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  1. hey yall. last time i posted in this thread was... i think my sophomore year of highschool? so here's somethin' of me now, sophomore year of college <3 appropriately covered in glitter. clicky ♥
  2. I support if it's implemented like this! I would like to see much more variety in coloured stripe offspring, particularly with the breeds in the first post that could very easily produce stripes of the same colour. However, I don't want this to ruin lineages - I think it would be a nice compromise if the "proper" colour was added as a possibility, but white stripes remained an alternate possibility. This lets white stripe lineages continue without getting ruined, but adds a lot of other lineage options that make a bit more sense given a dragons colour scheme.
  3. what a wonderful time to not like waverunners. otl these lil guys look amazing so far~ thanks to everyone involved!
  4. I hope Pokemon Amie is brought back in these games! I think it will be, since Sylveon needs it to evolve; considering they repetitively brought back the moss and ice rocks for Leafeon and Glaceon, it'd make sense for them to retain at least some form of Pokemon Amie. Also, I totally am in love with that puppy Pokemon. It's so nice to see a rock type that, well, isn't made entirely of rocks.
  5. a bit of a minor thing, but I really adore the updates to the gilded bloodscale sprites. the whiskers are so cute, and the shading looks so much better - I love the definition it added, it was a bit hard to tell where things began and ended with the older blended shading. I'm also sooo grateful that the Frills and Pinks were brought back <33 I only had one of each on my scroll from before they were retired, I'm quite excited to be able to collect more! and those new hatchlings look amazing, I'm especially excited for that little blue drake. thank you so much for all the updates! happy birthday, DC!
  6. I really hate the sound of whispering, for some reason. like, hate it. it makes my skin crawl and if it goes on for more than a few words I get ridiculously anxious. my friends always get mad at me because I refuse to whisper - I just kind of lower my voice - but I can't really help it! I can't stand it x.x
  7. dang, first year in a long while I didn't manage to get all of them. :c this year wasn't exactly my favorite design wise - too many references to things I'm not fond of - but I still appreciate the work that went into everything and I'm kicking myself that I didn't try a bit harder. wish I would have gotten the cat planet one; at least I got BB-8 and manaphy, though! thank you artists! and TJ, of course!
  8. so much undertale this year @_@ I've only got 15 eggs, and 3 of them so far are undertale. wish I was more of a fan of it, maybe then I'd be a bit more keen to collect. regardless, this event is lookin' great! I always love the festival of eggs; thank you again, TJ and spriters. <3
  9. I'm a bit upset right now; just got a rejection letter to one of the two universities I really wanted to attend. it has almost a 3x higher acceptance rate than my other dream school, too, so I feel like whatever chances I had at the other one just got completely voided unless some miracle manages to happen; and I won't even know until the end of the month for that one. I really don't know what to do now - I was completely banking on getting into this school and totally thought I had a good shot at it, and now I'm at a loss. I applied to tons of other schools, I just can't see myself going to any of them; I know very little about them and the areas aren't exactly my favorites, and I have absolutely no emotional connection to them like I did my top two. the fact that I also got waitlisted to a safety university today, too, isn't really helping my morale - I can't help but get scared that I only have a lot more rejections coming up. a little bit of support would be amazing. I just can't believe that the one place I honestly saw myself living at and enjoying suddenly isn't a reality I can live anymore. senior year angst, everyone.
  10. I want my CB silver shimmer to be pink, particularly the colour of a speckle-throat. that, or I just want him to stop being stubborn and just have a shimmer baby with this speckle-throated mate. for god's sake, Pixie, I just want to give out more second gens, why are you so difficult all of a sudden x-x also, I want black sweetlings. and spriters alts, particularly Marionetta's Val '09, Heartseekers, Heartstealing, Graves, Caligenes, Solstices, and Birdzgoboom's Desipis. they're just so gorgeous - I adore the regular sprites as they are, but some of the alt holidays have me feelin' some serious feels.
