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toothless_in_the_house_by_iks83-d3a2dc5.gT7OkoW.gif My Tinsel list is Closed! goldwinner_by_zaverxi-d8egfuw.pngspider17_by_spatialfangs-dazasy6.png

Thank yous: BlueIce, for her Frill hatchy ❤️ *luffles her forever for it* ^_^

WISHLIST ❤️: the names Seras Victoria and Pip Bernadotte - Shiny things! *u*

Meep! ❤️ 

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    Please do not send PM's about getting on the list until the list is open - Thank you!


    Hello and welcome to my little corner of the Dragon Cave world!

    2014 was the first year I was able to be on and participate in the Christmas festivities, and of course, the raffle! Much to my surprise, I found a shiny golden ticket in my e-mail - I couldn't believe I actually won! My prize is a Gold Tinsel~ :3

    Since most of us have received our prizes now, I'll reveal my Tinsel's code! Her code is "Seras", like Seras Victoria of Hellsing <3.

    *~*~* If you have the names "Seras Victoria" or "Pip Bernadotte" on your scroll, I would be willing to give you a 2g offspring from Seras in exchange! Please send me a PM any time if you're willing to trade~ ^_^ *~*~*


    I've had quite a few people pm me, and that's 100% ok with me, just keep in mind this is all very new to me, so I may be a bit slow with stuffs.. =p

    I think I'll be keeping the list private. =)

    Please also keep in mind that I will not respond to pm's that sound demanding or rude - politeness is key! ^^


    I think that about sums things up for now. I'll keep everyone posted! Thank you to those who have offered your help with this, and for all of those congrats. :3

    Prizekin for Harmony from Ember or Pyro Xenowyrm :>