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  1. Ok, edited. And Silverstorm, are you going to read all 600+ pages? First off, your characters histories need a bit of work. Being thrown into an active volcano will most likely result in your death, especially one that erupts, so what makes Sunbeam the exception? You should also further explain why Moonbeam is able to develop reflective scales so quickly since it currently dosn't sound very believable, even for a fantasy setting.
  2. I did that because she wasn't giving him direct answers, but if that goes against his character then I'll change it.
  3. This is kinda weird but... anyone else think gemstones look good enough to eat? Obviously I wouldn't actually eat any but sometimes I'll be looking at jewelry online and come across something that makes me crave biting into it.
  4. Sorry, I forgot about Irah. *facepalm* I'll see if I can finish tonight, just don't expect anything jaw-dropping.
  5. Crusher would had flipped Zeditha over, but by now she had a firm grip on his abdomen. Instead, to her surprise, he loosened his hold to let her speak. "Tell me then, who else is there? I'll do away with you if you don't give me a proper answer." Crusher threatened. Zeditha had already arrived in poor shape and was now unable to do much else after attempting to take down the Magi. Her response to his question was a sinister smile and that unfamiliar voice that said "You best be prepared, Crusher. Killing me won't stop the inferno coming your way." Crusher decided he'd heard enough and rendered
  6. I'm going to make it a priority that I post tomorrow. I think I've finally figured out how to progress with Crusher.
  7. I don't see a problem with your form but perhaps LLD would like the final word? You're the only player who hasn't disappeared at least once. Thanks for that. Now if I could just get out of this rut and post again...
  8. I know LLD is probably still lurking, but is anyone else still here? This is looking pretty sad. Then again, most of the DC RPs aren't doing great.
  9. Hi Silverstorm. Sorry about the late reply but as you can see we've had a huge drop in activity recently. It might take awhile to this going at a good pace again, let me know if you're still interested regardless.
  10. Well Ressamp never replied to my PM so I officially consider him gone. I'll continue as Crusher soon, kinda waiting on Ælex right now. @SULD Ok, see you soon (maybe).
  11. No need to apologize. I figured you weren't coming back after you said you were too busy. :/ @LLD If you're up for it then great! Otherwise I won't pressure you if you're not ready.
  12. Artemis inhaled sharply when the Brute ducked into the cave. The hatchlings! She got up and ran after him, stopping short of the entrance as to not cause alarm. She watched as he looked around for something but wasn't interested in anything on the first level. That's odd... she thought as the Brute disappeared down the tunnel. She decided to keep following, determined to watch over their visitor while Crusher dealt with the Nhiostrife. The Brute had passed the second room entirely and approached the huge stairwell that spiraled down into darkness. I could have sworn I hid that room! she t
  13. I'm glad, but you don't RP with us. ಥ_ಥ Head still giving you trouble? Was really hoping Ælex would respond, the most active are oddly quiet these days. I'll post tomorrow or Friday whether or not he shows up.
  14. To Ælex: @Mouse Sounds like you have a good start, but I think you forgot to mention who Hailon Rogue is and why he killed Syler. You might want to to give a brief description of each of his friends in Echo's history so we can better understand Echo and his friend's motives.
  15. Thanks for looking into it (even if there is only 1 day left).
  16. It works with some but my problem is that I'll get the message and a puff of smoke but the sprite remains the same. This is how it is for all my Dark-Myst's but no one else has reported the same thing happening to them.
  17. Hi guys, I've obviously been too busy for the RP and will be until November 2nd. I didn't post before because I was waiting for Ælex to see my message but it didn't occur to me at the time that I could work around what he already posted. :/ I'll still be checking my e-mail notifs if you want to ask me something. Mouse, my brain doesn't want to work either. What I can suggest though is you might want to steer away from including Evil Crusher drama in his history. It's been used a lot and it would be nice to have a little more variety, rather then the same guy being the source of everyone's
  18. And I tried it with a Dark-Myst mature hatchling and THAT didn't work. Incredible...
  19. I'm sure, I only have 2 females. Also tried it with a male Dark-Myst but that didn't work either. So now I'm curious if the breed in general is glitchy. Has anyone else found that the gender-switch potion dosn't work on Dark-Myst Pygmies? I'm out 2 potions and their sprites didn't change.
  20. I just tried it with my male Dark-Myst and that didn't work either. I wonder if the breed is glitchy in general.
  21. Here Someone else said it looks female to them so it's probably a glitch. I have 3 females, look under purple.