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  1. I just added that to the OP, in the hopes that it might make things clearer for newcomers, since quite a number of them seem to have been confused lately. Thoughts?
  2. Apparently, some of the images were already hosted on tinypic, rather than imageshack. And they were the only ones that were still working. At least that's one mystery solved! I believe I've fixed them all, and I think I even found all of the original icons. If anything looks off, let me know, and I'll see what I can do about it.
  3. DragHatch has been re-listed, with its new URL. Could you give me what the Chinese translation for the language name would be, so I can copy/paste it in there?
  4. Updates: * DragHatch has been removed for the time being. Hopefully it comes back soon, at which point I'll re-add it. * Pets Galore Spa has been removed. If it ever returns, I'll update the listing and re-add it. * Linked Scales has been removed. I doubt that one will return, but as with any other site, if it does, it can be relisted. * Eggs Around The World has an updated URL. * Daily Dragon Fix has a new option to click extra so you can skip day(s). I think? * Various blog listings have been activity checked. * Updated Hydra's link. * Fixed the DC wikia link. I'm not sure what's going on with the icons... They used to stop loading every so often, then suddenly they'd be back again, but it looks like a ton of them aren't loading now. It looks like I may have to re-upload those sometime, if I can find the originals. Who knows when I'll have a chance to deal with that. And if there are any new sites, they have not been added. I don't have the time to build new listings right now. If someone could make a list and/or quote new site posts to save me the trouble of tracking the information down, that would be really handy.
  5. Re-listed DragHatch (I'd forgotten I ever removed it!) and removed ERHQ (If it starts working again, let me know, and I'll put it back.), but did not do any other updating or checking of sites. Maybe soon... bbik
  6. Working through the updates... This seems to have turned into a bi-annual event. I think I got all of the automated section corrected/updated, and I've done a partial job of the forums (didn't check the details of all of them, but updated activity and details that have been posted). The LJ section is done, and the click exchanges section too. The "Other Sites" section has had a link-check, but not much more than that. Gaia... is Gaia. Please let me know if there's anything I missed. Hopefully I'll have time to do the other sections soon, as well. But it won't be tonight. Editted to add forums Editted to add LJ, exchanges, other, and Gaia. I think that covers all the posts? Edit again: And another update to remove (hopefully temporarily!) Soti-owned/hosted sites. But if/when they return, I saved everything to make it a quick re-add, at least!
  7. Deleted. Sorry for the delay; I've been hoping to do a full update as well, but it doesn't look like that's working out, so at least the obvious problem is removed! bbik
  8. Lists updated for activity, excluding Gaia like usual. Minor feature updates as well, where the changes were obvious. And added a placeholder for a new Italian forum, and for The Dragon Keepers forum (I'm not sure if that one should be considered a Moderated site or not). Does anyone see other changes that should be made?
  9. Dragon Cave Hatchery is relisted (yay for saving deleted listings!). I'll try and get The Dragon Keepers listed sometime this weekend, and with any luck, I'll run another activity update, as well. Are there any other significant changes to listed sites that I should be aware of?
  10. Trying for a more in-depth update this time. So far, inactive and/or down sites have been dealt with: * DCFocus, DCHatchery, and Golden Hatchling have been down for a while; their listings are in a PM should they return. * Pets Galore Spa is also down, but I'm leaving it with a note for now. New site posts: Name of fansite: Dragon lineage Viewer Link to fansite: http://www.virtualsoil.com/pythoncode/readdragon.py Added: Other Sites > Miscellaneous DC Sites Name: The Dragon Cave Mod note: Thread policy is to only list sites which can be seen without registering. There is no way for us to check activity/features of sites which we can't even see. Name of fansite: Hatch my Egg! Link to fansite: Hatch my Egg! Mod note: Apologies for the delay in reacting to this post, but since the forum has seen almost no activity since its creation, and has been entirely inactive for months, I'm not going to list it at this point. It would most likely just be removed again at the next update anyhow. Name of fansite: Dragon's Den Link to fansite: http://dragcavefanclub.proboards.com/index.cgi Mod note: Thread policy is to only list sites which can be seen without registering. There is no way for us to check activity/features of sites which we can't even see. Name of fansite: Dragons of Dragon Cave Link to fansite: Dragons of Dragon Cave Added: Forum-based Sites > Personal Dragon Posting > Registration Required section Gaia stuff has not been dealt with. That'll be quite the chore sometime. And I haven't checked if previously-listed sites have any feature changes. But that should be the worst of the updating done, finally.
  11. The list needs an actual update, but that should work for right now, at least. Hopefully sometime this week I'll have time to do some proper deleting/fixing.
  12. Finally getting to updating the listings. Sites have been checked for activity (except Gaia stuff). Cursory listings for two (no-longer-)new automated sites have been added, to at least get them there. A couple other new sites also need to be dealt with, but I need to go now, so I'll finish it all later. But it's a start!
