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  1. I just remembered, Zeditha and I were brainstorming something a long time ago. It involved everyone going on a quest to find a dragon up high in the mountains. The dragon's backstory was going to be a cooperative effort but of course Zeditha had to be one of those who just decide to stop posting.
  2. Hm....right. I forgot about her. Then they can either locate the GoN or start somewhere further away where they can begin their journey to the vault. Unless someone has a better idea...?
  3. But with 5 people do we really need to do a reset? I mean who knows when or if Esko will come back, but Mouse and Dream are saying they'll stay and their characters are at the cave already. Of course everyone has a say on what should happen, but flying to the desert is still an option.
  4. I guess I'm ok with it, but I won't hesitate to leave if the RP slows down again. Got a PM from Esko saying he wants to rejoin once he has computer access. So with the 5 of us I suppose there's hope this won't go under. I'd post a link, but it's probably not a good idea to point fingers if I don't know why they vanished.
  5. Well crap... A message saying that Névé wasn't an option would've been nice but oh well.
  6. An epic final battle would've been sweet but there's just not enough commitment. If you want to do something between the two of us then I'm game. So basically your idea is revisiting the past, correct? I'm not sure what you mean though by hearing voices. I was actually stalking a 1x1 roleplay not long ago and guess what someone decided not to do? *sigh*
  7. I should also mention that the name I changed it to was Névé. The E with the accent might be considered a special character, which in turn caused the glitch, but I'm not sure.
  8. Nevermind I spammed it again and it worked. It didn't seem to reset the day though. Either I'm lucky it didn't reset day 2 or the event won't trigger til tomorrow.
  9. Nope, this didn't work for me. Still shows a stuck loading screen. Like a few other people I tried to read the sign...
  10. Does anyone else have the glitch where everyone calls you Snowa even though you changed the name?
  11. I was hoping the RP would at least be given a proper finale but now that seems unlikely. It does have a (mostly) great history though, I agree it's had a decent run. Is it really this hard to find a DC roleplay where everyone involved wants to be a part of it as much as I do? The Radiant Prophecy has a similar story and looks more well-thought-out then Hatchlings, but even that is currently closed cause OP is on hiatus. Not to mention I've been stalking a few others, but it seems like people just decide to give up once things start picking up.
  12. Well Perl just called me Snowa even though I changed the name. Uh...what gives? Neat little game btw. When it didn't work at first I thought it was because I didn't have java installed. *facepalm*
  13. Actually you know what? I'm tired of being the only one interested in the RP. It's been over a year of people joining, posting a few times, and then leaving without notice. I understand life gets in the way sometimes but I always wait a few weeks before I delete someones character from the list. That's plenty of time to say that you're busy and won't/will be back soon. If you really want to roleplay with us then wouldn't you at least make an effort? I've also asked here on multiple occasions if anyone thought the plot needed a change to make it more enjoyable, but very rarely do I get a respon
  14. I got in touch with Mouse who said she'd like to rejoin. Now waiting for 2 other replies.
  15. It was hard to tell whether Sky was surprised or not. He either didn't care or was hiding how he felt, the latter had become a habit over the years. "Well she did start that fire before she went missing." said Irah, turning to face the Skywing. "But maybe it was an accident. Or maybe..." Irah paused and looked back outside. Crusher had dragged the KO'd Nhiostrife into the grass in an attempt to conceal her from the hatchlings. He appeared sad as he looked down at her, shaking his head in disappointment. "What if she....changed sides?" mused Irah, her voice wavering near the end. Would anyone b
  16. Yeah, we just need more active people. Will post as soon as I get back.
  17. Makes sense to me. Sky is more suspicious whereas Irah right away sees her dad's reaction and isn't as quick to lay blame. I'll post tomorrow and maybe send out some PMs to see who else is still here. Speaking of which, Ælex was the one I least expected to disappear. So what the heck am I going to do with Artemis?
  18. I'm back with a longer question and I'm hoping there's at least one person here who knows a thing or two about pc gaming. It seems wherever I go I run into whiny pc elitists, but I trust the DC community. There's a few games I really want to play on pc, but unfortunately my current hardware isn't powerful enough. I've been planning to buy a new rig once I have the money (which might not be for another few years) and lately I've been playing most of my games on pc anyway, so I figured it would be a smart investment rather than buy a game console (and it's apparently cheaper in the long ru
  19. Well glad I'm not alone then. The fact they sometimes look like hard candy probably has something to do with it. I guess I should start investing in some sugary rocks.
  20. Apologies for the late response, just trying to get life related things in order. You don't have to have a grip on the whole story (unless you want to of course, but it's a lot to cram into a recap). I recommend just reading the last few pages to see where we are and I can explain a bit more once you've jumped in. Oh and the first 200 pages are crap anyway, I'd avoid those. YES THIS PLEASES ME
  21. Yes we're open but this one isn't really moving either. Too many people disappeared and starting up again is taking forever.
  22. Yes, LLD commented on it. Are you still in?