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  1. Sending a few more before I go to bed. I'd like to get Anemone and Snek, and if I can ask for other, these I like most: Aurora Snowflake, Cactus, Deathstalk, Lumina Scale, Spiral Lily, Strange Seedpods and Vinebiter. So far I recieved just 19 cards, any will be appreciated. Edit: Snek just recieved. And Anemone and two Cacti (is this the plural of Cactus?)... Well, thank you all in advance and good night!
  2. I expect it to be the same as during Halloween: new release in all 6 regular biomes, old Christmas in special Holidays biome.
  3. Finally some time to write... I'm very busy in my new work. Yesterday I caught my last Christmas CB, though Yulebuck and Holly were tough ones with 80 other cavers in the same biome. I also tried to use one more hatchery to get enought views in 24 hours (incubation used). Eggs hatched in time with no problem, but three hatchlings became sick at 6 days left. I never observed hatchling sickness on my scroll before. They healed under fog in less than 30 minutes, but I kept them fogged for half a day to be sure, so it was only a good experience after all. It's nice to know that you can't overlooked that warning message on very top of your scroll. I can't wait to see new release and event tomorrow!
  4. Since it's Thanksgiving today, it seems like a good day to say thank you for all you listed in my profile. I thank @Snowytoshi for being the first one who gifted me, even though I wasn't playing DC for 17 month at that time. I returned to DC for few months because of that and experienced beautiful Halloween (Haunting in Aliset was great), get my Leetle tree and much more. I also want to thank @lynixe for very generous trade. I had no problem catching freshly released Tri-Horn Wyverns, so I offered one saying "if you agree, I'd love to have your Ice egg for exchange." I knew that values of these two eggs weren't the same. "Sounds great to me" was the answer. I finally had all Legendary trio dragons, it was a real treasure for me. And since I re-joined DC in April 2017 I met more generous cavers than I could dream of. @Lagie, @Touchtorn, @Lancepenn2009 and @Saika gave me eggs and all I needed to do was being active on forum and have a link to my wishlist in signature. @littleangelamy22 gave me Albino egg when I told I can't find any in the cave, and @Yunako offered me Hallowen exchange - Grave for my Cavern Lurker, which ended in offer of two Graves for nothing. (I took one.) And many more thanks for all the other cavers. You all are so much kind and generous, it's nice to be a small part of this community.
  5. ^^ Almost the same. ^^ But I will change it eventually, because I don't have "room" for frozen hatchlings (it would require to shift used numbers). I'm not freezing now, but when I reach my scroll goal for most of commons and uncommons... 1. section: unsorted. Growing things and recently grown up, not added to groups yet. 2. section: common. Most of commons and uncommons, also some rares. Some dragons forms sub-groups (like Seasonals, Sunrise / Sunset...). 3. section: mostly rare groups. In general same as previous section, but there are more sub-groups. I'm yet to obtain dragons in square brackets. Legendary trio, [GoN], [Avatars]; Paper, Cheese; Gold, Coppers, [Silver]; Zyumorphs, Sinomorph; Xenowyrms; Shimmer-Scales, Tinsels; [Neglected]; [Undead]. 4. section: holiday. Halloween dragons according to release date, then Christmas and Valentine's Day dragons. 5. section: non-dragons. Leetle tree, Chicken, Dinos.
  6. It happened to me, too. At the same time, my scroll was added to another hatchery which I don't use. Maybe the attacker hoped I would viewbomb myself.
  7. @Marie19R I would treat green Spinels as Avatars or black / blue / green / red Striped.
  8. This. I don't have much free time now, so I browse biomes and AP only when actually hunting. And yesterday I missed CB Chrono Xeno because I stare at the egg for two seconds before click. And there were only 3 people in the Forest... (Well, at least I caught a Seasonal.)
  9. Great work with beta 2! Now thinking about it... it seems to me that the brightness isn't really a problem. It may be because we used to stare at the monitor, and because current version is gray, our eyes aren't tired so much. Now click and see the bright beta version. It feels like the eyes will hurt, but this "problem" will dissapear the second new version isn't beta any more.