  13. Because it was brought up in Site Discussion, causes problems every time, and is a good point to be made. It has been added to the top of the Automated list, since those are the sites with the biggest and most dangerous spikes. As for other updates, I'll get to them as soon as I can. Sorry for the delays!
  14. Thought I did that with the last update... I guess I forgot. I've added a note now, though. Thanks for the reminder, and here's hoping it comes back up soon!
  15. Just on the off-chance one of the other thread mods shows up... I'm going to see how much updating I can do. It's been much too long, so it might take a while. bbik Edit: Auto sites * HYD link updated * Lunar Cave removed -- appears to be dead Forums, Blogs, etc * Inactive/Dead sites removed Gaia * Skipped for now Languages * Links still function; activity levels vary All * Unchecked: feature status for all sites. That's the next step. Need more ice cream! Also need to check for update and new-site posts. Will deal with that in a bit.
  16. Finally updating stuff, only a little bit delayed. Updated the breed guide info. Left the RP section off, however, since this whole thread is based on info visible to non-members, both since that's what they'll see if they consider joining, and because that's what's verifiable by thread mods when we add/update listings. Added/Relisted. Mostly what fuzzbucket said. It wasn't working with 5-char codes for an extended period, there was no indication it would be fixed, its inclusion in the list was causing confusion, then it went down entirely still with no status updates, and has since been up and down quite a bit. Relisted, but if it stays so unstable, I'll probably add a note warning about that, as well. We'll see how it goes. Also updated AoND to list the Inbred Checker, deleted the (long-ago-fixed) warning about 5-char codes for ERHQ, and a few other small things I've forgotten. Anything I missed?
  17. Removed EDS from the list. It's been a week now, with no indication anything is happening. Hopefully this'll help reduce some of the confusion about the site's status, too. Info is in a PM in case it ever gets fixed. ERHQ is still on the list since there have been posts that a fix will be coming. If there is still no progress in another week or so, perhaps time to pull that one until it's fixed, too.
  18. Sorry for the double post. The list has been updated to include notes about which (automated) sites are still having trouble with 5-character codes, and also to show which lock-related features (only scroll stat banners, I think?) are updated for the new limits. Lunar Cave and Don't Let the Dragons Die (registration seems to be required for all posting, even in supposedly open topics) have also been listed. bbik
  19. Interesting how the homepage still works, even while the add dragons page redirects (about 6 times, at that!) with the claim that the site is gone. In any case, that place has been such an unmaintained mess for so long now, I'm surprised it's "lasted" for this long. It's off the list now (with the info in a PM in case it's needed again for some reason). I'll check the two new sites and get them listed soon.
  20. Update time. Claiming the Automated Personal Forums Moderated Forums Blogs Non-English post, to start. Will edit this post as I go. Automated: * Hatching Your Dragons link updated * Valley Sherwood's ER-add is fixed * Dragon Cave Mansion has a scroll name mass-add option * Egg Rescue HQ now allows users to remove their dragons Forums -- Personal Posting: * No changes. Just going for an activity check, at this point, rather than a feature check. Will try to come back for that later. Forums -- Moderated Posting: * Jellified Dragons moved to Inactive *** The Moderated "M" seems to be flaking. Hopefully it'll sort itself out like others have in the past. If not, someone remind me later and I'll upload a new copy. *** Should we combine the two forum posts, now that they're both so much shorter than when we started? Blogs: * None removed, but several are very borderline list-worthy * Random_Dragons moved back into the main list Click Exchanges, etc: * Nothing to check Non-English, etc: * Dragon Cave Forum seems to have a new link *** Neglected Madness seems to have switched to requiring registration. Do we keep it, as an alternate language about NDs, or delete it since it's registration, and we've been deleting the English register-to-view sites? Skipped Gaia like usual. I think that covers the basics for the rest, though. Anything else I missed?
  21. Fixed. Thanks for pointing it out. I've totally lost track of all the link changes that site has had lately, so I'm not at all surprised it was outdated. bbik
  22. Oh, seems I was too slow! I was just about to add a note for Dragonnery and/or shift it to a "currently down" section, but it looks like that's already done. I updated a couple features for automated sites, though. I'll see what else I can get done sometime later, maybe over the weekend. Thanks for doing the checks you've done, lily! bbik
  23. Form: Add a new fansite To let us know of a new fansite, please fill out this form and post it in this thread. Name of fansite: Link to fansite: Link to thread on DC forum (if any): Type of fansite: Automated | Manual | Other Registration required?: Yes | No | Other (eg. not required to view, but required to post) Is there an ER?: Yes (how much time may an egg/hatchling have left to be added?) | No Notable features: (Click requirements/Guides/Trade section/RP section/Other adoptables/etc.) Any extras?: (Anything you feel should be added; however note that we will be deciding what should be added for extras) [b]Name of fansite:[/b] [b]Link to fansite:[/b] [b]Link to thread on DC forum (if any):[/b] [b]Type of fansite:[/b] [b]Registration required?:[/b] [b]Is there an ER?:[/b] [b]Notable features:[/b] [b]Any extras?:[/b] Last updated by bbik.