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  1. ooo =o awesome eggs. May I request a Vamp egg with the saying "Chew on this" *puppy eyes*
  2. I know you've got lots of requests for art, but you wouldn't mind if I asked for a female Nebula would you?
  3. I don't know if it's just me or what, but on my screen there is this 1 brightly marked egg just sitting there, taunting me >_< every time I click it I get: Is it just me or what?
  4. I'm looking forward to the Jinx, Glow Wyrm, Fantasy, and Cloud Walker dragons ^-^
  5. I like that idea TJ should totally implement it :3 it could be an apology for causing mass hysteria, rotfl
  6. Pichu could pwn that Magikarp with a simple thundershock :3
  7. Ya, I wouldn't be surprised if TJ just wanted to mess with our minds
  8. TJ, you've reached a new randomness level, lmao.
  9. lol you're welcome =) works like a charm now, haha
  10. I'm having a problem with putting my eggs in :3 your site doesn't like my name, lol It always somehow manages to put TJ O\'Malley instead of the right form of TJ O'Malley for some reason. Is there a problem on my end or is it just a bug?
  11. I like this idea a lot =) A limit on losing time could be like what we have in place now; no egg or hatchling can gain time after the first abandonment! I would support this. It would make AP hunting much more enjoyable in my eyes
  12. I caught a CB black a few days ago =) It's going to grow up soon <3
  13. I don't know whether to believe my statistics bar or my trophy but I have a gold trophy and apparently only 326 dragons EDIT; it got fixed! I wish I could change my vote to silver then, lol
  14. Curiosity about what trophies everyone has after this latest update! =) Discuss!
  15. 1st page! This is awesome =) lol, I grabbed 2 eggs and got upgraded to a Gold trophy!
  16. Evidently, my dragon counterpart on DC is a male Pebble with 3 kids lmfao
  17. Ok thanks for the heads up! This way I won't plan to stay on past midnight
  18. An awesome Gold was my first rare <3 I screamed really loud and freaked my dog out, lol
  19. Yup, I have one. I caught it right after they were retired as an egg in the AP. Either breeding wasn't takin away at the time or someone dropped it because they didn't like it
  20. Extend my pledge another month =)
  21. Just a note, your site allows frozen hatchlings to be entered =) I wanted to test it out and report it to you if the code was entered successfully