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  1. While I don't have a pretty picture for you this time, I'd like to announce a two-day event that is unlike any other: The DC Festival of Eggs.


    What is this festival of eggs? Well, it's very similar to an easter egg hunt. For the next two days, special eggs designed just for the event will pop up in random spots on the site. Click on them and they'll go in your "basket." Everyone can see your basket, and the more you collect, the more full your basket is.


    So get searching!

    Are the eggs really White dragon eggs that were painted on? JK. biggrin.gif

    Happy easter everybody! cool.gif

  2. NOTE: This feature should not share a cooldown with breeding. I'm sick of people trying to shoehorn AP crowd control into this thread. There is no rule against breeding, and the system should not be implying that you should not be using a feature available to you. After all, if no one bred their dragons we'd all be fighting over caveborns. If you want to propose a solution to AP clogs, do it in your own thread and leave Search OUT OF IT.


    So ever since the "elder" suggestion that Phazzy made awhile back, I've been thinking. I suggested this in that thread, but I think it kind of warrants a thread of its own. It's not like this function would exist entirely for purposes of an "ascension" feature, after all.


    I know a lot of suggestions in the past have been looking for something to do with our adults. As it stands now, all they seem to do is make eggs. Since they just pop out more of the same eggs that produce the same dragons, breeding can quickly become rather dull.



    So with this in mind, I propose the addition of a new weekly action on all adults: Search.


    Now, this action by itself won't do all that much. Click "Search", and as the name implies, your dragon will go out and search for things, then come back. Possible outcomes are pretty obvious: either it comes back with some loot or it doesn't.


    It can be up to TJ how high he wants the chance of success to be. If this feature gets implemented, intially it can be paired up with Dove's idea of hoards, as well as the "Ascension Elixir" idea. Loot gathered by a dragon can be added to his/her personal (dragonal? :V) hoard. Different breeds collecting different things, larger hoards gathering more valuable objects, etc.


    The reason I wanted to suggest this, though, is not to provide a gateway to Dove's hoarding idea, nor for the elder stage suggestion. Imagine the possibilities that could be inserted with a low chance upon successful searching.


    Rare eggs that don't appear in the main cave entrance?

    Items affecting breeding, like, say a fertility draught?

    For the sake of prestige, people for various purposes as servants?

    Time extension items for those with eggs in trouble?

    Medicines to increase resistance to soft shell and sickness?



    Well okay, these possibilities wouldn't be without their restrictions. For one, the rare eggs thing might only appear if you have enough space for the egg (thus encouraging people to avoid maxing out their eggs/hatchlings).


    Items could be added to your scroll so you can use them on any dragon/egg of choice, but as one-time use only. Perhaps a fertility draught would allow a dragon on breeding cooldown to sneak in one extra breeding attempt for that week. Medicines could be used one per dragon to make it just a little easier to avoid softshell/sickness, as well as increasing the tolerance to malicious refreshers. Time extensions could be one-per-dragon to give a half-day boost or something. A small safeguard for those who just grabbed that coveted gold and want to keep it safe. Consumable items can be used by adding a "Use (item)" action to your dragons whenever such an item exists on your scroll.


    But those are just random examples to illustrate my point. A "Search" action could open the doors to so many possibilities. Opinions?


    Referred threads:


    Dovealove's description/hoard suggestion

    PhazonDragon's 4th stage (elder/ancient/ascended) suggestion

    Sorry if this was already brought up but wasn't search originally suggested for the mint dragons?

  3. Before any dragon appears in the Cave, it must first make it to the Completed List. So yes, the Dragons on the Completed List have a good chance of ending up in the Cave at some point. The dragons on that list are totally finished. There's a second list of Works in Progress as well.


    There's no guarantee that all of those on the Completed List will be released, but the chances are high. happy.gif

    Oh great thanks! smile.gif

  4. Excuse my lack of knowledge for this topic and correct me if I'm wrong but apparently the Nebula dragons were from the Completed list of dragons page, does this mean that some of the dragons on that list might be obtainable in the future? Before I even saw the page I thought of a sand dragon and an egg engulfed in flames, I think there great ideas.

    *Stares at dragons*