  11. if anyone can't get a Mew code for whatever reason: I work at a Gamestop and our store is hugely overstocked on the cards due to a typo in the order quantity (they accidentally put in 100 packs instead of 10, I guess). because of this, we didn't enforce a limit on how many we can give out per person. needless to say I took about 10 just in case any friends couldn't make it in - I still have 5, and I'd be happy to give out the codes if anyone wants them. I already have a Mew from the original Emerald event way back when, anyways, so PM if you'd like - just only as a last resort, please, I probably shouldn't take too much of our stock. c:
  12. mine was a couple of years ago when I was 15. my ex-girlfriend and I had been together for almost two years long distance, and she visited for two weeks the summer after our sophomore year. I live in a really touristy part of California, so I took her to as many cool places I could think of - Disneyland, Venice, things like that. the first time we kissed was at the aquarium in Long Beach in front of the jellyfish - I was, admittedly, ignoring her a bit, since I love jellyfish so much, aha. she kind of pulled me away from the tank and the crowd of people around it and tried to kiss me, but then I think she got a little flustered and started like, stammering to ask me if it was ok. I had no idea what to do since I'd never kissed anyone before, so I just kind of blushed a lot and eventually we shared an awkward, flustered little kiss. the first of many before she went back to Michigan - we got a lot less embarrassed about it soon enough, aha. we're just friends now, but I still love this memory. it was so sweet and so delightfully awkward, plus the scenery was A+. shout out to jellyfish.
  13. all those years of ice puzzles in pokemon have led me to this moment. bring it.
  14. lovin' this little guy. his parent's codes are hilarious. thank you, breeder! <3
  15. Teriyaki chicken and broccoli over white rice. c:
  16. ooh my god, the silver and bronze ones are absolutely gorgeous. I think I just found my Shimmer's next mate! <33
  17. I have a couple of cute Spirals for sale! Royal Ripple / Charcoal Current / Maize Crackle | 10,000 T Black Ripple / Coal Current / Maize Crackle | 10,000 T
  18. fairy's been relatively successful so far - four of his ten babies have been shimmers. Of course, three of those four seem to have gone to people who aren't going to be breeding them any time soon, so it'll be a while yet before his line is really collectible - especially since he's been so stubborn lately with his speckle-throated mate >~< I may take a break from those and test the waters with a Xenowyrm soon, since I'd really like to see his line spread out more!
  19. I first joined in December of '07! at the time, though, I had no idea how to raise dragons - clicksites were a foreign concept to me, so most everything I picked up didn't hatch and I ended up taking a break for upwards of a year. My oldest dragon is Rio, from January of '09 when I finally learned how to get the dang things to hatch, and I joined the forums in March '10!
  20. by Alt-J. absolutely gorgeous song, I can't get enough of it *o*
  21. Just caught a Pyralspite with a code that is literally code. C0de1 I'm thoroughly amused.
  22. my female influenced gem hatched green, and the male hatched red! picked up another three gemmies; hopefully I get at least one blue one out of this bunch, the blues are my favourite colour so far! my drippy babies hatched, too, so I picked up another breeding pair of them. my plated eggs are being stubborn, but that was to be expected cx not sure if I'll pick up more of them when they hatch or go for more gemmies - they're my least favorite of the release so far [although still super cool looking!], so I'm not sure if I really want more now or if I want to try my luck for a more even ratio of gem colours and genders. that aside, awesome release so far! thank you so much to TJ and spriters; these little dragons are all so precious <3
  23. my lil shimmer boy finally managed to attract an admirer, and... she's my least favorite breed on the site. great job, Pixie. it's good to know you've been rejecting all your shiny mates in favor of flirting with a falconiform lady. ahh well! it was a fun event, anyways! I can't even say I'm disappointed with the outcome; may not be my favorite sprite, but hey, at least she's something!
  24. fairy gendered correctly! <3 I was so worried he'd decide he wanted to be a girl, but thankfully he held true to his influence. Can't wait until the dummy grows up and I can start planning lineages with him ahh //w\\