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  1. Playing lots of Guild Wars 2, Dragon Age: Inquisition and Life is Strange lately. Sometimes I take the time to play Dragon Age 2, too.
  2. If anyone played Life is Strange, you'll probably know why it's the game I cried over the most. No matter what ending you get, it's always crushing, even though there is one ending that just left me bawling my eyes out. *Some spoilers for the ending of Assassin's Creed: Black Flag!* Also the ending of Assassin's Creed: Black Flag. Seeing how Edward had lost everyone on his journey made me choke back tears. The saddest death was hands down Mary Read's death in the prison. Ori and the Blind Forest had some very emotional moments too.
  3. Oh my gosh! They are so pretty! I can't wait to see the adults <3
  4. Sorry for bothering, but I'm here bacuse it's more than a year ago that I requested a Silver egg and I was wondering when I would get an egg. Thanks for reading. DFriend~
  5. "Well, I did.", Sky answered with a sad look on her face.
  6. "No, not at the moment.", Sky answered to Snap. "I tried to escape so often that I already gave up."
  7. Sky noticed that Mousepaw was a bit scared. The Blusang sighed and said: "Thank you. I'm sorry that I scared you, it's just... I have been stuck here for very long time now. The time here has made me a bit aggressive."
  8. The Blusang roared in defense, but as she noticed that it's just another hatchling, she calmed down and growled: "My name's Sky."
  9. As the hatchlings kept talking the door of a cage opened up, and a Blusang hatchling was thrown in the cage brutally. Some of her scales were missing. The hatchling tried to bite the human's hand, but she was too slow. The hatchling growled, sat down and started to lick the spots where the scientists have pulled her scales out.
  10. Hey, can I join? Name: DragonFriend Dragon's Name: Sky Species: Blusang Lindwurm Age: Stage 2 Hatchling Gender: Female Personality/ History: Sky used to be a curious hatchling, which loved to listen to the stories her grandfather told her. But before her wings grew, she got captured by humans. Sky's father died when he tried to protect his family, while her mother was transported into another laboratory. The time in the laboratory, and all the testing turned Sky's curiosity into aggression. But she is also very sly and good at tactical thinking. I've read the rules and prom
  11. The Echoes Thuwed It's not very funny but it's a beautiful name <3
  12. Splish splash im taking a baff Haha, love the name