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  1. No pressure, just wanted to give you the option if things slow down because of me. You can just RP one char at a time as well.
  2. ((Sorry for the delay...again. I should be more active in the coming week, but for now you'll have to accept this shoddy attempt.)) Artemis came outside to see that the curtain she had made was destroyed and Zeditha had her wing caught under a boulder that had fallen. "Care to explain what happened here?" she asked Crusher, carefully walking around the injured Nhiostrife. ~~~ Irah gazed down at the jewel in her grasp and was about to respond when something shook the ground beneath them. She hid her surprise and said "Okay, we'll show them. But first, let's go see what that was."
  3. From now on if I leave everyone waiting more than 2 days then LLD has permission to RP both my characters. However, I do plan on posting tomorrow and I mean it this time.
  4. I know it's been like...4 years, but maybe I was too quick to judge? My experience with the game was pretty bad but it's possible I missed something since my patience was thin to begin with. So I'll try to explain myself this time. First, the graphics were super ugly. I know graphics don't make the game in the long run and this is obviously an old game, but it looks like EA's animation department made this on their lunch break and only spent a few nickels towards development. It's pretty clear when compared to Quake (same release year) that they probably could have done a lot better. Also I
  5. Ah crap, something came up after I bumped this. I'll see what I can do tomorrow. He's a mature Guardian hatchling and the shield on his tail is somewhat bigger than average. His location probably dosn't matter since there's been like 2 time skips since ressamp posted. 'tis excellent Looks fine to me. I'll be back tomorrow to approve it.
  6. Artemis nodded back, but she still looked unsure about the whole thing. "Oh I'll be fine." she assured him when he asked about the cuts on her legs. "They hurt a little but they've already begun to heal. Once Zedithas awake, maybe it's a good idea I keep my distance from her from this time." ~~~ "I found it among all this stuff, but I hid it so that I could show you first." Irah said before picking it up with her wings. She liked to watch as the colors on it's shiny surface seemed to dance as she moved it around in the light of the caves crystals. There definitely seemed to be someth
  7. Lack of sleep is getting the better of me but I'm working on a post right now.
  8. Yep, that's the scale. This just in: Zeditha has a hoarding issue, even for a dragon. Edit: Sorry to keep u waiting. Will post tomorrow.
  9. Maybe start with Mihari, since ressamp has been gone the longest.
  10. Artemis had just given the Brute a mouthful, but instead of getting angry he went further down the spiraling path, presumably in search of food or treasure. When Crusher approached she was sitting with her hind legs sprawled and absentmindedly licked her wounds. "I'll try my best, but I can't promise she won't still want a fight." she said with noticeable fear in her voice. If what Zeditha had said true would they have to leave Shatterpoint? Where would they go? Artemis hoped that Crusher had a back-up plan. "That Brute ignored the hatchlings, so I don't think he cares about our presence. What
  11. If you mean caves as in the vault then yes. And I was going to have Irah find the scale but I can delete my post if there's a problem. I figured I'd just start now since we've agreed on what to do for the most part.
  12. Irah felt a surge of anger. That lunatic must of brainwashed Zeditha somehow, but Irah could only guess at what kind of trickery he was capable of. And even though Sky's comment wasn't directed at her, she was quick to think of what else they should do rather than dwell on the poor state of their clan. We ARE going to fly today... she thought, determined not to let a traitor get in the way of their flight practice. Also wasn't there.....oh! Irah almost forgot her surprise. Turning to face the group she announced "Sky, I have something to show you. Follow me!" and went running to the back of th
  13. Didn't know there was a hardware thread, guess I'll have to check it out. :3 And I've never been interested in mods but I forgot that there were ones dedicated to fixing performance. Hm... Exactly. Choosing PC also brings up more questions, like whether or not I want to build my own and what parts do I want. Lately I've been eyeing the PS4 and it's exclusives, but the lack of backwards compatibility is a huge turn-off for me. That's good to hear, the huge amount of complaints got me worried. I do have a 360 controller which works great for the most part, except I had to dow
  14. Sounds great! And I'm still really tempted to get another dragon involved, but that might not be a good idea. I guess I won't worry about that right now and just see what happens... Does this mean you're going to take back Crusher? Edit: Or I could continue with him and you just jump in whenever you want. I think so. Just waiting for word from LLD.
  15. I thought so. The mods and I must think alike. That's fine, I may have jumped the gun on that one. I don't want to come across as a hard arse so it's probably me who should apologize if I sounded that way.
  16. I thought you might have left because of my mini rant but I'm glad that's not the case, so thanks for telling us.
  17. Wait a second.....Wasn't last year's holiday event about returning a lost scale to an AoCh that was used to create a powerful snowstorm? Perhaps it does contain some magical power but the group dosn't know how to use it so they set off in search of someone who does? I like where you're going though and I think we're almost ready to start posting again, as long as we keep in mind that Mouse is going to be busy these first 2 weeks. As for Dream and Lily, my patience is wearing thin but they have one last chance to show me they actually want to participate. Anyway....I hope it dosn't lo
  18. In the game when you found the reindeer there was an area to the left with a cave and a cat in front of it. Were we ever able to go over there? Because I don't remember seeing a cat walking around a cave when I took Bord home.
  19. Maybe but they're at the cave already so I thought it would be faster if one of the hatchlings were to find it. I'm actually not sure I like the idea of the scale being a magical object, but it's up to the majority vote. My original idea was that it was just a clue. Otherwise they wouldn't think of exploring that area any further. Plus they could take it to the vault with them where a Guardian ancestor might have a better idea of what it is and where it came from. Mouse and Dream probably have no clue what we're talking about. @Lily14130 I saw you reading this. You can just say y
  20. Well it's not confirmed if the scales are magical somehow or not, I just liked the symbolic aspect I guess? Plus it makes them think "Woah how did she find this?" Edit: Just realized this dosn't make sense. Ugh...I'm so tired.
  21. Oh right, I think I remember now. I asked "What is it, like a crystal or something?" and that actually gave me the idea of the dragon that me and Zed were talking about. What if Irah finds a AoCh scale in Zeditha's hoard? Their description says possessing one of their scales is believed to change one's fate, and as for whether this leads to the clan finding a dragon or something else... maybe we should wait and see what happens. Glad to hear you finally got the scan approved. Hopefully now the wait will be almost over.
  22. Long story short, the dragon was going to be a secret weapon of sorts to defeat EC. I don't expect people to actively post this time of year but we might start soon with the holidays coming to a close. And thanks for letting us know. Wait, what artifact? And I hope your head isn't still giving you trouble.