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  1. Ah thanks for the update on which biome it was
  2. I'm a bit late for this drop.. What biome(s) is it in?
  3. Haha, that's just the crack that it's starting to hatch.
  4. Easy catches, good cause I didn't plan on hunting for them . The valentine thing is kinda fun.
  5. Can't wait for both the event and new egg. In the mean time.. Time to catch some of the old eggs from the AP!
  6. I completely agree with this. It's a great idea. 100% Support from me.
  7. I can't catch anything for my life.. I've caught 1 blue .. ._.
  8. They are found in alpine :c edit: Ninja'd .-. Another edit: That drop only lasted 3 mins D: I only got 1 blue.. Fml.
  9. Dang got here a bit late, just found out about today.. .-. Do they drop hourly?
  10. I still can't get over the golds.. I want them so bad now.
  11. No Email; Oh well congrats to all the winners, and everybody have a good New Year. edit: Wow I just noticed the golds! They look amazing.. Great now I want a Gold more then ever -.-
  12. Holly's I didn't get to get any.. Well guess, better luck next year. Anywas can't wait to see adults.
  13. 22 Hours til Adults e.e Can't wait to see them
  14. Happy Holidays to everyone and DC, Thanks TJ!
  15. Awesome, sounds like fun! Gonna do it now
  16. Nice, thanks for the update TJ! Btw yeah, why does your Haunted house has red windows?
  17. In my honest opinion, I think ADD is just an excuse for bad behaved kids to be bad. Yeah maybe some people get more distracted then others. This doesn't mean you have some type of disorder, I think it all depends on how you are raised, and what is taught to you. Maybe ADD exists.. But I don't agree how it is labeled.
  18. Silvers always seem to escape my grasp, it really annoys me.. Just in this month alone I think I've missed over 7 Silvers (Non Tinsel) from the AP. Other rares from the AP I have caught, if I've seen them.. usually anyways.
  19. I pretty much loved all Zelda games.. I think Oot was my fav though. Majora's Mask comes close but I don't think anything will ever be as good as Ocarina of Time.. Makes me get a nostalgic feeling :"P
  20. I used to play this.. finished it in about 3 days.. Way too easy I have to say.. fun nonetheless though. Hopefully they make a sequel.
  21. I'd probably do something like that.. that's too much like SAW though, lol! Well whatever it may be the animal has to eat so either it be alive or just buy it frozen and toss it in there.
  22. See I wouldn't mind doing that as long as I can feed the animal other things than just besides that.. Well people have their opinions I guess And for the snakes.. I do the same . I have watched big snakes eat mice though.. Cool process.
  23. Kaien and Miyako from Bleach. Also Jin Kariya.. He's probably one of my favorite bounts and enemy. Even though I kinda hated the whole filler bount episodes And Hughes from FMA I pretty much only watch Bleach and Full Metal. But mostly just Bleach.
  24. I've only had 1 exotic animal. Though most exotic animals are high-maintenance I wouldn't mind having another, I love them. Then again I already have 1 dog, though I do not take care of her myself, and having another pet right at this moment wouldn't be the best choice (for reasons I'd rather keep to myself). If I were to get another exotic pet it would probably be in the reptile family. The reason being is because the exotic animal I used to have was a blue tongued skink. Now I know a lot of people hate snakes, lizards, etc., but a lot of people also love them which leads me to havi
  25. To be honest, I like a lot of candy.. mostly all. I do in particular like chocolate more than anything. But I do prefer sour candies from time to time