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  1. I want the Homestuck egg so bad! Why aren't these real?
  2. I've been to Clint Eastwood's house and met his wife. I was able to get all the classes I wanted this semester without being put on any wait-lists! Two weeks ago my dad took me drag-racing, and I drove for three of the five races!
  3. I'm having a lot better luck with brine catching today. I was able to catch one last hour, and then another during this hour's drop.
  4. Yes! I was finally able to catch my first brine! Now I just have to make this miracle happen a second time...
  5. So far I've gotten a pair of rottens, and a pair of rancids. Now I'm going to join the hunt for brines.
  6. Even though the coast is getting crazy crowded I was still able to grab a sunlight and waverocker! I'm off to bed now!
  7. Do some biomes get more eggs than others? I had trouble even SEEING an egg in the desert.
  8. Next wave should be coming soon, hopefully I'll catch something this time so I can finally go to bed. edit: the hybrids are Spitfire/Purple
  9. YIKES! I only saw one egg in the desert for a split second at the half hour drop Did different locations get more eggs, or is my computer just that slow?
  10. Why did I decide to go egg hunting this morning? Now I dont have enough space to get two of each of the new breeds, but I also dont want to dump the eggs I already have.
  11. Hmmmm... I really should be studying for my finals tomorrow. Ah, who am I kidding I've been goofing off on the internet hours before I realized new dragons were released! Now I just have another reason to procrastinate!
  12. Wow I'm actually on here durring an event for once! I was wondering why the cave was picked clean... Oh well, happy birthday DC!
  13. I really hope this becomes real, or is incorporated into dragon cave at some point.
  14. I should probably go to sleep, I have classes tomorrow. Eh, one more valentine!
  15. Just googled it and nothing came up.
  16. I sent one to WraithJuggalette since she posted on the Valentines News thread that she'd gotten only one valentine so far. I've also sent out a couple random ones as well.
  17. YAY! New eggy, and I love the fact that it's not pink this year.
  18. Why do I never come on here anymore?
  19. Is it bad that I found "A Dingo Ate My Baby" to be funny?
  20. Egg catching is so much easier with the different biomes!
  21. Hah! It says "win" across TJ's suit! That story and pic definitely were epic wins! Edit: I claim this page in the name of cupcakes!
  22. No holly for me so far, but I have seen two in the AP (first time I just stared at my computer screen because I had never seen one before)