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  1. Oh yeah I did all that except I haven't tried on another device, I'll have to wait till tomorrow to try it though. Thanks for the tip. Here it is for those curious.
  2. She still looks female so I'm thinking there's a glitch on DC's end. I know... the sprite didn't change.
  3. I gave the gender-switch potion to my female Dark-Myst pygmy but she still appears female. I tried hard-refresh, clearing the cache, and switching browsers, no luck. Anything else I can do to possibly fix this?
  4. Tried it already. Also tried clearing the cache and switching browsers, no luck.
  5. Just encountered a glitch. Tried giving the gender-switch potion to my female Dark-Myst Pygmy and *poof* she's still female... pretty disappointing. Edit: And yes the potion is gone. Anyone else have this happen?
  6. There actually was a Guardian in the RP at one point who had some control over the earth and could attract rocks to himself like a magnet to act as armor. I think it would be neat to see that again, but you should mention what the drawbacks are. I don't think air is going to work though, I have a hard time imagining how one would make a shield out of that (but I'm open to debate as always). You mention that he "derives pleasure from pain and torture of people who have wronged his family and friends" but who are they and what did they do? You could include that in his history and we'll thr
  7. Good to hear. I hope I didn't sound too strict about that. ^^' This is sort of what I meant when I suggested that only certain spirits can aid him. Fire spirits could allow him to shoot fire, or water spirits to manipulate water, etc. They actually haven't gone that far down yet. There's the crystal dome when you enter and a second room with books, trinkets and whatnot down a level, but no one knows what's further down other than Zeditha.
  8. Hearing the Brute, Crusher turned his head to see who was there while still pinning Zeditha to the ground. She took this split-second distraction as an opportunity to spit another flame at him, making him growl as he felt a wave of heat singe the side of his neck and head. Thankfully Zeditha had exhausted herself and wasn't able to produce enough to burn him severely. Her assault was enough to make him lessen his grip, allowing her to free her back legs, but it wasn't enough to free herself completely. "And who is THIS!?" he shouted, opting to hold her down by the throat so she couldn't pull t
  9. I worked 13 hours yesterday and I've been tired today. That's my excuse. Oh and I have a guitar lesson tomorrow but I should be able to post after. The thing that concerns me most his power. A character gaining a random power without explanation is usually frowned upon, even if it's not super powerful. And I know you explained that he gets it from spirits, but I'm not sure that's really a good enough reason without expanding on it. However, there are ways we can change it slightly so it dosn't sound Mary-sue without ditching it completely. Perhaps there are only certain spirits who
  10. Don't let me stop you from posting, I'm busy today and tomorrow anyway. @LLD Don't hesitate to let me know if I post something as Crusher that seems out of character. Well since the mundane of the same name no longer RPs with us I thought I'd have her switch sides, but chances are she won't survive under Crusher's claws. She was used to....deliver a message so to speak.
  11. "Speak up, stranger! What brings you here?" called Crusher. "Crusher!? Is that you?" Turning a corner, their visitor finally came into perfect view. It was a Nhiostrife and one that was recognizable due to her front legs and the maroon stripe on her back, oddities among her kind. "Zeditha!? You're alive!" Artemis shouted before running up to her and looking her over. Zeditha's wings were ripped badly and she appeared exhausted, her eyelids drooping and breath laboured. "You don't look too good... come inside I'll make something for you." she said with a motherly tone and began leading Zedi
  12. There's going to be a fight, could be interesting if Otto shows up then. I'll post today once I've finished errands. Oh so that's why you aren't posting. I'll look at it again when I get back.
  13. Updates: Octavius added to current characters, welcome Ælex! Small reminder added under Rules New ad posted on the RP Bulletin Board :3
  14. This is basically a revised version of what was posted here years ago. The plot has improved but we need people! RP Advertisement Name of RP: Hatchlings Link: Hatchlings Hatchlings Ooc # of active RPers: 6 players but a few aren't as active as we'd like. Plot Summary: Before, it was about humans that had stolen hatchlings, the hatchlings formed a clan, and tried to escape. Some made it, some didn't. The few that survived have grown, formed a new clan, and are trying to stop an evil dragon who brings chaos and corruption everywhere he goes. Other: Semi Literate, 3 sentences mi
  15. Irah's eyes flickered open at the sound of rushing feet and someone calling for Crusher. She sat upright and rubbed her eyes before looking over at Rimaline who sat a short distance away, preening her wings. This reminded Irah of her injury, she spread out her left wing in front of her to examine it. Maybe I'll be able to fly today! she thought, seeing the healed scar that led down the membrane from her forearm. Just then, Artemis and Crusher went hurrying outside. Artemis was noticeably more worried than Crusher who followed behind at a slower pace. "What was that about?" she asked Rimaline
  16. I don't see anything that needs changing so... I'll post tomorrow so we can get this train going again.
  17. I understand, but couldn't you make their personality similar to your own? I mean maybe but there have been cases where people made up really weird crap about their character on the spot and it's usually frowned upon. (btw I'm not saying you will but it's easier to follow along when your chars personality is known) And no rush, the RP clearly isn't going anywhere. X) *sigh*
  18. Hm...guess I didn't follow up when I was suppose to. ^^' Let's try again, shall we? Not sure where Ressamp is though.
  19. ((I was really hoping more people would post before me but I guess we're stuck again. I'll get on it tomorrow.))
  20. Take care Ælex, and don't feel pressured to join if you change your mind.
  21. Soooo anyone else gonna post? Also waiting for Ælex to join.
  22. I think Seldash and Irah are the most likely candidates. There's also Sky but her first impression of him wasn't great... and of course Artemis. Nope it's Zeditha, you'll see why. At a quick glance I don't see anything wrong with Seishin but I'd rather wait a bit and give others a chance to join before approving him. More players > A ton of characters who people lose track of and abandon Just trying to even things out this time.
  23. Finally skipped, thanks for your patience. Apologies if it sounds too short or too lengthy in some places, I was obviously in a rush at the last minute. You're all free to crit and let me know if something dosn't make sense.