  10. @Gluria There will be different goals, but I'm glad it still remains that simple. I never won, all my prize dragons were gifted to me by generous cavers. They're still very valuable and the demand is high. My tip is that the goal will change on next DC birthday. I'm checking my raffle page every week, don't know why. I always enter as soon as I can... I didn't enter July raffle, though. Because I hate having eggs when I can't check them daily. I left home on 29th June, shortly returned to few hours each 10 days, and finaly returned on 31st July - too late. Now I would probably catch random CB eggs the day I'm leaving and put them in one carefuly chosen hatchery and hope for the best.
  11. @Rally Vincent Holiday dragons during their holiday never refuse, even if they will refuse outside the holiday. What you experienced is intended, not a bug. Now you have two choices: 1) wait for next Halloween to breed them, because they will refuse every time but during Halloween; 2) obtain (trade for) 2nd gen Ice from Shadow Walker and then rename your Ice dragons. ETA: 'd.
  12. @Fandom Addict Silvi's Lair is now giving 640 views and 200 UVs per 24 hours and Valley Sherwood 250 views and 100 UVs per 24 hours. Measured from 11 am 8th November to 11 am 9th November. I started to monitor traffic in hatcheries since I get gold trophy. @jerzeeshadow If I count AoND, DragHatch, EATW, Egg Drop Soup, Hatching Club, Silvi's and Valley together, it makes 5300 views and 1200 UVs per 24 hours (not counting emergency rooms). I seems to me that the biggest danger are low time eggs which are not removed from emergency rooms after they hatch (and fresh eggs put into 2 or more hatcheries). Luckily for me I was never viewbombed that hard to get 20,000 views in a few hours - but that also means I know only little about getting so many views.
  13. It looks great. Only two things annoy me a little (both were already metioned) - the design looks really bright and it's hard to follow the right row on wider screens. Image, code (ID) and time left are important to me, so it will be nice to have these columns near the checkbox, not on the other side of very wide table. I know it's hard to come up with good mobile-friendly responsive design, so... good work. In general better than current version, which I also like. ETA: You need to focus on the dragons stats to know which one to add / remove, so it feels brighter than forum background.
  14. I don't know when I lost all my names. In the old cave, if you were inactive for 2 months, all your dragons became unnamed. Today DC doesn't work like that. All I know is that I re-joined DC on 21st April 2017 after 4 year long hiatus and had 324 unnamed dragons. At first I wanted to leave them unnamed, it's just too many to name. I didn't want to have some named and much more unnamed dragons. And I didn't want to risk burned scroll or dead dragon because of inapropriet name which I don't know is inapropriet - I'm not native English speaker, so this always scared me. But some of my dragons have special place in my heart. My first one - Magi. My first female - Purple. Legendary Trio dragons... I still remembered many of those names, even though they were given 7 years ago. So after around one month I named them again. Almost all weren't taken (not much surprise because the're mostly names in Czech). It would be nice to have all my drgons named, but as I stated above, they're just too many. And I'm catching faster than I'm naming - at the moment I have 171 named and 448 unnamed dragons. It's a little easier to come up with something if there is some pattern, for example I'm naming all my Nebulas after bright stars (I add suffixes when the name is taken). And I'm trying to name all dragons that have been gifted / traded to me, and all parents if I don't keep the children. I don't regret to have only few named dragons. All are loved, but some are special to me and some were easy to come up with something.
  15. This is my final count - 75 hatchlings: Grave: 22 Desipis: 11 Caligene: 10 Shadow Walker: 8 Pumpkin: 7 Witchlight: 7 Black Marrow: 6 Cavern Lurker: 4 Sets I've got for free: black wizard (Hufflepuff), white ballerina, navy pirate, silver knight, yellow fairy and white fox spirit. My Shadow Walker hatchling (https://dragcave.net/halloween17/Anemonis) wears: Ballerina Headband (pink), Fairy Crown (yellow), Ballerina Shirt (pink), Ballerina Shoes (pink), Fairy Bracelets (yellow), Fairy Tail (yellow), Fox Spirit Skirt (blue), Wizard Scarf (green) and Pirate Parrot (black). Her name is Niqmist.
  16. Fine, it's 14 eggs send to AP from me. I wish I could help more, but I need to get up early, so after 5 hours from now I will be already sleeping. I'm absolutely out of Reds now and 4 female and 3 male Pinks are still ready to influence. So... priorities for following days: AP hunt for remaining Halloweens, BSA dragons and new releases (so that I don't need to catch them up later).
