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    Wishlist ATM:
    ~CB Gold
    ~CB Silver

    (No In-Bred) *Will add more when I get the chance*


    I do not play on any other adoptable sites but I do play other online games such as:
    ~Dead Frontier


    I really like playing Dragon Cave as more of a Hobby and not something I play hours on end. I get on almost everyday, check my dragons, and get off.

    Though sometimes the forums drag me into a few hours of posting. Even though I am not very active on the forum I am trying to become known and more active throughout the community. But for now the forums isn't that fun at the moment, at least not like other forums I used to be on. I guess I have to get used to this one and meet some people.


    I love anime, and I used to read Manga but I don't have enough time on my hands, or I'm usually doing something more fun to be reading Manga.

    Atm I only watch 2 anime shows which are Bleach and FMA (Full Metal Alchemist). I do want to get into others soon though, such as One Piece and Death Note. The reason I don't want to watch Naruto is because I've never actually liked it.. I liked the Manga for a while, but it just got boring.


    *Reminder to Self*

    Put more info.. Lol.