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  1. @prpldrgnfr You're absolutely right that his depression isn't my problem. I guess I was just worried that I was overreacting so thanks for the reassurance! @Terces I've been keeping contact with him to a minimum like you suggested, but he recently texted me asking when I wanted to hang out next so I texted him earlier today that I was busy and would get back to him soon, and just now finally told him that what he said made me uncomfortable. He responded by saying he asked me about experimenting cause he apparently brought it up before months ago and I had said I'd think about it (which I honestly don't remember, but I guess he had been super vague at the time because I know I would've said no if he had suggested we do anything sexual). He then ended his text saying that he just learned about something devastating that happened to his best friend today and had to go... so I know he's going to be super depressed again, possibly suicidal, and likely not talk to me for a while. I can't help but feel concerned for him even though I probably shouldn't...
  2. (I'm not sure if this is right place to post this sort of thing, so if not please redirect me ) Does anyone have any advice on how to handle a socially awkward situation involving a friend who wants to, shall we say, "experiment" without feelings for eachother? I have a friend who's a super nice guy and always asks if it's ok with me before doing something like putting his arm around my shoulder while watching a movie, but he recently asked if I wanted to get more hands-on and it really weirded me out. Since day 1 he hasn't hidden the fact that he's been hands-on with a few of his friends and makes out with them on occasion and I thought I made it clear that I wouldn't do anything like that with someone who I wasn't dating, but he recently texted me asking if I wanted to take things a step further, saying it might be fun because "it's not like we're having sex" (even though what he suggested was sexual in nature). If I weren't afraid of upsetting him due to him having depression and him saying that I'm one of the nicest people he knows I probably would've told him flat out that he was making me super uncomfortable and that I didn't want to hang out with him as a result, but instead I just said that I wasn't looking for that kind of relationship and he said he was ok with that. I've only really known him since late December and there were a few months of complete silence on his end due to him dealing with depression and family drama, so now I'm beginning to wonder if he possibly lied about experimenting with his other friends since I've never met them and I'm not sure how I feel about being alone with him in his room to play video games and watch movies anymore because it's clear that we have VERY different ideas about what's too intimate between friends, even though he respects my boundaries (like holding hands is too intimate for him, but he's fine with french kissing???). I just don't know how to approach this like an adult without it being super awkward.... or maybe I should just forget about him completely until he texts me asking why I went quiet all the sudden.
  3. I think it was because I copy pasted since those weren't working the day I posted, but they work now. Thanks!
  4. My pings aren't working working in this post. Anyone know what's up?
  5. *Picks up 2 green eggs* They're....all going to be green, aren't they? DC: It was funny while it lasted but I'm glad it's only for a day. What an eyesore. X)
  6. Thanks, Lagie! @Lurhstaap I'm assuming you're replying to my question? Because I can maybe give you the Lunar if Riverwillows doesn't respond.
  7. Does anyone remember the user who collected dragons that had variations of "gay" in the code? I got a blue Lunar Herald with the code HEGaY that I'd like to give to them.
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    @onemessyperson I sent you a friend request. I go by the same name. I've been on FR since April last year and admittedly I don't get what having a friend list accomplishes other than it essentially being a "like" feature.
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    I'm new as well, joined in April. I go by Reignhart if anyone wants to buddy up.
  10. So the story has new stuff added now? Interesting... I'm also stuck in the bush and says I'm still stuck despite having already freed myself.
  11. I'm a little disappointed that I can't replay since people keep mentioning something about a horse that I never encountered and I'd imagine that dating the spider would be hilarious, but it was really frustrating that some commands had to be really specific with no hints what so ever, like typing "Chop tree with axe" instead of "Chop tree" (which I wouldn't have figured out had I not checked this thread. I didn't know you could use prepositions). I'd like to do it again next year to find out what happens with my date, but I hope we'll at least be given hints next time.
  12. As much as I'd like to continue this, SuperfluousBear, you may have noticed by now that the RP has come to a halt. I'm still open to trying again IF we can rekindle people's interest, but I have yet to hear back from Skwerl or LLD (or anyone for that matter) so I doubt it'll happen.
  13. As much as I'd like to get more furniture, all the tasks are freezing on me now (even after clearing the cache) and the stuff already in my house rotates when I leave and come back. I might try again in the morning, but I think I'm done for now rather than letting myself get frustrated over it. Wow. You have a new follower, birdz. <3
  14. I just knew we were getting Vakemare Tales again this year! I don't know if these have been reported yet, but here are some issues I've run into that will hopefully be resolved. When trying to find Patches, the message kept popping up every time I moved. I had to restart from Nulhora because of this. The Magi Plush disappeared from my inventory after trying to place it on the ground. Some missing dialog from a few town folk. The game is really well put together despite the glitches. Keep up the good work DC team.
  15. Yeah, that could work. I get that there aren't a lot of active roleplayers on DC, but at the time I was thinking that we would only invite someone if we were low on players and they would have to be fairly regular on the forums (like a level 5 or higher). If you and Skwerl think the 7 day "test" might be worth a shot then I'll send PM's to those still signed on. You can if you want, but don't expect a reply from anyone quite yet. We might do a time skip once we know how many people are still interested.
  16. I suppose I could PM the few who I think are still interested, but then I think we'd have to be a lot more strict about who we can accept from now on. Aside from those already signed up, what if only those invited by an approver can join? Or would that be too limiting?
  17. ((I'm afraid the RP is dead for good this time, but there's a glimmer of hope. See my comment in the OOC thread.))
  18. +1 support because the cooldown is unnecessarily long IMO. Whether we get more kills or the chances of getting an undead dragon is increased, I'm fine with either.
  19. I guess it might be possible without you rejoining since there are still a few people wanting to continue, but doing a 1x2 means everyone would have to really be committed from now on or we could easily fall into endless limbo thanks to one person. I feel like this could have possibly been avoided if people actually asked for help when stuck. I'm happy to throw ideas at you if you ask, and I've said this multiple times here before, but one or more people will just stay quiet while the rest of us wait like they assume it won't have an impact (and then finally speak up when I PM them. Like, really?). Or they wait an extremely long time before finally saying "I'm stuck" and just leave it at that like that somehow makes up for the fact that you left us hanging for so long. And I admit that I'm guilty of having made people wait for longer than they should, but at least I keep everyone up to date about why I'm absent and say when I should be back. If you don't care enough to post regularly then DON'T JOIN! It's really not that hard to understand. /end of rant
  20. Yeah. I could probably force myself to write something short, but I feel like I shouldn't have to be stuck this long with the number of people signed up. I think the only way we could keep this going is turning it into a 1x1 or 1x2 roleplay, but that's only possible if LLD rejoins.
  21. I'm going to assume this is dead now since no one seems to want to reply. Well, it's been fun. Too bad it had to end like this.
  22. I think you forgot to describe how his power works. :3 Starting tomorrow, I'm going to have limited internet access for a week. So I probably won't post in the RP until November 11th (if this ever picks up again ) but I'll still respond to PMs.
  23. I only got one egg. Oh well, at least I got one. :/ And I guess there's no result of the cure team winning aside from the infection being cured? I can't help but wonder if the result would've been different had the spreader's won.
  24. Great! If you don't mind fetching the form and making the necessary changes then I'll approve your character. I think everyone has been distracted by the Halloween event, but I'll start poking people tomorrow so we can hopefully get the RP going at a steady pace again.