  17. Gather around, it's STORY TIME! With pictures of my hatchling. @Azure inspired me to write down a story about me and my hatchling. Keep in mind that I'm not an experienced storyteller and English isn't my native language. Enjoy! ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ The Seasonal steps back from your front door and sits on her haunches. You can now see a group of eight hatchlings are with her. They are watching you with great interest. Which one do you take with you? You look at eight hatchlings. Some try to catch your attention, some are just staying still, but you can tell all are excited. You don't want to disappoint any of them. Will you pick the cute Pumpkin, the first Halloween dragon you ever met? Or spooky Black Marrow, the first wild Halloween dragon you ever met? You feel a special bond to those breeds. And then there is a Grave. You always wanted to care about Grave hatchling, because of its beautiful colors (especially orange striped legs). Now you have a chance. But then Shadow Walker hatchling shakes its head and you remember the good times when these dragons were around, wild adults once allowed you to pet them in exchange for some pumpkins. 'Um, can I choose... you?' You point to the hatchling. Some of the others are slightly sad for not being chosen, but your new companion makes the widest smile you've ever seen on a dragon. The Seasonal thank you for help and leave with other hatchlings. Hello. Friend. The voice you hear in your head is very soft, almost silky. The hatchling came to you and sniff to your hand. 'Hello. Would you like...?' With the sudden gust of wind the hatchling start running away. You hear only one word of explanation. Candy! 'Wait! Don't get lost!' You run after you hatchling, luckily it's heading to your neighbour - next door neighbour, not someone miles away. 'Ah, happy Halloween.' says neighbour as you reach him. 'Sorry, I don't have time to chat, must buy some costume.' As he nods to farewell, you see a Pumpkin hatchling on his shoulder. And your Shadow Walker holds a candy in its mouth. 'Now what was that? Please never do that again.' You try not to sound angry, but still you can feel the fright. I'm sorry. I would return to you. But candy! 'We will get lots of candies together, I promise. Would you like to have a costume, too?' Costume? I'd love to! The hatchling picks one wet leaf up from the ground and put it to its forehead. How am I looking? You laugh. 'Great, but maybe we can improve it a little.' ... 'Well? Just an old bed sheet, but...' It's lovely. From now on call me Bed-sheet Walker. Can we go get some candies now? 'Of course.' ... At one moment the sky start pouring with rain, so you return home. The bed sheet is completely wet, making it a little translucent. 'Now you look more like a ghost.' You laugh. A wet one. Do you have any other costumes, perhaps? Something not so long - you know, puddles. 'Well, how about a wizard? The scarf will keep you warm and we can make the robe shorter.' Sounds good. But I can't be a wizard. 'Why not?' Because I'm girl. ... These colors look best, I think. And the story you told me was inspiring. I love the Gray Lady, so you can call me Silver Dame. 'Is there any chance you tell me your real name, Silver Dame?' She gives you a little smile. I thought you never asked. Niqmist, that's my name. To be honest, my mom calls me Cute Little Niqmist, the daughter of great Mist-ery. That's how she calls my father: Mist-ery. Now thinking about it, he is a little mysterious, sometimes. 'It's a lovely name. And I think the rain is gone. Do you want more candies?' ... As you and your charming Silver Dame continue collecting candies, you meet your neighbour. His Pumpkin hatchling is dressed as pink ballerina, looking like it's from some jewelry box. You and your neighbour exchange a few words, compliment the costumes and once again he goes his own way. Ballerina! I want to be ballerina! 'Really? Well it would be better to buy something. But it would mean another delay and less candies for you.' More candies are better than less candies. But I already have candies. Ballerina, please... 'I'll buy ballerina, and a few more costumes just in case.' ... Well? What do you think? Niqmist is turning around, showing you what she picked from the pile of newly bought costumes. 'The pink one was a little too shiny, but this looks great on you. Are you going to keep that scarf?' Of course. They're so warm. Now lets change my name... to Dancing Silverlight. 'Is this your final decision?' Of course not. Lets go back later and change for something else! You laugh. ... 'So what next?' Time to some pirate stuff. Arrr. (few minutes later) Not bad, but it could be better... I know! There is a quick change of some costume parts. 'And now you are...?' Pirate ballerina. Captain Dancing Silvertail with her loyal parrot Greenwing. ... These accessories will make the difference. 'I must admit, that yellow skirt really suits you. But how about some mummy or knight pieces?' They're fine. But I don't know where to put them, and I love my current costume the way it is. 'So what's your new name, Niqmist?' Captain Dancing Fairy-Tail. ... This will be the last change, I promise. 'Well I don't mind, it's your time after all.' You let her on her own for a while. This is her final creation; it should be a surprise. But it feels weird to be alone. You realize you will miss her greatly. But still you force yourself to smile. You don't want to ruin her day with crying. Now, what do you think? I guess that pink isn't so shiny now. You couldn't help yourself, the tears just appeared in your eyes. 'You look fantastic! That's wonderful costume!' It sure is beautiful, but you are just happy seeing her smiling. Is everything fine? 'It's just... I love spending time with you.' You put out a handkerchief and clean your face. 'I will miss you after today.' I will miss you too, my friend. But now we're still together. I'd like to go outside and give candies to all those unfortunate without costume. What do you say about it? 'That would be lovely. But wait - you have new costume, what's your new name?' Niqmist is fine. I think that's the best name. 'It sure is.' ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
  18. I'm catching and abandoning. Many eggs had nice codes, it was hard to abandon them. I'm not a code hunter, but still... one started with zx, another had qH0j [case changed] in it (it almost reads like ahoj / ahoy - goes well with pirate costumes).
