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  1. Offering any kind of IOU is not permitted, same as on the forum. If you have questions, you're best to PM a mod rather than posting here - we can let you know the details of your specific ban.
  2. Hello, welcome! I like Axolotls too - I keep them as pets!
  3. Hello, welcome to the forum!
  4. Ah, completely forgot about it. Nothing for me this month!
  5. This topic (or the majority of the replies to this topic) has been deemed spam. Spam is not allowed per the board rules. If you have any questions, feel free to contact me.
  6. Please keep on topic, guys - posts containing nothing but memes do not contribute to the topic. The topic is the new dragons. Head over to suggestions for ... suggestions on how releases can be tweaked.
  7. Seems like you have the wrong email then? You need to use the email you signed up with / had attached to your account.
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    Hello! You may see the help section for more questions, but for what you've got - CB means 'cave born' so grabbed from the cave without a linage. 3G means third gen, so a third generation lineage. Most people value clean lineages with no inbreeding, and with deliberate patterns.
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    Hello and welcome!
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    Hello, welcome! We're not so bad
  11. We're aware of the issues everyone, please have patience! In the meantime let's keep this thread on topic to the new release - head over to help if you have specific errors to report.
  12. Cute worms cute worms!
  13. You can on the forums, but not on the actual site.
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    Hello, welcome to the forum!
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    Hello, welcome
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    Hi all!

    Hello hello, welcome!
  17. Hello, welcome to the forum
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    Hello, welcome!
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    Hello, welcome!
  20. Hello, welcome to the forum!