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  1. Im gettin' black for my birthday on May 21st, But I need some pointers on the game. I have Soulsilver, so I know how some of it works, but id like so pointers on some of the stuff you can do, and well, I do have the guide that I bought for $20, but thats explaining how to get completely through the game.... My best friend has Black too, and I play it some times, so I know HOW to work black, but I just need some pointers... Thanks! ~koowie
  2. Yes oh yes oh yes! I would love to see this accepted, because let me tell you, I think ALL the time when I was a newbie I inbreed. Makes me embarassed when I look back on it now So yes, lets do it!
  3. YAY! ~I waited SO long for this to show up -hugs- thank you!
  4. I caught the Brown/Blue one yesterday, Witch got me scroll locked D:
  5. Too cute! i love batties!
  6. No i do not think i ever got that avatar.
  7. Trainer: (Be specific) kotone Pokemon: bayleef Direction: (Left or Right) right
  8. I can take one right now!
  9. Colour schemes: Navy Blue, Gold, Black Size (must be under 100x100): About the size of my Black Quartz lineage thing in my Sig Shape: Oval What do you want the banner to say: I am a Fan of Electrics! What pictures would you like me to use: My Grandmothers computer isnt letting me paste the Dragon Code but anways, Can you use my Hatchie Glow Firespark (a boy), A Girl Electric Hatchie, Female Electric, Male Electric in a Stormy Sky of the Color Schemes above. Other: Could you add a Army of Nebula's chasing them? lol
  10. Yes Yes Yes!!! i have always admired the Black Dragons but have never gotten to hatch one maybe i can help them stay though! i would love to join!