  19. So far I've seen 60 hatchlings: Grave: 19 Desipis: 9 Caligene: 7 Pumpkin: 6 Shadow Walker: 6 Black Marrow: 5 Cavern Lurker: 4 Witchlight: 4 Sets I've got for free: black wizard (Hufflepuff), white ballerina, navy pirate, silver knight, yellow fairy. My first two Desipises are still undressed, while the third one is wearing complete mummy costume, over it navy pirate shirt, coat and parrot and over it complete red wizard costume - like he's hoarding costumes, so nothing left for others. Expect my little story tomorrow.
  20. @Jacj They aren't incuhatchable, they're hatchable. No need to use Red dragons, just put them into ER and wait. Almost instant hatchies, but be careful not to scroll lock yourself. I have gold trophy and 14 growing dragons now, so I stopped to have 7 free slots tomorrow. I was able to catch in AP two more Desipises, two 3rd gen Grave siblings and two 3rd gen Caligene siblings. Yay, I'm so happy! They hatched after around 30 minutes. And all that without interfering with my tomorrow plans - I'm joining The Great CB Halloween APing Project.
  21. I'm also having this "problem". Had no problems when entering. I believe this is only "cosmetic" issue. We have entered and that's what will matter. But we might have problems entering next month's raffle? These are my personal believes, I have no hard evidence.
  22. Those damn BSA dragons. Sometimes useful but in unsufficient numbers, sometimes they can ruin your hard work. Have the scientist ever noticed what happens with his zombies? Or was it the first one? He's so absorbed with his diary...
  23. Hmm, although not planned, I can go for some AP hunt. I can't remember seeing hatchable eggs in there before. Now for some statistics... I've seen 53 hatchlings (have Shadow Walker): Grave: 17 Caligene: 7 Pumpkin: 6 Desipis: 6 Shadow Walker: 5 Black Marrow: 4 Cavern Lurker: 4 Witchlight: 4 Sets I've got for free: black wizard (Hufflepuff), white ballerina, navy pirate, silver knight, yellow fairy. It's very nice to hear someone cares about me. Don't worry, safety first, and I'm fine. In case you'd like to see the fallen tree... (I hope it's OK since my post is not entirely off-topic)
  24. @DragonLady86 Ah, thank you very much!
  25. I'm back after really adventurous and sometimes stressful weekend. I was around only few hours each morning, spending weekend with my family in our summer cottage 11 kilometres away. I usually avoid this when I'm having eggs, but it was still better than not have Halloween eggs. I viewbombed my Shadow Walkers, so that they'll hatch and I'll catch another egg, but instead of 5 minutes they were in hatcheries for 45 minutes because of Blackout monster. (They could have been there for 13 hours if the blackout would last longer.) They're fine. I also watched as 30 metres high spruce was falling towards our cottage and hit it with its top (around 10 cm), narrowly missing neighbour's cottage and everything valuable on their and our yards. (Windy weather here in Czech Republic, up to 120 km/h around my place, 180 km/h at Sněžka - Czech Republic highest mountain.) I want to ask - is it only me, or are Mummy Wings invisible? I had costume glitch before, some costumes didn't have "sprite" and many had wizard "sprite". CTRL+F5 solved it, but Mummy Wings are still invisible.