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Dazzlight.png silverwinner_by_zaverxi-d8egg6x.png :: please don't PM me about offspring from fairy at this time; this includes trade offers! :: I don't accept IOU's ::

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    some stuff to keep in mind for Manic Pixie's babies:

    ♥ I don't take IOU's under any circumstances; please do not offer them.

    ♥ I also don't give out IOU's under any circumstances.

    ♥ In general, I like to do all of my trades directly on teleport links - please don't PM me trade offers! I'm not trying to be rude, but I likely won't reply.

    ♥ I tend to scroll-check for matching CB mates and Pink dragons to influence before deciding on offers, since I really love the idea of Pixie's lineage being continued <3

    ♥ I use the reject button, so if your offer is still there I either haven't seen it or am considering.

    ♥ I really like CB Xenowyrms, CB Pinks, and CB Aeon Wyverns.

    ♥ I missed the releases of the following dragons and am trying to catch up on my collections, so unless stated otherwise in the trade post I'm very likely to accept offers containing these!
    - Kyanite pygmy
    - Almerald dragon
    - Diamond wing dragon
    - Monarch dragon
    - Azure glacewing dragon
    - Fell dragon
    - Fire gem dragon, any color
    - Storm-rider dragon, 2g only

    ♥ This shouldn't have to be said, but since Pixie is my dragon, what I do with his babies is entirely my choice. I've gotten a number of rude PM's lately in regards to what I choose to accept as a trade for his babies. I'm incredibly sorry if I didn't accept your offer, but there is only so many eggs I can trade out; there really is no need to be rude to me or to other users whose offers I have accepted. :<

    ♥ I'm a second-year college student and I'm more than likely super busy! Please be patient when waiting for replies <3

    ♥ I'm friendly! if you have a question or just want to say hello, please don't be shy. <3