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  1. Yeah. I could probably force myself to write something short, but I feel like I shouldn't have to be stuck this long with the number of people signed up.


    I think the only way we could keep this going is turning it into a 1x1 or 1x2 roleplay, but that's only possible if LLD rejoins.

  2. I only got one egg. Oh well, at least I got one. :/


    And I guess there's no result of the cure team winning aside from the infection being cured? I can't help but wonder if the result would've been different had the spreader's won.

  3. Great! If you don't mind fetching the form and making the necessary changes then I'll approve your character.

    I think everyone has been distracted by the Halloween event, but I'll start poking people tomorrow so we can hopefully get the RP going at a steady pace again.

  4. Protective mimicry? Like when a tasty butterfly mimics one that tastes bitter to deter predators. wink.gif

    lol right. For a second I thought the colors matched the Spitfires and was like 'woAH WHAT?' but then I figured that for it to not be a glitch was unlikely.


    I guess it's time to cure the infection now that we know what it does. laugh.gif

  5. I never did find out. What's the current plot/subplot?

    I'll try to summarize the best I can.


    After being missing for a year, an acquaintance (female Nhiostrife) returned to the clan's home cave and unexpectedly attacked Artemis while she had her back turned. After pinning the Nhiostrife down, she hints to Crusher that more are on their way and, after questioning her further, Crusher figures out that she was most likely brainwashed by his nemesis. Not wanting to take chances, Crusher announces to everyone that he doesn't think their home is safe anymore and that he feels he's running out of options, but that he knows someone in the eastern desert who might be able to help them. No one knows who this 'someone' is except Crusher and he hasn't mentioned anything about them.

    After leaving for the desert, they stopped to rest for the night in a forest and light a campfire before falling asleep. Now it's morning and after waking up, Crusher noticed that two of the hatchlings, Sky and Mihari, have vanished. Irah tearfully informs him that Sky (her best friend) willingly left, but no one knows where Mihari went. So now, Crusher and company are at the river where they were hoping to find him and are catching some breakfast while they're there. Artemis stayed at the campfire to look after the youngest hatchlings.

  6. Crusher watched Cetn go around and give a fish to everyone, even tossing a fish towards the Pygmy that had just shown up with the green hatchling. He certainly is considerate... he thought just as Cetn came over and dropped a fish at his feet. It was a decent sized fish, but Crusher knew that it alone wouldn't be enough to satisfy him. "We can find more to eat on our way back if you'd rather not do that again," he told Cetn plainly, "In fact, I should go and see if Mihari has returned. He might be waiting for us."


    At first, Irah just stared down at the fish in front of her, but after glancing over at the Soulpeace who ate her's with no ill consequence, Irah knew she could trust Cetn and picked the fish up in her wings. She took a bite out of the head even though she wasn't hungry, not wanting the fish to go to waste.

  7. Oh, I see. I thought he liked to be in control for some reason and that it was part of the reason why he threatened the clan when they wanted to fly.


    Does he see Crusher as a threat at all since Crusher knows him inside and out?

  8. I'll post in the RP tomorrow, but I want to mention something here before I forget.


    Skwerl and I were thinking of introducing 2 temporary characters who are followers of EC. This should hopefully make the plot a little more interesting, but I need to make sure everyone is ok with it first. Especially LittleLostDragon since EC is his character.


    Here's the basic summary of their motives. Maybe LittleLostDragon will decide which direction best suits EC if he's not completely opposed to this.

    Evil Crusher has sent out two Black dragons to try to entice other dragons into joining their cause. Basically, EC wants to build an army/cult which he can use to invade neighboring lands and take control of their monarchies. Since LLD said that EC doesn't care to force others into being his slaves, I thought it would make more sense if he used his cunning wit to talk others into thinking that humans are not only dangerous, but inferior, and need to either be destroyed or forced to abide by their rules.

    As for why EC wants to do this, well, other than craving control, he also likes destruction in general (like burning a castle to the ground if the king and queen won't give in) and it's a way to convince other dragons to like him and see him as someone who helps alleviate their fears of humans taking over and depleting the land of its resources. Also because he's so powerful, chances are his followers would see as a god who would grant them with riches and power.


    OR this could all just be a ploy so that he doesn't have to worry about being ganged up on. It's sorta the opposite of what Crusher is doing, but I don't know if that's something that EC would genuinely worry about or if he even sees Crusher as a threat.

    So hopefully that wasn't confusing. What do you guys think?

  9. "Oh, well... I wouldn't know since I've never seen any, except for one who's a total freak," said Irah, not expecting the Soulpeace to sound so hostile. She then heard Cetn announce "Electricity is done." and looked behind the Soulpeace to see him position his tail over the water. She didn't know what to expect, but she knew that electricity and water didn't mix well and backed away from the river's edge just to be safe. Soon, there was a big splash in front of Cetn followed by multiple fish floating belly up, slowly drifting with the river's current. "Woah... How did he do that?" she asked no one in particular.


    Crusher's eyes widened at the sight of the fish closest to Cetn being fried almost instantly. "Impressive," he said, barely showing his surprise. "If you can do that once more, we should have enough fish to feed everyone," he told him.

  10. Irah directed her attention to the Soulpeace when she snarled. Did she know the nature of Vampire dragons and have a strong aversion towards them? Or maybe she was like Irah who had only ever met one who was extremely malicious, and she assumed that they were all evil. Crusher had briefly mentioned Vampire dragons to Irah before, saying that they only come out at night and steal others eggs, but that was all she knew about them. "Are they all really that bad?" she asked the Soulpeace, hoping she had met at least one who was friendly.


    ((That's all I can think of right now.))

  11. I'll try to do something with Irah later today since it appears we've hit a roadblock.


    @BlaBlaDragon34 Before I approve you, I noticed that you only reply once a week at the most. We need you to post in the RP every 3 days on average and let us know when you can't for whatever reason. Can I trust you to do this?


    @little lost dragon Dang... Hang in there mate.

  12. Crusher sucked his breath in when Vulkoor asked why a Vampire was after him. "It's.... a long story," he replied, not wanting to spill all the details after having just met him. He then realized that he had been so distracted that he hadn't thought to introduce himself. "And perhaps it would make more sense if you got to know me a bit better first. My name is Crusher, by the way."


    Crusher then heard a voice that he didn't recognize and turned his head to see two hatchlings, one orange and one green, standing a short distance away. "Hello there!" he called to them, "Don't mind us. We're just catching some fish and then we'll be on our way."

  13. Crusher was looking perplexed at this point. Did Cetn really think that all dragons were capable of using electricity? And what on earth was a howler?

    "Um, no....not quite," he replied, feeling that he had a lot of explaining to do. "There's a Vampire who likes to come after me. You know what a Vampire is, don't you? Well, he's no ordinary Vampire; he's much stronger and completely insane, to say the least. And as of late, I suspect that he wants to pit others on me as well."

    Both Cetn and Vulkoor might now begin to have second thoughts about staying in the clan, but they had to know what they were getting themselves into or they would suffer dearly.