have crystals on her wings like a typical Goede dragon? Also, you say that she saw a bunch of dead eggs
  19. Your character doesn't have to perfectly mimic your DC dragon and what you decide on the form is what sticks, so you need to decide your character's gender in order to get approved. Also, it appears you've missed a few sections. DC's guide on How to Roleplay is really helpful if you're new to roleplaying. Like I said to thegamingfoxy, I highly recommend you go over Chapter 2 to get a better understanding of what you need to get your character approved. @Dusky_Flareon Part of the reason why I haven't been posting is that I've been feeling overwhelmed offline so I appreciate the help.
  20. ((You should be using mun bubbles (brackets) when posting out of character here and this really isn't a place to chat. That's what the other thread is for.)) "Yes. We need to bring some fish back to our clan if you wouldn't mind helping us with that first," said Crusher. He, of course, wanted to continue looking for Mihari, but they might as well be catching some fish while they were there and it was possible that Mihari had returned to the campfire after they left. Crusher then heard something rustle in the bushes to his far right. It wasn't a soft rustling that one would expect a
  21. I got swamped in something again, but I'll look at thegamingfoxy's character briefly while I've got time. As for Happykawaiicat's characters, I think you may have covered everything Skwerl, but I'll get to that later. @thegamingfoxy Dusky_Flareon made some really good points, but I'd argue that it's still a good idea to mention if your character breathes fire since not all dragons can do that. Before I go on, I highly recommend you go over Chapter 2 in DC's guide on How to Roleplay (although you should probably scan through everything if you're new to roleplaying).
  22. You can also have them run into the Soulpeace nearby (Eternal Peace) if you decide not to wait.
  23. "Join us? Well, I suppose that will be alright," Crusher said with some hesitation, looking at the scrapes on the Brute's legs. "We could use the extra pair of eyes to help find our friend." Had the young Brute been older and not looked so sad, then Crusher probably would've made up some excuse for why he couldn't join. He seemed eager to make some new friends of his own and Crusher couldn't help but feel some sympathy for him. Crusher now looked at Cetn with questioning eyes, curious to hear his thoughts.